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Daisuke Ikemoto

European Monetary Integration 1970-79

Marco Iacoboni

Mirroring People

Susan Iacovou

Existential Perspectives on Relationship Therapy

Judy Iakovou

So Dear To Wicked Men; There Lies a Hidden Scorpion

Takis Iakovou

So Dear To Wicked Men; There Lies a Hidden Scorpion

Takis Iakovou

Go Close Against the Enemy

John O. Iatrides

The Aegean Sea After the Cold War

Honoel A. Ibardolaza

Blade For Barter Vol 1; Death Jr, Vol 1: Pandora; Laddertop, Volume 1; Laddertop Books 1 - 2

Pedro Ibarra

Social Movements and Democracy

Piers Ibbotson

The Illusion of Leadership

Christopher J. Ibbott

Global Networks

Adimchinma Ibe

Treachery in the Yard

Kevin Ibeh

Contemporary Challenges to International Business

Minabere Ibelema

The African Press, Civic Cynicism, and Democracy

Ferhad Ibrahim

The Kurdish Conflict in Turkey

Hasanain Tawfiq Ibrahim

Gulf Yearbook 2004; Gulf Yearbook 2005-2006; Gulf Yearbook 2006-2007

Humayoun Ibrahim

The Moon Moth

Solava Ibrahim

The Capability Approach

Vivian Ibrahim

The Copts of Egypt

Vivian Ibrahim

The Copts of Egypt

Henrik Ibsen

A Doll's House; An Enemy of the People


Mirror Image; Kings of Vice

Atsuko Ichijo

Europe, Nations and Modernity

Atsuko Ichijo

Nationalism and Multiple Modernities

Mariko Ichikawa

Shakespearean Entrances

Shinichi Ichimura

Transition From Socialist to Market Economies

Martijn Icks

Character Assassination throughout the Ages

Yaniv Iczkovits

Wittgenstein's Ethical Thought

Itziar Alkorta Idiakez

Women's Reproductive Rights

Eric Idle

The Pythons

Ranya Tabari Idliby

Burqas, Baseball, and Apple Pie

Michael Idov

Ground Up

Amir Idris

Conflict and Politics of Identity in Sudan

Amir Idris

Identity, Citizenship, and Violence in Two Sudans

Rick Iedema

Identity Trouble; The Discourse of Hospital Communication

Rick Iedema

Identity Trouble

Teressa Iezzi

The Idea Writers

Kostas Ifantis

Theory and Reform in the European Union

Pini Ifergan

Hegel's Discovery of the Philosophy of Spirit

Craig Iffland

Care Professions and Globalization

Ogaga Ifowodo

History, Trauma, and Healing in Postcolonial Narratives

Maria Iglesias

Nonprofit Organizations

Louis Ignarro

NO More Heart Disease

Michael Ignatieff

Virtual War; The Russian Album; The Needs of Strangers; Blood and Belonging

Piero Ignazi

Italian Military Operations Abroad

Takeo Ihara

Spatial Structure and Regional Development in China

Daisaku Ikeda

Global Civilization; Moral Lessons of the Twentieth Century; A Quest for Global Peace; Search for a New Humanity

Jennifer Ikeda

The Disciple of Las Vegas; The Wild Beasts of Wuhan

Yukihiro Ikeda

Austrian Economics in Transition

G. John Ikenberry

Reinventing the Alliance; The Uses of Institutions

G. John Ikenberry

The Troubled Triangle; The Rise of Korean Leadership; The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance

Hélène Ilbert

Geographical Indications and International Agricultural Trade

Hélène Ilbert

Geographical Indications and International Agricultural Trade

Paul Iles

Human Resource Development

Simeon O. Ilesanmi

The Rule of Law and the Rule of God

Melanie Ilic

Women in the Stalin Era; Women in the Khrushchev Era; Stalin's Terror Revisited

Patricia Illingworth

The Power of Pills

Patricia Illingworth

Us Before Me

Kaj Illomen

A Social and Economic Theory of Consumption

Jennifer Illuzzi

Gypsies in Germany and Italy, 1861-1914

Carla Ilten

Managing Privacy through Accountability

Leonid Ilyushin

Motivation, Engagement and Educational Perfomance

Jun Imai

The Transformation of Japanese Employment Relations

Colin Imber

Frontiers of Ottoman Studies, Volume 1; Frontiers of Ottoman Studies, Volume II; The Ottoman Empire, 1300-1650

Stefan Immerfall

The New Politics of the Right

Anikó Imre

Transnational Feminism in Film and Media

Robert Imre

Mass Education, Global Capital, and the World

Kemal Inal

Neoliberal Transformation of Education in Turkey

Naeem Inayatullah

Interrogating Imperialism

Sohail Inayatullah

Islam, Postmodernism and Other Futures

Basak Ince

Citizenship and Identity in Turkey

Kate Ince

Five Directors; Georges Franju

Ahmet Incekara

Islamic Finance Alternatives for Emerging Economies

Nicholas Ind


Dan Indante

The Complete A**hole's Guide to Handling Chicks

Arnaldur Indridason

Jar City; Silence of the Grave; Voices; The Draining Lake

Cynthia Indriso

Abortion in the Developing World

Anna Indych-Lopez

Diego Rivera

Joe Infurnari

Mush!; Marathon

Dean Ing

Victory - Volume 5; Loose Cannon

Bert Ingelaere

Genocide, Risk and Resilience

Dr. Julie R. Ingelfinger, M.D.

Coping with Prednisone, Revised and Updated

Arleen M. Ingham

Women and Spirituality in the Writing of More, Wollstonecraft, Stanton, and Eddy

Barbara Ingham

Sir Arthur Lewis

Patricia Clare Ingham

Postcolonial Moves

Bob Ingle

The Soprano State; Chris Christie

Lester Ingle

Seashore Life

David Inglis

The Sociology of Art

Fred Inglis

Education and the Good Society

Ian Inglis

The Beatles, Popular Music and Society

Allan Ingram

Cultural Constructions of Madness in Eighteenth-Century Writing

Allan Ingram

Melancholy Experience in Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century

Richard Ingram

Reflective Social Work Practice

Robert Ingram

Francois Truffaut

William Ings

Great Global Puzzle Challenge with Google Earth(TM)

Mark Ingwer

Empathetic Marketing

Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño

The Learning Curve

Ian Inkster

Culture and Technology in Modern Japan

James A. Inman

Online Matchmaking

Rosalind Innes

Schooling in Western Europe

Prof. Sherrie A. Inness

Action Chicks; Secret Ingredients; Geek Chic

Alessandro Innocenti

Games, Rationality and Behaviour

Christopher Inns

Cuddle Me!; What will I be?

Takashi Inoguchi

Japan's Asian Policy; The Vitality of Japan; Japanese Foreign Policy Today; Global Change

Takashi Inoguchi

Political Parties and Democracy; The Troubled Triangle; The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance

Andras Inotai

Globalism and the New Regionalism; National Perspectives On the New Regionalism in the North

Charles Shiro Inouye

Evanescence and Form

Inter-American Development Bank

The Age of Productivity; The Local Alternative; Development Connections

Inter-American Development Bank

Room for Development

Inter-American Development Bank

More than Revenue; Financing the Family; Rethinking Productive Development


The Brand Glossary

International Assoc of Universities

Guide to Higher Education in Africa

International Assoc of Universities

Guide to Higher Education in Africa

International Association of Universities

Guide to Higher Education in Africa, Third Edition; World Higher Education Database Network 2008; World Higher Education Database Single User 2008; Guide to Higher Education in Africa, Fourth Edition

International Association of Universities

International Handbook of Universities; World Higher Education Database Network 2011; World Higher Education Database Single User 2011; World Higher Education Database Single User 2012

International Association of Universities

World Higher Education Database Single User 2010

International Institute of Adminstrative Sciences (IIAS)

Public Sector Information in Bureaucracy Politics and Society

Hildebrandt International

Law Firm Mergers

Sanna Inthorn

From Entertainment to Citizenship

Noela Invernizzi

National Perspectives on Globalization; Regional Perspectives on Globalization

Grigory Ioffe

Reassessing Lukashenka

Aileen Ionescu-Somers

Business Logic for Sustainability; Sustainability Partnerships

Grace Ioppolo

The Honest Man's Fortune

Dina Iordanova

Cinema of Flames: Balkan Film, Culture and the Media; The BFI Companion to Eastern European and Russian Cinema; Emir Kusturica

Petros Iosifidis

Public Television in the Digital Era; European Television Industries; Reinventing Public Service Communication

Petros Iosifidis

The Political Economy of Television Sports Rights; Global Media and Communication Policy

Carl Ipsen

Italy in the Age of Pinocchio

Mehita Iqani

Consumer Culture and the Media

Iftekhar Iqbal

The Bengal Delta

Munawar Iqbal

Thirty Years of Islamic Banking; Banking and Financial Systems in the Arab World; Financial Engineering and Islamic Contracts; Poverty in Muslim Countries and the New International Economic Order

Hamid Irbouh

Art in the Service of Colonialism

Hamid Irbouh

Art in the Service of Colonialism

Brian Ireland

The US Military in Hawai’i

D. E. Ireland

Wouldn't It Be Deadly

Ken Ireland

Thomas Hardy, Time and Narrative

Kenneth Ireland

The Kingfisher Treasury of Ghost Stories

Patty Ireland

The Critical Lawyer's Handbook 2; The Critical Lawyer's Handbook

Barrie Ireton

Britain's International Development Policies

Kay Irie

Realizing Autonomy

Akira Iriye

The Palgrave Dictionary of Transnational History

Akira Iriye

Global and Transnational History

Chris Irons



Negotiating Reproductive Rights

George Irvin

Regaining Europe

Amy Irvine


Jacqueline Jordan Irvine

In Search of Wholeness

Jill Irvine

State-Society Relations in Yugoslavia, 1945-1992

D. R. M. Irving

Intercultural Exchange in Southeast Asia

James Gordon Irving

Birds; Fishes; Mammals; Reptiles and Amphibians

Sarah Irving

Leila Khaled

Washington Irving

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Colin Irwin

The People's Peace Process in Northern Ireland

Galen A. Irwin

Governance and Politics of the Netherlands, Second Edition

Galen A. Irwin

Governance and Politics of the Netherlands

Michael Irwin

Reading Hardy's Landscapes

Robert Irwin

The Arabian Nights

Robert Irwin

A Mission to the Medieval Middle East

Robert Irwin

Global Mexican Cinema

Robert McKee Irwin

The Famous 41

Ron Irwin

Flat Water Tuesday

David Isaac

Urban Economics

R. Mark Isaac

Just the Facts Ma'am

Sally Senzell Isaacs

All About America: Colonists and Independence; All About America: The Civil War; All About America: Stagecoaches and Railroads

Joel Isaacson

Impressionists in Winter

Daria Isachenko

The Making of Informal States

Benjamin Isakhan

The Secret History of Democracy; Democracy and Crisis

Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz

Theological Perspectives for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Neville Isdell

Inside Coca-Cola

Andrew C. Isenberg

Wyatt Earp: A Vigilante Life; Mining California

Barbara Isenberg


Sheila Isenberg

Muriel's War

Prof. Alexandra Isfahani-Hammond

The Masters and the Slaves; White Negritude

Christopher Isherwood

The Animals: Love Letters Between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy; The Memorial; A Meeting by the River; Down There on a Visit

Natsuyo Ishibashi

Alliance Security Dilemmas in the Iraq War

Masami Ishida

Border Economies in the Greater Mekong Sub-region

Yorifusa Ishida

Rebuilding Urban Japan After 1945

Engin F. Isin

Acts of Citizenship

Mary Isin

Sherbet and Spice

A. Z. Iskandar

Arabic Manuscripts On Medicine and Science

Iyanatul Islam

From the Great Recession to Labour Market Recovery; Beyond Macroeconomic Stability

Nazrul Islam

Resurgent China

Sardar M.N. Islam

Normative Health Economics; Exchange Rate Economics in Developing Countries; Climate Change and Economic Development

Huri Islamoglu

Constituting Modernity

Jacqueline S. Ismael

The Iraqi Predicament

Shereen T Ismael

Cultural Cleansing in Iraq

Tareq Y. Ismael

The Iraqi Predicament; Iraq

Tareq Y. Ismael

Cultural Cleansing in Iraq

Salwa Ismail

Rethinking Islamist Politics

Patrick Ismond

Black and Asian Athletes in British Sport and Society

Zenzele Isoke

Urban Black Women and the Politics of Resistance


Auggie Wren's Christmas Story

Christine Isom-Verhaaren

Allies with the Infidel

Christine Isom-Verhaaren

Allies with the Infidel

Hephzibah Israel

Religious Transactions in Colonial South India

Roberta Israeloff

Raising a Thinking Preteen


Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends, vol. 2; Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends Vol. 3; Haganai: I Don't have Many Friends Vol. 4; Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends Vol. 5

Corinne Iten

Linguistic Meaning, Truth Conditions and Relevance

Michiko Ito

In Godzilla's Footsteps

Youchi Ito

Mass Media and Cultural Identity

Makoto Itoh

Political Economy of Money and Finance; Phases of Capitalist Development

Mayumi Itoh

The Hatoyama Dynasty; Japanese War Orphans in Manchuria; Japanese Wartime Zoo Policy; The Origin of Ping-Pong Diplomacy

Mayumi Itoh

Pioneers of Sino-Japanese Relations

Ei Itou

Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol 4; Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol 3; Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol 1; Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol 2

Jorg Itschert

International Banking Strategic Alliances

Dave Itzkoff

Mad as Hell

Ingi Iusmen

Children's Rights, Eastern Enlargement and the EU Human Rights Regime

Gilles Ivaldi

The 2012 French Presidential Elections

Aleksey & Olga Ivanov

Revenge of Superstition Mountain; Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Harry to the Rescue! (My Readers Level 2); Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Tucker's Beetle Band; Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Starring Harry (My Readers Level 2)

John Ivens

Building Great Customer Experiences; Building Great Customer Experiences, Revised Edition

Austen Ivereigh

The Great Reformer

Martin iversen

Creating Nordic Capitalism

Margeret Iverson

Colonial Discourse/ Postcolonial Theory

Peter Ives

Language And Hegemony In Gramsci

Kurt Iveson

Planning for Diversity

Jamie Ivey

Extremely Pale Rosé; La Vie en Rosé

Jose Ivey

A Young Dancer

Vladimir Ivliev

Social Security Reform in Transition Economies

Yvonne Ivory

The Homosexual Revival of Renaissance Style, 1850-1930

Benjamin Ivry

Cyrano De Bergerac

Melissa Iwai

Soup Day

Soyogo Iwaki

Alice in the Country of Clover: March Hare

Ichiro Iwasaki

Corporate Restructuring and Governance in Transition Economies; Organization and Development of Russian Business

Samuel Iwry

To Wear the Dust of War

Marinus C. Iwuchukwu

Muslim-Christian Dialogue in Post-Colonial Northern Nigeria

David Uru Iyam

Matriarchy and Power in Africa

B.K.S. Iyengar

Light on Life

Lars Iyer

Blanchot's Communism; Blanchot's Vigilance

Savita Iyer

Brandstorm: Surviving and Thriving in the New Consumer-Led Marketplace

Alain Ize

Financial Dollarization

Claude Izner

Murder on the Eiffel Tower; The Disappearance at Pere-Lachaise; The Montmartre Investigation; The Assassin in the Marais

John Izod

Confronting Reality

John Izod

Lindsay Anderson

jimi izrael

The Denzel Principle

Luisa Izzi

Basel III Credit Rating Systems

Kim Izzo

The Jane Austen Marriage Manual

Martin Iversen

Global Shipping in Small Nations

Ron Iphofen

Ethical Decision Making in Social Research