All Authors : Holt Adult

Herbert Pardes, M.D.

The Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Complete Home Guide to Me

Jay Parini

House of Days; Robert Frost; The Last Station

Frank Partnoy

Infectious Greed

Eboo Patel

We Are Each Other's Business

Silvana Paternostro

My Colombian War

Dawn Micklethwaite Paterson

The Lives of Whales and Dolphins

Chris Patten

Cousins and Strangers

Richard North Patterson

Degree of Guilt; Eclipse; Exile; Eyes of a Child

Pamela Paul

By the Book; Parenting, Inc.; Pornified

Lynn Payer

Medicine and Culture

Doug Peacock

Grizzly Years

Susan Pearson

Charles Darwin and the Mystery of Mysteries; The Triumph of Evolution

James Peck

Ideal Illusions

Lauren David Peden

Herbal Folk Medicine

Sharon Kay Penman

Queen's Man, The

Sharon Kay Penman

Cruel as the Grave; Falls the Shadow; Here Be Dragons; The Reckoning

Robert Perkinson

Texas Tough

Liz Perle

Money, A Memoir

Linda Perlstein

Not Much Just Chillin'; Tested

Sarah Perron

Baby Om

John D. Perry

The G Spot

Karen Perry

The Innocent Sleep

Charles Peters

Lyndon B. Johnson

David Petersen

A Hunter's Heart; On the Wild Edge

Ivars Peterson

Newton's Clock; The Mathematical Tourist

Robert Petkoff

A Cruel and Shocking Act; A Heartbeat Away; Doing Harm; Gangster Squad

Reneau Peuifoy

Overcoming Anxiety

John Phillips

Alain Robbe-Grillet; Contested Knowledge; Forbidden Fictions; How to Think About Statistics

John L. Phillips

Origins of Intellect, The

Kevin Phillips

William McKinley

Max Phillips

The Artist's Wife

Michael Pillsbury

The Hundred-Year Marathon

David Pittu

An American Spy; Generosity; Salvation of a Saint; The Book of Jonah

Richard Plant

The Pink Triangle

Harvey Plasse

Sinusitis Relief

Dina Koutas Poch

I Heart My In-Laws

Anna Politkovskaya

Putin's Russia

Howard Pollack

Aaron Copland

John D. Pollack

The World on a String

William Pollack

Real Boys

Linda Polman

The Crisis Caravan

David Polonsky

Waltz with Bashir

John Pomfret

Chinese Lessons

Clive Ponting

The Twentieth Century

Dudley Pope

Decision at Trafalgar; The Black Ship

Steve Porter

The 50-Percent Theory of Life

Anton Powell

Londonwalks; Turn Left At The Pub

Colin Powell

The America I Believe In

Neil Powell

Benjamin Britten

Minka Pradelski

Here Comes Mrs. Kugelman

Anthony Pratkanis

Age of Propaganda

Eyal Press

Absolute Convictions; Beautiful Souls

Karen Pugh

Face Painting

Todd S. Purdum

A Time of Our Choosing; An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Thomas Pynchon

Mason & Dixon