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Paul of Dune

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Booklist on Paul of Dune: “This vital link between the first two books of the Dune saga begins immediately after the close of Dune (1965), well before the events of Dune: Messiah (1970), and incorporates material from Paul Muad-dib’s growing up on Caladan. After the battle of Arrakis, Paul the emperor, as he has become, knows the slaughter is just beginning. He has exiled the former emperor and made a marriage of state with the imperial princess Irulan. But his predecessor had enemies who aren’t going to love Paul just because he deposed their old adversary, and Paul has many more enemies, known and unknown. If he is to be a better ruler than the one he displaced, the planetary ruling houses must accept him—at the point of a weapon, if necessary. Remembering that his father was known as Duke Leto the Just, Paul tries to be an Atreides diplomat when reconstituting the Imperium. But between the feuds of the ruling houses, the needs of the Fremen, and his prescience, Paul has little time for himself, and may be losing his sanity. This is good reading, better than Dune: Messiah, actually. Standing well enough on its own for Dune novices, it goes without saying that it’s must reading for established fans.”

Library Journal (stared review) on Paul of Dune: “Paul Muad’Dib and his army of Fremen desert warriors have succeeded in their overthrow of the Emperor Shaddam IV, but holding onto a universe of fractious planets proves a challenge even for a man revered by his followers as a god. Set in the years following the late Frank Herbert’s classic Dune and its sequel, Dune Messiah, the latest joint effort by Herbert’s son Brian and noted sf author Anderson fills in the missing years of empire building and looks into the formative years of Paul’s childhood as well as the histories of those closest to him. Drawing on Frank Herbert’s massive body of notes, the coauthors of the new Dune series (Dune: The Battle of Corrin; The Road to Dune; Hunters of Dune) continue their expansion and illumination of the unexplored pieces of one of the genre's most significant and powerful stories. A priority purchase for libraries of all sizes. Highly recommended.”



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