Coup de Grace

Sarah Deane Mysteries (Volume 10)

J.S. Borthwick

St. Martin's Griffin


It was Jake Markham calling. Angry.

“Sarah, damnation, what do you think you’re doing?” Alex, yelling.

But Sarah didn’t answer. She stood rigid. Frozen in place. Because beyond her feet, right by the water’s edge, lay an enormous shape. The shape of a bat, wings wide and black. But this bat had arms at the end of its wings. Dark arms and black hands. No, correction. One black hand, and one hand pale and clenched. A hand without a glove. And beside the hand, faintly gleaming, was a cracked lens from a pair of glasses.

Sarah later wondered whether she had called out or simply stood there making inarticulate noises. Whatever she did, her voice brought Alex and Jake crashing through the undergrowth. And then, as Sarah, without speaking, pointed ahead at the dark, unmoving shape, both stopped, exhaled, and swore...