All Authors : Holt Adult

Geoffrey Kabaservice

The Guardians

Pauline Kael

5001 Nights at the Movies

Michael Kahn

Between Therapist and Client

Lorin Kalisky

Living, Studying, and Working in France

Pius Kamau

A Duty to Heal

Michael Kaminer

The Mountain Bike Experience

Ruth Kamps

Living Life with Grace and Elegant Treeness

Wendy Kann

Casting with a Fragile Thread

Joseph Kanon

The Good German; Alibi

Zachary Karabell

Chester Alan Arthur; Sustainable Excellence

Bill Kauffman

Dispatches from the Muckdog Gazette; Ain't My America

Natalie Hevener Kaufman

"G" is for Grafton

Joanna Kavenna

Inglorious; The Birth of Love

Carol McGinnis Kay

"G" is for Grafton

John Keating

Transgressions: Price of Desire; An Irish Country Village; The Lemur; An Irish Country Christmas

Garret Keizer

Privacy; Getting Schooled

Evelyn Fox Keller

A Feeling for the Organism, 10th Aniversary Edition

Helen Keller

The Light of a Brighter Day

John Kelly

The Graves Are Walking

Janet Krone Kennedy, PhD

The Good Sleeper

Richard M. Ketchum

Saratoga; Divided Loyalties; Decisive Day; The Winter Soldiers

Ralph Keyes

The Writer's Book of Hope; The Courage to Write; The Quote Verifier; The Post-Truth Era

Uzma Aslam Khan


Beth Kidder

The Milk-Free Kitchen

Peter T. Kilborn

Next Stop, Reloville

Nicholas Kilmer

A Place in Normandy; Harmony In Flesh and Black; Man With a Squirrel

Eugenia Kim

The Calligrapher's Daughter

Edward Kimmel

The First Anti-Coloring Book; The Second Anti-Coloring Book

Dave King

The Mountain Bike Experience

Dean King

Harbors and High Seas; A Sea of Words

Stephen Kinzer

Overthrow; Crescent and Star; Reset; The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War

Laura Kipnis

How to Become a Scandal; Men

Jay Kirk

Kingdom Under Glass

Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, Ph.D.

The 9 Truths about Weight Loss

Tom Kizzia

Wake of the Unseen Object, The

Michael Klare

Resource Wars; Blood and Oil; Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet; The Race for What's Left

Harold L. Klawans

Why Michael Couldn't Hit, and Other Tales of the Neurology of Sports

Maury Klein

A Call to Arms; The Power Makers; The Change Makers

Naomi Klein

Fences and Windows; The Shock Doctrine; No Logo

Eric Klinenberg

Fighting for Air

Roger M. Knutson

Fearsome Fauna

David Kocieniewski

The Brass Wall

Elizabeth Kolbert

Field Notes from a Catastrophe; The Sixth Extinction

Melvin Konner

The Tangled Wing

Mike Konopacki

A People's History of American Empire

Claire B. Kopp

Baby Steps, Second Edition

Ted Kosmatka

Prophet of Bones; The Flicker Men

William Kotzwinkle

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Allan Kozinn

The New York Times Essential Library: Classical Music

Gary Krist

The White Cascade

David Krogh


Paul Kuttner

Arts and Entertainment's Trickiest Questions; Science's Trickiest Questions

Peter B. Kyne

The Go-Getter