All Authors : Hill & Wang

Carl Kaestle

Pillars of the Republic

Jeff Kanipe

Chasing Hubble's Shadows

John F. Kasson

Amusing the Million; Civilizing the Machine; Rudeness and Civility; Houdini, Tarzan, and the Perfect Man

Joy S. Kasson

Buffalo Bill's Wild West

Harvey J. Kaye

The British Marxist Historians; Thomas Paine and the Promise of America

Roger G. Kennedy

Wildfire and Americans

Linda K. Kerber

No Constitutional Right to Be Ladies

Alex Kerr

Dogs and Demons

Andrew E. Kersten

The Battle for Wisconsin; Clarence Darrow

Heinar Kipphardt

In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheim

Michael Klare

Rogue States and Nuclear Outlaws

Gerda Weissmann Klein

All But My Life; The Hours After

Grady Klein

The Cartoon Introduction to Economics; The Cartoon Introduction to Statistics

Peter Kolchin

American Slavery

Arthur Kopit

Three Plays

Alan M. Kraut

American Immigration and Ethnicity; Goldberger's War

Robert Kunzig

Fixing Climate

Peter Kwong

The New Chinatown