What to Do If a Bird Flies in the House

And 72 Other Things You Ought to Know By Now

Elizabeth Nix and Elizabeth Hurchalla

St. Martin's Griffin

What to Do If a Bird Flies in the House
Rings on your fingers, bells on your toes … . Although bells on your toes may cause you more problems in the long run (you’re a real killjoy at surprise parties, aren’t you?), that ring on your finger can be tricky too. Oh, it’s swell when it’s on—it’s just when you try to take it off that things can get sticky. Here’s how to get a ring unstuck:
1. Don’t try to force the ring off, since this may just make your finger swell more. Instead, raise your hand to eye level. Then wrap some ice in a washcloth or a couple of paper towels and hold it around the finger the ring’s on. This should reduce the swelling and help you get the thing off.
2. If the ring still won’t budge, run your hands under cold water, soap them up, and rub above and below the ring. Then twist the ring like you’re unscrewing it instead of just pulling it straight off.
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