All Authors : Holt Adult

Jonathan Davis

Homicide Special; Battlestar Galactica; The Cylons' Secret

Carlo D'Este


Kathy Dahlen

The Elusive Yet Holy Cure

Dalai Lama

The Path to Enlightenment; The Meaning of Life; Opening the Eye of New Awareness; Stages of Meditation

Robert Dallek

Harry S. Truman

William Dalrymple

From the Holy Mountain

Timothy Dalton

Christine Falls; The Silver Swan; Elegy for April

Lee Baldwin Dalzell

The House the Rockefellers Built

Robert F. Dalzell

The House the Rockefellers Built

David Damrosch

The Buried Book

Rosemary Daniell

The Woman Who Spilled Words All Over Herself; Secrets of the Zona Rosa

Anthony David

The Patron

Catherine T. Davidson

The Priest Fainted

Pete Davies

The Devil's Flu; American Road

Mike Davis

The Monster at Our Door

Mike Davis

Ecology of Fear

Seth Davis

When March Went Mad; Wooden

John W. Dean

Warren G. Harding; Pure Goldwater

Victor del Arbol

The Sadness of the Samurai

Dana Desonie

Cosmic Collisions

Elizabeth Deutsch (Earle)

An Honest Doubter

Guy Deutscher

The Unfolding of Language; Through the Language Glass

Dennis DeValeria

Honus Wagner

Keith Devlin

The Language of Mathematics; The Man of Numbers

A. K. Dewdney

The New Turing Omnibus

Larry Diamond

Squandered Victory; The Spirit of Democracy

Norman Dietz

The Bear in the Attic

Dr. Robert DiPaola, M.D.

A Doctor's Guide to Herbs and Supplements

Michael Dirda

Book by Book

Michael Dobbs

Madeleine Albright

John Donatich

Ambivalence, a Love Story; The Variations

Michael Dorris

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water

Auriel Douglas

The Grammar Bible

Geoffrey Douglas

Dead Opposite; Game of Their Lives, The

Susan J. Douglas

Enlightened Sexism; The Rise of Enlightened Sexism

William O. Douglas

My Father's Evening Star

Tom Downey

The Last Men Out

Joe Drape

Our Boys; Soldiers First

Claudia Dreifus

Higher Education?; The Athletics Incubus: How College Sports Undermine College Education; The Golden Dozen: Is the Ivy League Worth the Dollars?

Elizabeth Drew

Richard M. Nixon

Robert Dreyfuss

Devil's Game

Hunter Drohojowska-Philp

Rebels in Paradise

Laurent Dubois

Slave Revolution in the Caribbean, 1789-1804; Haiti: The Aftershocks of History

Patricia Lynne Duffy

Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens

William Dufris

Pearl Harbor; Old Man's War; Days of Infamy; Brainstorm

David F. Dufty

How to Build an Android

Martin Dugard

Killing Lincoln; Killing Kennedy; Killing Patton; Killing Jesus

Susan Dunn

Sister Revolutions; George Washington

Michael Durham

Desert Between the Mountains

Jim Dwyer

102 Minutes