Go Girl! #5: Sleepover!

Go Girl! (Volume 5)

Rowan McAuley; Illustrated by Ash Oswald

Square Fish

Chapter One

It was six o’clock on Friday morning, the last day of school for the year. The alarm hadn’t gone off yet, but Olivia was already awake, dressed, and sitting at the kitchen table, eating her toast and waiting for her mom to get up.

She drank a glass of milk and ate an apple, but her mom still slept on. She brushed her teeth and made her lunch, but even then her mom did not stir.

Olivia checked the clock on the microwave. Six thirty. Surely her mom should be awake by now? She tiptoed along the hallway and looked in. Her mom was fast asleep, snoring slightly. Olivia knocked gently on the open door. Her mom did not move.

Olivia cleared her throat, "Ahem!"

Her mom rolled over in bed and snored more loudly. Olivia was getting desperate.

"Mom," she whispered.

"Mom," she said gently.

"Mom!" she said more firmly.

This was getting her nowhere.

"MOM!" she yelled suddenly and stamped her foot.

"Hmm?" said her mom, sitting up in bed, her hair all fluffy on one side. "What’s up, baby?"

"Mom," said Olivia. "You have to get up. I am sleeping over at Ching Ching’s house tonight."

"Are you?" said her mom. "Are you sure? Did we talk about this?"

"Mom," said Olivia sternly, because she had to be strict with her mom sometimes. "You know it is. We talked about it on Monday, remember? You spoke with Mrs. Adams on the phone."

"I know, baby," said her mom, yawning. "I’m just teasing you."

"Well," said Olivia, "will you get up now?"

"Mmm," said her mom, still sounding tired. "What time is it?"

"Six thirty," said Olivia. "Or even later by now. We’ve been talking for at least five minutes."

"Six thirty?"

"Or six thirty-five," said Olivia.

"Is the sun even up yet?" asked her mom.


"OK, OK," said her mom. "I’m getting up. Even though it’s still the middle of the night," she grumbled.

"Come on," said Olivia. "Here’s your bathrobe."

While her mom took a shower, Olivia checked her bag again. As well as her lunchbox, she had packed her pajamas, her swimsuit, some clean clothes for tomorrow, her hairbrush, and a small box of chocolates for Ching Ching’s mom, to say thank you. Was that everything?

It was almost seven o’clock and Olivia was dancing with impatience, waiting for her mom to finish blow-drying her hair. Finally, she was ready.

"OK," she said to Olivia. "Now, are you sure you have packed everything you need?"

"Yes," said Olivia.


"Yes," said Olivia.

"Chocolates for Mrs. Adams?"

"Yes," said Olivia.

"Clean underwear for tomorrow?"


"Well, have you?"

"YES!" said Olivia. "Come on!"

"All right!" said her mom. "Just checking. I’ll just get the keys. . . . "

But Olivia was already out the door and waiting at the front gate, her backpack on her back. Her mom locked the door and walked down the path (so slowly!), and together they walked to the bus stop.

"I’m going to miss you tonight," said her mom.

"Yeah, yeah," said Olivia, looking ahead for the bus.

"I will. I won’t see you all day, I won’t have anyone to eat dinner with, and you’ll be at Ching Ching’s until tomorrow. . . . "

"I know," said Olivia.

"What time am I picking you up?"

"Lunchtime," said Olivia. "Ching Ching and I will have breakfast together, and play in the morning, and then you can pick me up at lunchtime."

"Lunchtime it is," said her mom, giving her a hug and a big smoochy kiss.

The bus was just arriving at the corner.

"Bye, mom," said Olivia, yelling back over her shoulder as she ran to catch it.

At last she was on her way.

Excerpted from Sleep-Over by Rowan McAuley.
Copyright © 2005 by Rowan McAuley.
Published in June 2008 by Feiwel and Friends.
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