All Authors : Henry Holt & Co. (Imprint)

Jay Parini

House of Days; Robert Frost; The Last Station

Eboo Patel

We Are Each Other's Business

Silvana Paternostro

My Colombian War

Richard North Patterson

Degree of Guilt; Eclipse; Exile; Eyes of a Child

Pamela Paul

By the Book; Parenting, Inc.; Pornified

Susan Pearson

Charles Darwin and the Mystery of Mysteries; The Triumph of Evolution

Sharon Kay Penman

Queen's Man, The

Sharon Kay Penman

Cruel as the Grave; Falls the Shadow; Here Be Dragons; The Reckoning

Liz Perle

Money, A Memoir

Linda Perlstein

Not Much Just Chillin'; Tested

Karen Perry

The Innocent Sleep

Ivars Peterson

Newton's Clock; The Mathematical Tourist

Robert Petkoff

A Cruel and Shocking Act; A Heartbeat Away; Doing Harm; Gangster Squad

John L. Phillips

Origins of Intellect, The

Michael Pillsbury

The Hundred-Year Marathon

David Pittu

An American Spy; Generosity; Salvation of a Saint; The Book of Jonah

Howard Pollack

Aaron Copland

John Pomfret

Chinese Lessons

Clive Ponting

The Twentieth Century

Dudley Pope

Decision at Trafalgar; The Black Ship

Steve Porter

The 50-Percent Theory of Life

Colin Powell

The America I Believe In

Neil Powell

Benjamin Britten

Todd S. Purdum

A Time of Our Choosing; An Idea Whose Time Has Come