Boo's Surprise

Boo's Dinosaur

Betsy Byars; illustrations by Erik Brooks

Henry Holt and Co.

The Surprise
Boo ran into the house. "A dinosaur! A new dinosaur!" she shouted.
"Not another one," her brother, Sammy, said.
"Sammy, this was so exciting," Boo said. "I was sitting in the tree reading a book."
"That was exciting--reading a book in a tree? I do that all the time."
"I'm getting to the exciting part," said Boo. "I was reading my book, and I heard a very, very heavy thump behind the trees."
"Something was behind the trees?"
"Yes, and I knew it was a dinosaur because the thump was very, very loud. I have heard dinosaurs thump like that before."
"So you went behind the trees and there it was. Big deal," said Sammy.
"No! Wait! I haven't gotten to the exciting part. I climbed down the tree as fast as I could. Then I ran through the trees as fast as I could," said Boo.
"And there it was," said Sammy.
"No! It was gone. Now I'm getting to the exciting part."
"Please do."
"This dinosaur left me a big surprise."
"A giant egg!"
Text copyright © 2009 by Betsy Byars Illustrations copyright © 2009 by Erik Brooks