Dodger and Me

Dodger and Me (Volume 1 of 3)

Jordan Sonnenblick

Feiwel & Friends

Okay, I was unpopular. But was I so amazingly unpopular that I needed a magical blue chimp for a best friend? Quite possibly. “Me? Are you sure you have the right kid?”
     “If you’re Willie Ryan, of Seven Lamplighter Lane, I have the right kid. And I have been waiting for you here for, like, a really long time….”
     “Why would you wait for me? Why would you want me for a best friend?” As I said this, I couldn’t help wondering, Isn’t there, like, a lonely blue surfer chimp somewhere that needs a buddy more than I do?
     “You’re the one, Willie. I know you are. Didn’t your best friend just leave you?”
     “Uh, well, my friend Tim moved to—”
     “Right, see? My best friend left me too. And aren’t you a really special guy who just needs a chance?”
     “Me, too. And don’t you like bananas?”
     I had to think about that one for a minute. “Yes, actually. Now that you mention it, I do like bananas, Dodger.”
     “See, Willie? This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”