All Authors : Henry Holt & Co. (Imprint)

Beth MacDonald

The Puppy Diaries; Summer People

Stephen L. Macknik

Sleights of Mind

John N. Maclean

The Thirtymile Fire

Norman Mailer

The Naked and the Dead; Why Are We in Vietnam?

Lawrence Malkin

The National Debt

Kathryn Maloney

Play Better Golf for Seniors

Bob Mankoff

How About Never--Is Never Good for You?

Thomas Mann

Life Grows in the Soil of Time

Lauren Manning

Unmeasured Strength

Hilary Mantel

Fludd; The Giant, O'Brien; A Change of Climate; Eight Months on Ghazzah Street

Greil Marcus

Double Trouble; The Shape of Things to Come; The Old, Weird America

George Mardikian

Why I Close My Restaurant

Andrew Marr

A History of Modern Britain; The Real Elizabeth

Lisa B. Marshall

The Public Speaker’s Guide to Ace Your Interview: 6 Steps to Get the Job You Want; Smart Talk; Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College

Jenny Beth Martin

Tea Party Patriots

Susana Martinez-Conde

Sleights of Mind

David Matthews

Ace of Spades; In Strange Countries: Middle English Literature and its Afterlife

Joshua Matz

Uncertain Justice

John McCain

The Virtues of the Quiet Hero

Grace McCleen

The Land of Decoration

Mark McCrum

Going Dutch in Beijing

Dennis McFarland

Letter from Point Clear

George S. McGovern

Abraham Lincoln

Bill McKibben

Enough; Deep Economy; The Bill McKibben Reader; Fight Global Warming Now

Adrian McKinty

Fifty Grand

Reginald McKnight

He Sleeps; White Boys

Jack Mclaughlin

Jefferson and Monticello

Patrick F. McManus

The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw; Never Sniff A Gift Fish; They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?; A Fine and Pleasant Misery

Cameron McWhirter

Red Summer

Rae Meadows

Mothers and Daughters; Mercy Train

Mark Meckler

Tea Party Patriots

Diane Meier

The Season of Second Chances

June Melby

My Family and Other Hazards

James R. Mellow

Charmed Circle

Kseniya Melnik

Snow in May

Barry Miles

Paul McCartney; Jack Kerouac

Marla R. Miller

Betsy Ross and the Making of America

Nathan Milstein

From Russia to the West

Annette Mitchell

The Country Diary Book of Knitting

Christian Moerk

Darling Jim

Fen Montaigne

Reeling In Russia; Fraser's Penguins

Rick Moody

The Joy and Enthusiasm of Reading

Jonathan Mooney

The Short Bus

Caroline Moorehead

Gellhorn; Selected Letters of Martha Gellhorn; Human Cargo

Arthur Morey

Abounding Grace; The Best Guide to Eastern Philosophy and Religion; The Go-Getter; Managing in the Next Society

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler

Why Men Fake It

Kyoko Mori

Polite Lies; Shizuko's Daughter

Errol Morris

There is Such a Thing as Truth

Mary Morris

Acts of God; The Night Sky; The Lifeguard; House Arrest

Tom Morris

If Aristotle Ran General Motors

John Mosier

Cross of Iron; Grant

Michael Mullane

The Rule of Law

Cecilia Munoz

Getting Angry Can Be a Good Thing

Austin Murphy

How Tough Could It Be?

Bill Murphy Jr.

In a Time of War; The Intelligent Entrepreneur

Patrick J. Murphy

Taking the Hill

William Murray

A Slick Italian Hand

Ivan Musicant

Empire by Default