Kid Pickers

How to Turn Junk into Treasure

Mike Wolfe with Lily Sprengelmeyer

Feiwel & Friends

Chapter One

BY SIMPLY PICKING UP THIS BOOK, chances are you’re probably a “picker” at heart, just like me. You’ve got a passion for rediscovering those once-forgotten items of our past, and the stories they tell. You love the excitement of hunting through old items, or those that were tossed aside to collect dust. You understand their importance because you picked it, and you’ve begun a new chapter in the life of your picked item … now, that’s cool.
So let’s forget about what something’s worth, or what everyone else around you likes. It’s time to create your own story; find your own Passion. That’s right, put on some old jeans, grab a flashlight, and set out for the journey that lies ahead. The adventure is all about finding—picking—items that will connect you closer to yourself and the people that surround you. Whether these items have been cherished in your family for centuries or you’ve uncovered a rusty broken wheel in your backyard, the point is it’s your pick and that’s what makes you a true Kid Picker.
As a seasoned picker myself, trust me when I say you’ve got all the tools you’ll need just by going out and finding what you like. My favorite memories as a Kid Picker were those in which I was the leader of my own journey, going out in search of whatever caught my eye. Curiosity will be your best guide (and, of course, this wonderful book you’re holding), as you are now the creator of your very own picking story. Join me by following the guidelines in the chapters ahead on searching, finding, collecting, sharing, and creating your own story. Your journey awaits, fellow Kid Pickers. What will your story be?
AGE 10
COLLECTS: Bottles, rockets, old toys
BEST PICK SO FAR: Old bottles found while digging in the dirt near his grandfather’s shop

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