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Sarah's Key

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Interviews and Blogs

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Excerpt from the Jew Wishes blog:

Jew Wishes: Have readers been positive in telling you how Sarah’s Key has affected them…making them want to do research and learn more about the roundup? Or, is it a matter of indifference vs need to know?

Tatiana de Rosnay: I get about 20 per day wonderful emails/messages on my blog from my readers around the world. They are incredibly positive. Most of them want to know more about the Vel d’Hiv and tell me about the books they have read or the links they have found on the internet. Some emails are so touching they bring tears to my eyes.

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Excerpt from the She Is Too Fond Of Books blog:

SITFOB: Do you have a routine that you follow when you write - a specific time of day, or place to write for example?  Do you use a computer or sketch out your scenes longhand?  Are there other tools that assist you - maps, diagrams you’ve drawn of buildings, etc.

Tatiana de Rosnay: As I am also a journalist, (and the mother of two demanding teenagers!), I need to make time for a novel writing schedule. I usually write early in the morning for a couple of hours, then late at night. And never on weekends because it drives my family crazy! I take notes in a small note book, and then I write on the computer.

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