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The Autobiographer's Handbook - Edited by Jennifer Traig; Introduction by Dave EggersSee larger image
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The Autobiographer's Handbook

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Writing Exercises, Work Plans, And Other Hands-On Advice

Now, You tell your story

The following exercises are designed to take you through the writing process step by step. You’ll warm up, you’ll write a sentence, then a paragraph; then maybe an outline, then a passage or two. Soon enough you’ll have a chapter, then another, then the momentum will carry you.

The exercises are grouped by chapter, building on that chapter’s themes. Maybe, as we suggested on page 11, you did them as you read each chapter. Or maybe, as we suggested on page 11, you want to do them all in a row right now. Please, by all means.

(Disclaimer: The following exercises are by no means necessary for you to do. If you feel ready to start writing, go ahead! But if you’d like a few more -suggestions, we hope you’ll find at least one of these exercises helpful.)



 Click here to download Part II of The Autobiographer's Handbook.