Read-it-First FAQ

  • What is Read-It-First?

    Read-It-First is a free email service that allows you to “test read” books in your email. Each day, Monday through Friday we email you a portion of a book that takes only five minutes to read. By the end of the week, after reading the first couple of chapters, you’ll know if it’s a book you want to finish. Each week we feature a new book.

  • What type of books will I receive?

    You’ll receive a wide variety of our latest releases. Often we’ll include a book prior to publication, so you really will have the opportunity to “Read-It-First.”

  • What if I don’t like a book?

    Just hit the delete key and wait for a new book to start the following Monday. Don’t be surprised, however, if you discover a book that you normally wouldn’t read.

  • What if I’m too busy to read?

    Actually this program was designed for busy people. That’s why we limit each day’s excerpt to about five minutes of reading.

  • Can I share the books with my friends?

    Yes, please do! You can forward the emails and share the books with your friends and coworkers. You can sign up your friends at our sign-up-a-friend page or have your friends sign up at the St. Martin's Website.

  • Can I print out the book excerpts?

    Yes, just use the “print friendly” link at the top of each day’s email.

  • How do I win autographed copies of the books?

    Quite often we offer autographed copies of an author’s book. Just watch for the announcements in your email and then send us an email so your name will be included in the drawing.

  • What about privacy?

    We only use your email address to deliver the book excerpts and other book related information from St. Martin’s Press. We do not share this information with anyone else.

  • What if I want to stop receiving the books?

    At the bottom of each day’s email there is an unsubscribe link. Just click on that link and send a blank email or send an email to