The World of Tiers: Volume Two

World of Tiers (Volume 2 of 6)

Philip Jose Farmer

Tor Books

Kickaha was a quicksilver Proteus.
Few could match his speed in adapting to change. But on Earth and on other planets of the pocket universes, the hills, mountains, valleys, plains, the rivers, lakes, and seas, seldom altered. Their permanence of form and location were taken for granted.
There were small local changes. Floods, earthquakes, avalanches, tidal waves reshaped the earth. But the effects were, in the time scale of an individual, in the lifetime of a nation, minute.
A mountain might walk, but the hundreds of thousands of generations living at its foot would not know it. Only God or a geologist would see its movements as the dash of a mouse for a hole.
Not here.
Even cocksure, unfazed Kickaha, who could react to change as quickly as a mirror reflects an image, was nervous. But he wasn’t going to let anyone else know it. To the others, he seemed insanely cool. That was because they were going mad.
Behind the Walls of Terra, Copyright © 1970, 1982 by Philip José Farmer