Go Girl! #4: Lunchtime Rules

Go Girl! (Volume 4)

Vicki Steggall; Illustrated by Ash Oswald

Square Fish

If this lunchtime doesn’t end soon, I’m going to explode. It’s gone on forever and I’m sick of it. I’m sure the bell should have rung ages ago.

            It’s been another horrible, endless lunchtime. Just like all the others since everything went wrong and my friends started playing without me.

            I can hear them, just over there behind me, playing soccer. My favorite. My best friend Ellie is shouting our cheer song. That’s what we always shouted when we won against the boys.

            It’s just so unfair! Hearing Ellie makes my eyes sting. I stare into my lunch box which looks all blurry. The girls I’m sitting with haven’t noticed yet—they’re busy talking. I really don’t want to start crying in from of them, so I blink my eyes hard and try to stop my breath from coming out in little shudders.