The Genius of Earth Day: How a 1970 Teach-In Unexpectedly Made the First Green Generation Jack Be Nimble: The Accidental Education of an Unintentional Director Nobody Is Ever Missing: A Novel
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The Genius of Earth Day

By Adam Rome

“Rome’s genial new book ....

Jack Be Nimble

By Jack O'Brien

A warm, witty tell-all and history of American regional theater, from one...

Nobody Is Ever Missing

By Catherine Lacey

Without telling her family, Elyria takes a one-way flight to New Zealand,...

The Copernicus Complex: Our Cosmic Significance in a Universe of Planets and Probabilities Faithful and Virtuous Night: Poems Father and Son: A Lifetime
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The Copernicus Complex

By Caleb Scharf

A groundbreaking revision of the Copernican principle Though the concept...

Faithful and Virtuous Night

By Louise Glück

A luminous, seductive new collection from the “fearless” (The New York Times)...

Father and Son

By Marcos Giralt Torrente; Translated from the Spanish by Natasha Wimmer

"This is a story about two people, but I’m the only one telling it....

Mr. Penumbra`s 24-Hour Bookstore: A Novel Someone: A Novel Forty-one False Starts: Essays on Artists and Writers
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YALSA Outstanding Books for the College Bound and Lifelong Learners

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

By Robin Sloan

A Winner of the Alex Award, a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize...

Chicago Tribune Best Books of the Year


By Alice McDermott

A fully realized portrait of one woman’s life in all its complexity, by the...

PEN Literary Award - Finalist

Forty-one False Starts

By Janet Malcolm; Introduction by Ian Frazier

A National Book Critics Circle Finalist for Criticism A deeply Malcolmian...

Tim Winton's Eyrie: Trailer
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Tim Winton's Eyrie: Trailer

In Eyrie, Tim Winton crafts the story of Tom Keely, a man struggling to accomplish good in an utterly fallen world. Once an ambitious, altruistic environmentalist, Keely now finds himself broke, embroiled in scandal, and struggling to piece together some semblance of a life. From the heights of his urban high-rise apartment, he surveys the wreckage of his life and the world he’s tumbled out of love with. Just before he descends completely into pills and sorrow, a woman from his past and her preternatural ch
Ishmael Beah Rivka Galchen James Ciment
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Ishmael Beah

Ishmael Beah, born in 1980 in Sierra Leone, West Africa, is the New York Times bestselling author of A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier....

Rivka Galchen

Rivka Galchen received her MD from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, having spent a year in South America working on public health issues....

James Ciment

James Ciment is an independent scholar and the author of Another America: The Story of Liberia and the Former Slaves Who Ruled It (forthcoming from Hill and Wang)....

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Event Calendar Carsick June 3 - 14, 2014

Meet filmmaker John Waters as he reads from his new memoir Carsick.

Good Hunting Good Hunting
Event Calendar Good Hunting June 10 - August 19, 2014

Meet Jack Devine as he reads from his his new memoir Good Hunting: An American Spymaster's Story.

Silent History
Event Calendar The Silent History June 25 - July 11, 2014

Meet Eli Horowitz as he reads from his new novel The Silent History.

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