All Authors : Henry Holt & Co. (Imprint)

Jeremy A. Sabloff

The New Archaeology and the Ancient Maya

Carl Safina

Eye of the Albatross; Song for the Blue Ocean; The View from Lazy Point; Voyage of the Turtle

Kira Salak

The White Mary

Greg Salata

The Brass Wall

David Salsburg

The Lady Tasting Tea

Carl Sandburg

My Fellow Worms

Margaret Sanger

When Children Are Wanted

Guy Saville

The Afrika Reich

Michael Schaffer

One Nation Under Dog

Stacy Schiff

A Great Improvisation; Saint-Exupery

Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

Abraham Lincoln; Andrew Jackson; Andrew Johnson; Benjamin Harrison

Nicholas Schmidle

To Live or to Perish Forever

Paul Schneider

Bonnie and Clyde; Brutal Journey; Old Man River; The Adirondacks

Jill Schneiderman

Earth Around Us, The

Jonathan Schuppe

A Chance to Win

Gary Sernovitz

The Contrarians

Colleen Shaddox

Jazz is the Sound of God Laughing

Anthony Shadid

Night Draws Near

Ali Shaw

The Girl with Glass Feet

Jason Sheehan

Cooking Dirty; There is No Such Thing as Too Much Barbecue

Philip Shenon

A Cruel and Shocking Act

Kathryn Shevelow

Charlotte; For the Love of Animals

Charles J. Shields

And So It Goes; I Am Scout; Mockingbird

Mark Shields

The People Have Spoken

Philip Short

A Taste for Intrigue; Pol Pot

Noam Shpancer

The Good Psychologist

Mark Shriver

A Good Man

Barry Siegel

Manifest Injustice

Ed Sikov

Dark Victory

Jenny Siler

Flashback; Shot

Charles Slack

Blue Fairways

Simon Slater

Wolf Hall

Aria Beth Sloss

Autobiography of Us

Richard Slotkin

Abe; Lost Battalions

Brad Smith

All Hat; Busted Flush

Daniel Blake Smith

An American Betrayal; The Shipwreck That Saved Jamestown

Jean Edward Smith

George Bush's War; Lucius D. Clay

Jean Edward Smith

John Marshall

Mark Allen Smith

The Inquisitor

Mary-Anne Tirone Smith

She's Not There

Roger Smith

Mixed Blood; Wake Up Dead

Scott Sowers

Blasphemy; Dead Shot; Down River; Falcon Seven

Murray Sperber

Beer and Circus; Onward to Victory; Shake Down the Thunder

Peter Stanford

The Legend of Pope Joan

Doug Stanton

In Harm's Way

Daniel Stashower

Teller of Tales; The Hour of Peril

Wallace Stegner

Everything Potent is Dangerous; Marking the Sparrow's Fall

Gloria Steinem

A Balance Between Nature and Nurture; Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions

Hank Stuever

Off Ramp

John Sugden

Boxing and Society; Nelson; Tecumseh

Andrew Sullivan

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Deirdre Sullivan

Always Go to the Funeral

Sam Swope

Gotta Go! Gotta Go!; I Am a Pencil; The Araboolies of Liberty Street