Fat Bat and Swoop

Leo Landry; illustrated by author

Henry Holt and Co.

Fat Bat and Swoop
Fat Bat awoke in the dark of night. As usual, his stomach was rumbling.
"Yum!" he said. "Time for bugs!"
So Fat Bat flew off in search of a midnight snack by the light of the summer moon.
As Fat Bat flitted about filling his belly, his good pal Swoop came along. Swoop was an owl.
"Hello, Fat Bat," greeted Swoop. "Finished snacking yet?"
"Never," answered Fat Bat. "Why do you ask?"
"I am thinking that we could cause a little mischief tonight," offered the owl. "Stir up a little excitement. Bring some life to the dead of night."
"Is that wise?" asked Fat Bat.
"Of course it is," said Swoop. "I am an owl, remember?"
Fat Bat thought about this. "Then let's go," he said.
Fat Bat and Swoop flew off together into the night.
Copyright © 2005 by Leo Landry