It's the First Day of School...Forever!

R.L. Stine

Square Fish

From It’s the First Day of School . . . Forever:

I started to climb the stone steps that led to the white double doors at the entrance. I was halfway up when I recognized the man in the brown suit at the top.

He was Mr. Jenks, the principal. I’d met him when Mom and Dad brought me to see my new school for the first time. He was shaking hands and greeting every student.

“Artie, hello,” he said. He reached out and shook my hand. I smelled peppermint on his breath. “Welcome to Ardmore.”

I was nearly through the front door when I heard a commotion behind me.
Kids shouted.
A dog barked.
“Huh?” I spun around and instantly recognized the big dog racing up the stairs.
Oh no. he followed me to school.
“Wowser—down!” I shouted.
But the dog never listens to me.
I watched helplessly as the giant monster dog—my giant monster dog—tretched onto his hind legs. Leaped onto Mr. Jinks. Licked the principal’s face. Pawed his shoulders, leaving big mud stains all over.

Then I heard a loud RRRRIPPPP as Wowser tore the jacket pocket right off the principal’s brown suit.

Mr. Jenk’s face turned bright red. “Artie,” he said softly. “Is this your dog?”