Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace

Nan Marino

Roaring Brook Press

Where the Hiders Go
If you need somewhere to hide, try the Pinelands of New Jersey.
It’s a wild place filled with swamp streams. And sand hills. Salt marshes and bogs. There are towns too, some so small they don’t make it on the map. No one pays attention to them anyway.
For a hider, that is the beauty of the Pinelands. The entire place can go unnoticed. The trees are stubby, the paths are hard to find, and the streams are lazy and slow. Nothing about it stands out. People drive by on their way to somewhere else.
For a hider, this is good. It makes it easier to slip away.
A place like this you can trust with your secrets.
A place like this has secrets of its own.
And here’s the first.
They say that when the trees get restless they sing.
But it’s the Pinelands, so most people don’t notice that either.

Copyright © 1967, 1968 by John McPhee
Text copyright © 2013 by Nan Marino
Illustrations copyright © 2013 by John Hendrix