Danger in the Dark

A Houdini & Nate Mystery

Houdini and Nate Mysteries (Volume 1)

Tom Lalicki

Square Fish

“Man-to-man, Nate – your aunt is in danger. This villain Trane means to take her fortune, to throw you and your mother out of her house, to make you beggars. It has happened many times before, even in this city. I will not allow it to happen to you.”
     The force and speed of Houdini’s statement hit like the quick punches a street bully throws when his victim isn’t ready. Fighting to catch his breath, Nathaniel sputtered, “But . . . but . . . what do you mean?”
     “This creature wants everything your aunt possesses. I have never laid eyes on David Douglas Trane, yet I know that he will not stick at killing your aunt – or you or your mother. He wants your aunt to change her will to make him, not you, her beneficiary. Thank your lucky stars that your aunt has resisted. But when she finally gives in, Trane will no longer need her, or your mother.”
     Nathaniel was choking on a rising tide of anger, rage, confusion.
     “Breathe deeply, through your nose,” Houdini counseled. “I just threw you into a bathtub filled with ice water. It will be easier now.”