All Authors : Hill & Wang

Dennis Calero

Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles

Charles W. Calhoun

Benjamin Harrison; From Bloody Shirt to Full Dinner Pail

David Callahan

Unwinnable Wars

Kevin Cannon

The Stuff of Life; Evolution

Zander Cannon

The Stuff of Life; Evolution

James Case


Scott E. Casper

Sarah Johnson's Mount Vernon

Steven C. Caton

Yemen Chronicle

Tom Chaffin

Sea of Gray; The H. L. Hunley

Noam Chomsky

Deterring Democracy; Hegemony or Survival; Imperial Ambitions; Failed States

James Ciment

Another America: The Story of Liberia and the Former Slaves Who Ruled It

John Henrik Clarke

Black American Short Stories

Boyd Cohen

The Way Out

C.C. Colbert

The Other Civil War; Booth

Jon T. Coleman

Here Lies Hugh Glass

Gerald Coles

Reading Lessons

Ernie Colón

The 9/11 Report; After 9/11; Che; Anne Frank

Edward Countryman

Americans; The American Revolution; What Did the Constitution Mean To Early Americans?; Shane

Joseph Crespino

Strom Thurmond's America

William Cronon

Changes in the Land, Revised Edition; Changes in the Land

Richard N. Current

The Lincoln Nobody Knows

Elliott Currie

Reckoning; The Road to Whatever; Crime and Punishment in America