Instamatic Karma

Photographs of John Lennon

May Pang

St. Martin's Press

at home
california, here we come
Shortly after John and I got together, he decided we would go to Los Angeles for a white. We hopped on a flight with “Uncle” Harold Seider, John’s lawyer and trusted advisor from the Allen Klein/ABKCO days (John had hired Harold after he left ABKCO, which came in handy in John’s lawsuit against Klein). Harold graciously offered us his apartment and found somewhere else to stay. He knew better than anyone that John had no spending money! We soon met up with two of John’s old friends: Rolling Stone Bill Wyman and the Stones’ ex-manager, Andrew Loog Oldham. Hanging out with Andrew was always good fun. He was staying at legendary producer Lou Adler’s house in Bel Air (Lou had another place in Malibu). Since Andrew would only be in L.A. a few more days, he suggested we ask Lou if we could use the place. We’d put Harold out long enough, so we thought it was a good idea. We didn’t know Lou, so Andrew arranged it for us. We ended up staying there close to two months. These pictures, taken poolside at Adler’s house, are the first I took of our time together.
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