Go Girl! #3: Sister Spirit

Go Girl! (Volume 3)

Thalia Kalkisakis; Illustrated by Ash Oswald

Square Fish

My big sister Hannah hates me and I know why. It's because I was born after her.

            When Hannah was three, I was born. Everyone said I was sooooooo cute! Mom says they stopped saying Hannah was cute, so she threw all my baby clothes down the toilet.

            I look younger than I really am. I’m nine years old, but sometimes people think I look six or seven.

            Hannah calls me a baby doll, but she doesn’t mean it in a nice way. She says I should try to look my age, but it’s not my fault! I can’t change how I look.

            But now, it’s even worse than ever. Hannah cut off my hair and Mom went crazy on her. Then Hannah stopped talking to me.

            Strange, isn’t it? Hannah cut off my hair and got into trouble, and she blames me for it!