All Authors : Hill & Wang

Jessica Snyder Sachs

Good Germs, Bad Germs

Kirkpatrick Sale

The Green Revolution; Christopher Columbus and the Conquest of Paradise

Jean-Paul Sartre

The Transcendence of the Ego

Paul Savage

Crisis in Command

Martha Saxton

Louisa May Alcott; Being Good

Nathan Schreiber

Health Care Reform

Mark Schultz

The Stuff of Life

Robert O. Self

All in the Family

Jay Sexton

The Monroe Doctrine

Carol Sheriff

The Artificial River

Frederick F. Siegel

Troubled Journey

David J. Silbey

A War of Frontier and Empire; The Boxer Rebellion and the Great Game in China

Harvard Sitkoff

The Struggle for Black Equality; King

Thomas P. Slaughter

Common Sense and Related Writings; Independence: The Tangled Roots of the American Revolution; The Beautiful Soul of John Woolman, Apostle of Abolition

Gaddis Smith

The Last Years of the Monroe Doctrine, 1945-1993

J. Douglas Smith

On Democracy's Doorstep

Rickie Solinger

Beggars and Choosers

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Cancer Ward; The Love-Girl and The Innocent; Prussian Nights; Victory Celebrations, Prisoners & The Love-Girl & The Innocent

Susan Sontag

In America; Against Interpretation; Styles of Radical Will; The Benefactor

Michael Sorkin

Variations on a Theme Park; Twenty Minutes in Manhattan

Wole Soyinka

Madmen and Specialists; Indare and Other Poems

Darren Staloff

Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson

Stephen S. Stanton

Camille and Other Plays

John Bryan Starr

Understanding China [3rd Edition]

Joe Staton

Ronald Reagan

Lincoln Steffens

The Shame of the Cities

Anders Stephanson

Manifest Destiny

James Brewer Stewart

Holy Warriors

Steven Stoll

Larding the Lean Earth; U.S. Environmentalism since 1945; The Great Delusion