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From: Paula Broadwell
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 10:04:12 -0500
To: David Petraeus
Subject: Your Talk At Harvard

Dear General Petraeus,
Hearing you speak at Harvard was a real eye-opening experience. I’d like to thank you for giving your time, and sharing your wisdom. I wanted to ask if there was any way I could talk to you further about my research work. Your help would be invaluable.

Best Regards,

Paula Broadwell

Hello Ms. Broadwell,

It was my pleasure to speak to you and the rest of those gathered. I would be glad to talk with you further. Perhaps we can set up a time to meet in person, and you can explain to me in more specific terms what you are looking for.
Do you like waffles?

General David Petraeus

P.S. And please, call me David.

Hi David,

I do very much like waffles, and please call me Paula.

I am very happy you’re willing to hear what I have in my mind. I will let your schedule dictate our rendezvous. Just say the word and I’ll be there.

Many thanks!



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