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The Snow Globe

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Make Your Very Own Snow Globe!

Have a snow globe making party with friends! Here’s how to make a snow globe in six easy steps*:

1. You can use a variety of jars: baby food, pimiento, jelly, or any clear jar with a tight-sealing lid.
2. Use a glue gun, aquarium sealant, or florist clay to adhere your 'scene' to the inside of the lid. Allow glue to 'set' the required time before adding liquid.
3. Fill the jar with mineral oil, baby oil, or water. The snow or glitter will fall more slowly in the oil.
4. Add crushed egg shell for snow and glitter, if desired.
5. Carefully set the lid (with scene) onto the full jar and seal it tightly.
6. You may wish to apply more glue or sealant around the outside rim of the jar to ensure a good seal.
7. You did great! Enjoy! :-)

Adult supervision is required if you are using a glue gun or sealant. Sealants often give off toxic fumes, so be careful!

Crush egg shells by rolling over then with a rolling pin, with the shells inside a heavy duty plastic bag.

Use your creativity! You can add food coloring, bits of costume jewelry, make figures from plastic twist-ties, etc. You can make a decorative cover for the lid with fabric and ribbon.

What You Need: 
Small Jars with Lids
Mineral Oil or Water
Egg Shell and/or Glitter
Glue Gun or Sealant
Decorative Objects

* From the About.com Guide, author Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.