The Fat Smash Diet

The Last Diet You'll Ever Need

Ian K. Smith, M.D.; Read by the author

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Fat Smash Diet
The FAT SMASH DIET Philosophy
Diets don't fail people; people fail diets. The FAT SMASH DIET is a program that will never fail you if you open your mind to the great possibilities, believe in yourself, and give a full commitment. The FAT SMASH DIET is designed to be a forgiving program that is as much about helping people make the necessary lifestyle changes to lead a healthier, happier, and longer life as it is about getting rid of extra weight that only increases your odds of developing devastating medical complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. I'm a realist. Most people have a difficult time following diets to the letter, slipping every once in a while when they can't resist the urges or when they've reached a plateau and feel like the weight is no longer coming off. The FAT SMASH DIET understands this and allows you to dial back into the program if necessary, by returning to Phase I, getting back on course, then resuming the program where you left off.
The FAT SMASH DIET is a 90-day program with four phases that will ultimately re-wire your body and its relationship to food and physical activity for the rest of your life. This is not about short-term fixes that will eventually fade and put you back where you started. Instead, this is about life change for the long term! At the end of the 90 days, you will have made small but important adjustments not only in your food consumption, but in your understanding and attitude towards food and the way you view the role of physical activity in maintaining a healthy life. Each phase builds upon the previous phase like the levels of a pyramid that support the ones above it. The foundation and its integrity are what allow the peak to stand, so you must be careful in constructing the building blocks. A strong foundation will allow you to reach the top of your goals.
I have been shocked reading many diet books that say exercising is unnecessary or it's optional based on a dieter's preferences. One of the major reasons why so many people are overweight and obese and dying from preventable medical conditions such as heart disease is because we have become too sedentary! There are numerous studies from the best researchers in the world that show how important being physically active is not just for losing weight, but becoming healthier and protecting things like our blood vessels, lungs, and heart.
Studies also show that those who incorporate a regular exercise program in their schedule will not onlylose more weight faster, but will keep it off for longer periods of time. The problem that most people have is that they associate exercising with going to the gym and killing themselves for two hours, then dragging themselves home exhausted. That's not the exercise I'm talking about. Let's be realistic. It's not like you're training to become an Olympic gold medalist, right? What you need is a regular program of physical activity that will keep your heart rate up and your lungs working. This will also help to tone your muscles and keep your joints active to help prevent certain illnesses like the dreaded arthritis. For each phase I give you very simple exercise suggestions to help you on your journey of becoming healthier and slimmer. Choose those exercises that you like and try to find a partner who is willing to do them with you. Studies have also shown that those who are most successful at losing weight have some type of support system in place--and a weight-loss partner makes exercise more fun!
The FAT SMASH DIET is about smashing the bad habits and demons of the past and constructing a new and improved you now ready to take on fresh challenges and passions while fully enjoying the gift of life. Let's be perfectly clear. Diets are not magic. They are only blueprints. If you carefully follow the blueprint, then what you build can be magnificent. The FAT SMASH DIET is a blueprint that will help people trying to lose just 10 pounds as well as people trying to lose 200 pounds. I'm extremely proud of this program because it teaches the correct principles of healthy eating while at the same timeallowing you to have a slice of cake or a couple of scoops of ice cream every now and again. Almost everything in life is about finding a balance and doing things in moderation. These are the underlying principles of The FAT SMASH DIET. You now are a SMASHER, so go SMASH IT!
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