Black Beauty Stolen! (My Readers Level 3)

My Readers

Story by Susan Hill; Illustrated by Bill Farnsworth; Inspired by Anna Sewell

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Black Beauty Stolen
A Song


My name is Black Beauty.
But when my new owner bought me, he gave me a new name.
I pull a cab for Jerry, and he calls me Jack.
Pulling a cab on the crowded streets of London is hard work.
I am lucky that Jerry is a kind master.
At the end of the day,
Jerry always gives me a treat—a bit of apple or sweet, crunchy carrot.
Best of all, Jerry sings to me.
One night, Jerry sang a song
I liked very much.
The words made me feel calm and peaceful.
Softly, Jerry sang.
“Do your best and leave the rest,
’twill all come right some day or night.
The moon is up, the sea is down, and the world goes on spinning round and round.”
Jerry’s song ended, and he patted my back.
“Good night, Jack,” said Jerry.
“Sweet dreams.”
I gazed at the shining moon until my eyelids grew heavy, and then I fell asleep.
If only I had not slept!
Perhaps none of the rest of it would have happened.
BLACK BEAUTY STOLEN! Text copyright © 2011 by Susan Hill. Illustrations copyright © 2011 by Bill Farnsworth. All rights reserved.