Eyes on the Goal

4 for 4 (Volume 2 of 4)

John Coy

Feiwel & Friends

I run up to midfield when the ball goes down to the other end and try to act like I know what I’m doing. I thought the purpose of soccer camp was to teach you to be a better player, not just run up and down the field in games….
In baseball, basketball, and football, I’ve always been pretty good. I never paid much attention to the kids who weren’t. Now I’m one of those.
A spinning ball comes my way. It takes an awkward bounce and is about to go over my shoulder. Instinctively, I stick my hand out to stop it.
“Hand ball. Hand ball,” everybody yells at once.
“You can’t use your hand,” one of the little guys scowls at me.
I turn away. Like I don’t know that. I walk over by Isaac as the other team lines up for a free kick. A mosquito buzzes my ear, and I wave it away.
“I hate playing defense,” I say. “It feels like everything is coming at me way too fast.”