All Authors : Hill & Wang

Anthony J. Badger

FDR: The First Hundred Days

Jean H. Baker

James Buchanan; Sisters; Margaret Sanger

Louise Barnett

Ungentlemanly Acts

Roland Barthes

A Barthes Reader; Image-Music-Text; Empire of Signs; Elements of Semiology

Yoram Bauman, Ph.D.

The Cartoon Introduction to Economics

Mia Bay

To Tell the Truth Freely

Annette Becker

14-18: Understanding the Great War

Thomas Bender

A Nation Among Nations

Carol Berkin

First Generations

John Berryman

John Berryman; The Dream Songs; Freedom of the Poet; Recovery

Nick Bertozzi

Lewis & Clark; Shackleton; Jerusalem; Diabetes and Me

Derek Bickerton

Bastard Tongues; Adam's Tongue

Emily Bingham


Christopher Bollas

Cracking Up

Robert E. Bonner

The Soldier's Pen

Arna Bontemps

American Negro Poetry

Ray Bradbury

The Dark Descent; Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451; Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles; Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes

Bertolt Brecht

Brecht on Theatre

T. H. Breen

American Insurgents, American Patriots

Richard Breitman

Official Secrets

Wallace S. Broecker

Fixing Climate

Michael Brustein

Reimagining American Theatre

Robert Brustein

Reimagining American Theatre

Steve Buccellato

Ronald Reagan

Georg Buchner

Georg Buchner

Paul Buhle

Hide in Plain Sight; A People's History of American Empire; Students for a Democratic Society; The Beats

William P. Bundy

A Tangled Web

Robert Burchfield

Unlocking the English Language

Adrian Burgos Jr.

Cuban Star

Michael Burleigh

The Third Reich

Andrew Burstein

Sentimental Democracy; Lincoln Dreamt He Died

Orville Vernon Burton

The Age of Lincoln; The Essential Lincoln