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Deva Fagan

Fortune's Folly; The Magical Misadventures of Prunella Bogthistle

Christine Fagan-Tricarico

Cock-a-Doodle Dance!

Warren Faidley

Wild Weather

Regis Faller

The Adventures of Polo; Polo and the Magic Flute; Polo and Lily; Polo and the Magician!

Elizabeth Fama

Monstrous Beauty; Fierce Reads Fall 2012 Chapter Sampler; Men Who Wish to Drown; Plus One

Linda Fang

The Ch'i-lin Purse

John Farndon

The Kingfisher First Animal Encyclopedia; The Little Animal Encyclopedia

William T Farnsworth

Black Beauty and the Thunderstorm (My Readers Level 3); Black Beauty Stolen! (My Readers Level 3)

Richard Farr

Emperors of the Ice

Jeanette Farrell

Invisible Enemies, Revised Edition

Steve Feasey

Wereling; Dark Moon; Blood Wolf; Demon Games

Thea Feldman

Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Harry to the Rescue! (My Readers Level 2); Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Tucker's Beetle Band; Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Starring Harry (My Readers Level 2); Kingfisher Readers L1: Butterflies

Julian Fellowes

Snobs; Past Imperfect; The Curious Adventures of the Abandoned Toys

Julie M. Fenster

The Case of Abraham Lincoln; FDR's Shadow; For the Next Generation

Brenda A. Ferber

Julia's Kitchen; Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire

Tracey Fern

Dare the Wind; Barnum's Bones

Joann Ferrara

Ballerina Dreams

Anton Ferreira

Zulu Dog

Caridad Ferrer

When the Stars Go Blue

Ismael Espinosa Ferrer

Feliz Nochebuena, Feliz Navidad

Jean Ferris

Bad; Of Sound Mind; Underground

Julie Ferris

Paris 1789; Viking World

Lisa Fiedler

Dating Hamlet; Romeo's Ex

Jim Field

Attack of the Butt-biting Sharks; The Purple Sluggy Worrywarts

Susan Field

The Kingfisher Book of Magical Tales

Bryan W. Fields

Froonga Planet; Lunchbox and the Aliens

Terri Fields

After the Death of Anna Gonzales; My Father's Son; Holdup

Anne Fine

The Diary of a Killer Cat

Luke Finlayson

Ninja Meerkats (#1): The Clan of the Scorpion; Ninja Meerkats (#2): The Eye of the Monkey; Ninja Meerkats (#3): Escape from Ice Mountain; Ninja Meerkats (#4): Hollywood Showdown

Daniel Finn

She Thief

Katie Finn

Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend; Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend, Chapters 1-5

Marina Fiorato

The Glassblower of Murano; The Botticelli Secret; The Daughter of Siena; The Venetian Bargain

Karla Firehammer

The Flea's Sneeze

Aileen Fisher

The Story Goes On; Do Rabbits Have Christmas?

Chris Fisher

I Am Reading: Ricky's Rat Gang; Doughnut Danger

Leonard Everett Fisher

Rip Van Winkle's Return

Dawn FitzGerald

Soccer Chick Rules; Getting in the Game

Marjorie Flack

Angus and the Ducks; Angus Lost; Angus and the Cat

Paul Fleischman

Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal: A Worldwide Cinderella; Whirligig; The Mind's Eye

Candace Fleming

Gator Gumbo; Boxes for Katje; A Big Cheese for the White House; Papa's Mechanical Fish

Denise Fleming

Where Once There Was a Wood; The Everything Book; Time to Sleep; In the Small, Small Pond

Claire Fletcher

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Ralph Fletcher

Uncle Daddy; The Sandman; The One O'Clock Chop; Guy-Write

Brian Floca

Ballet for Martha

Joe Flood

Orcs; The Cute Girl Network

Enrique Flores-Galbis

90 Miles to Havana

Hilary Florido

Bloody Chester; Between the Panels 2

Mignon Fogarty

The Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips to Clean Up Your Writing; Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing; Grammar Girl Presents the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students; The Grammar Devotional

Julie Fogliano

And Then It's Spring; If You Want to See a Whale

Victoria Forester

The Girl Who Could Fly

Blair Fowler

Beneath the Glitter; Where Beauty Lies

Elle Fowler

Beneath the Glitter; Where Beauty Lies

Therese Anne Fowler

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

Sarah Fox-Davies

Do Rabbits Have Christmas?

John Frank

How to Catch a Fish

Mary Ann Fraser

Ten Mile Day

Craig Frazier

Bee & Bird

Alexis Frederick-Frost

Adventures in Cartooning; Adventures in Cartooning Activity Book; Adventures in Cartooning: Christmas Special; Adventures in Cartooning: Characters in Action

Donna Freitas

The Survival Kit; The Possibilities of Sainthood; This Gorgeous Game

Vivian French

The Kingfisher Book of Fairy Tales; The Kingfisher Book of Nursery Tales; The Kingfisher Mini Treasury of Fairy Tales; I Am Reading: Mrs. Hippo's Pizza Parlor

Lorna Freytag

My Humongous Hamster

Julia Frohlich


Helen Frost

Crossing Stones; Hidden; Diamond Willow; Keesha's House

Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken; You Come Too; The Poetry of Robert Frost; Birches

Andrew Fukuda

The Trap; The Hunt; The Prey

Isamu Fukui

Truancy; Truancy Origins; Truancy City

Pearl Fuyo Gaskins

What Are You?