Keyholders #1: This Side of Magic

Keyholders Series (Volume 1 of 4)

Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones


Keyholders #1: This Side of Magic

The two tiny windows next to Mr. Leery’s front door glowed with light when Penny and Luke banged on the door.

“We know your cat can talk,” Luke blurted as soon as Mr. Leery opened the door.  “Are you some kind of magician?”

Mr. Leery raised his eyebrows at the cat. “You agreed to keep your mouth shut until I returned.”

“I guess I let the cat is out of the bag,” Mo admitted.

For a moment, the cat’s face seemed to dissolve into a look of shame, but then Mo’s whiskers twitched and his tail swished back and forth in an angry frenzy.  He peered between Luke’s knees out into the shadows of the yard.

“Quick.  Close the door.  NOW!” Mo yowled.