Molly the Pony (My Readers Level 3)

A True Story

My Readers

Pam Kaster

Square Fish

Molly the Pony
Chapter One
Hurricane Katrina
A storm was coming. All day long, cars and trucks filled with people and pets drove away to safety. By nighttime, everyone was gone except a small pony named Molly. Molly was left alone in a barn. She waited for someone to take her away, too.
In the morning, the sky filled with clouds. The wind roared. A huge tree fell on Molly's barn. It rained and rained. It rained so much that water came into the barn.
Molly stood in a small space in her stall to keep dry.
Finally, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. Molly found some hay to nibble, and little puddles of water to drink.
Still, no one came for Molly. She waited some more.
One morning, Molly heard voices. "A pony is trapped in there!" one said. "Are you sure? It's been two weeks since Hurricane Katrina!" said another. "The door is blocked by a tree. We'll have to cut a hole in the barn to get her out!"
Soon, Molly was outside in the sunshine. "It's good your owners left hay in your stall," someone said. "They must have expected to be away only a few days. No one knew the hurricane would cause so much damage."
Molly was led to a trailer. The trailer took her away from the barn.
When the trailer stopped, a lady led Molly into a small pasture. "You can stay here on Ms. Kaye's farm until your owners come to get you," she said.
MOLLY THE PONY. Text copyright © 2012 by Pam Kaster.