12 Bliss Street

A Novel

Martha Conway

Minotaur Books

After her divorce Nicola began buying lingerie: dark blue contour bras, demi bras in little-girl white, embroidered bustiers, stretch mesh chemises, and a red girdle with removable garters that the catalog listed as a Jolly Susan. She wore silk panties to work, and at night bathed in almond oil baths, the scent of which reminded her of the young boy in Istanbul who’d sold her husband a wallet. That had been their last trip together as a couple, a belated sort of honeymoon. But it was just another mistake, along with the home hair-care pyramid scheme, the water bed, and Scooter’s office fling (if you could call a video-delivery van an office), all of which led to Nicola’s increasing awareness that her husband was unstable – and not in the fun way.

---from 12 Bliss Street