The One-Hour Orgasm

How to Learn the Amazing "Venus Butterfly" Technique

Leah Schwartz, Ph.D., and Bob Schwartz, Ph.D.

St. Martin's Griffin

Chapter One
A What?
“A one hour orgasm! Is this a joke?,” asked a friend when we told him what we were working on.
A “one hour orgasm” is an orgasm with hundreds, even thousands, of orgasmic contractions one after the other after the other.
You don’t believe this is possible? Join the club. Neither did we. No one we had ever met, including Dr. Ruth, had any idea of what we were talking about. The only way you will become a believer is the way we did. After your first one.
Do You Really Know What an Orgasm Is?
Most men and women, including many sex and relationship experts, seem to be very confused about what an orgasm actually is. Most of them talk and act as if the ejaculation phase is the orgasm. This is not accurate, even for men. Of course, if that were true, women would never have them.
The most obvious signs of orgasm for both men and women are the orgasmic contractions which produce the intense pleasurable feelings which shoot those “wonderful-out-of-control” feelings throughout your whole mind and body.
The beginning phase of an orgasm starts when your genital area is feeling better than any other part of your body! If the pleasure you are experiencing continues and builds up, the sensations becomes stronger. These wonderful feelings usually begin to create mild orgasmic contractions. The orgasmic contractions can continue to build in intensity. They soon seem to take over your whole body and finally you feel as if you have come into contact with a cosmic light socket.
Have You Ever Counted Them?
During what most people consider a normal orgasm, men generally have 6 to 9 orgasmic contractions, each contraction lasting for approximately 8/10ths of a second. These contractions in a man are followed by the ejaculation of semen.
According to our research, only one out of three women had often, if ever, experienced orgasm through intercourse, but when they do, they have, on the average, 9 to 12 orgasmic contractions. Each contraction lasts for the same 8/10ths of a second that the man experiences.
One woman in a study we read had 33 orgasmic contractions, but they wrote her off because they thought her sexual nervous system had malfunctioned.
Bliss Is Closer Than You Think
As did thousands of other students, we learned the “Venus Butterfly” technique at More University and The Institute For Human Abilities in California, where “Basic Sensuality 101” has been taught for over 30 years.
At the Institute, they call the 6 to 12 orgasmic contractions of a typical orgasm a “genital sneeze.” It is not that sneezes are bad, it is just that they have discovered that a whole lot more is available with some education and a little homework.
Being able to produce a one hour orgasm means that you have mastered the “Venus Butterfly” technique in this book. Once you have practiced enough, you will be able to produce hundreds and hundreds of orgasmic contractions in your partner, man or woman.
Sound impossible? You won’t see this in the Guiness Book of World Records, but the longest a woman’s orgasm was kept going at More University was 11 hours! (Please don’t try this at home. These were trained professionals and it was done only as a scientific experiment…not for fun.)
The good news is that after over 30 years of research, the researchers at More University and The Institute of Human Abilities still can’t say what the upper limits of pleasure are that you can give your partner or that you can experience. With this new information you will:
• Have more confidence in bed
• Be able to increase the intensity and duration of your partner’s orgasm
• Have more fun together as a couple
• Put the spark back into your relationship or keep it from going away
• Eliminate boredom and increase the fun you both have in the bedroom
• Learn something new that makes a big difference in your sex life and relationship
• Solve the common problem of not being in the mood at the same time
• Learn how to talk to each other about one of the most emotionally charged subjects in the world... sex!
• Bring back his (or her) sex drive
• Learn how to solve the two biggest problems men face today without drugs—his occasional or often inability to have or maintain an erection and pre-mature ejaculation
• Make every love-making session a pleasurable learning experience
• Even lose weight!
Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you or your partner learned something new that improved your sex life and was so incredible that you continued to use it?
That time has come!
Copyright © 1999 by Walter P. Maksym