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Jackie Gaff

I Wonder Why Stalactities Hang Down; I Wonder Why The Sahara is Cold at Night; I Wonder Why Fish Grew Legs; I Wonder Why Pine Trees Have Needles

Stephen Gammell

Old Black Fly

Edward Gan

The Outcast Vol 1; Avalon: The Warlock Diaries vol. 1

Simon Gane

Track Attack; Doubles Troubles

Anita Ganeri

The Kingfisher First Science Encyclopedia; The Little Science Encyclopedia; The Adventurers' Handbook; Flip The Flaps: Things That Go

Jack Gantos

Heads or Tails; Jack's Black Book; Jack's New Power; Jack on the Tracks

Nancy Garden

Molly's Family; Annie on My Mind

Carol Gardner

Princess Zelda and the Frog

Sally Gardner

Operation Bunny; Three Pickled Herrings; The Vanishing of Billy Buckle

Michael Garland

That's Good! That's Bad! In Washington, DC

Mark A. Garlick

Earth: The Life of Our Planet; Universe

Phil Gates

Nature Got There First

Jamila Gavin

See No Evil

Kathleen O'Neal Gear

People of the Mist; People of the Masks; People of the River; People of the Earth

W. Michael Gear

People of the Mist; Coyote Summer; People of the Masks; Big Horn Legacy

Beth Geiger

Clean Water

Ken Geist

Who's Who?

Jean Craighead George

The Call of the Wild

Adele Geras

The Kingfisher Treasury of Jewish Stories; Lifelines: Cleopatra

Carole Gerber

Seeds, Bees, Butterflies, and More!; Tuck-in Time

David Gershator

Bread Is for Eating

Phillis Gershator

When It Starts to Snow; Bread Is for Eating; Who's Awake in Springtime?

Jo Gershman

Wind Dancers #1: If Wishes Were Horses; Wind Dancers #2: Horse Happy; Wind Dancers #3: The Horse Must Go On; Wind Dancers #4: Horses' Night Out

Mordicai Gerstein

How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird; Applesauce Season; A Book; The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

Gretchen Géser

One Bright Ring

David Getz

Almost Famous; Frozen Man

Zack Giallongo

Broxo; Between the Panels 2; The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents Macbeth

Rebecca Gibbon

Celebritrees; Elizabeth Leads the Way; Papa Is a Poet

Alan Gibbons

Lifelines: Charles Darwin

James Cross Giblin

The Boy Who Saved Cleveland; Did Fleming Rescue Churchill?

Amy Gibson

Catching Kisses

Julia Mary Gibson

Copper Magic

Melanie Gideon

The Map That Breathed

Kerstin Gier

Emerald Green; Ruby Red; Sapphire Blue; The Ruby Red Trilogy Boxed Set

David Gifaldi

Listening for Crickets

Clive Gifford

How The Future Began: Machines; The Kingfisher Facts and Records Book of Space; The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Living Worlds; 1000 Years of Famous People

Elliott Gilbert

The Best-Loved Doll

Sharon S. Gilbert

Tortillitas Para Mama

Isabel Gillies

Starry Night; Starry Night, Free Chapter Sampler

Dan Gilpin

Basher Science: Planet Earth; Explorers: Planet Earth

Danile Gilpin

Quiz Quest 2

Blaze Ginsberg


Nikki Giovanni

Grand Mothers; Spin a Soft Black Song; Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Like My Sister Kate; Rosa


Garage Band; Notes for a War Story

Brough Girling

I Am Reading: Granddad's Dinosaur

Valerie Gladstone

A Young Dancer

Andrew Glass

Lavender; Moby Dick

Yankev Glatshteyn

Emil and Karl

Morris Gleitzman

Once; Now; Then

Susan Glick

One Shot

David Glover

Science; Young Discoverers: Batteries, Bulbs, and Wires; Flying and Floating; Young Discoverers: Sound and Light

Krystyna Poray Goddu

Dollmakers and Their Stories

Veronica Goldbach

Deep in the Heart of High School

Anna Louise Golden

Jennifer Love Hewitt; 5ive; B*witched; Brandy

Julia Golding

Den of Thieves; Cat O'Nine Tails; The Diamond of Drury Lane; Cat Among the Pigeons

Laurie Goldman

Clean Energy

Mike Goldsmith

Kingfisher Young Knowledge: Solar System; Voyages: Space; Navigators: Stars and Planets; Science Kids Light and Sound

Bruce Goldstone

The Beastly Feast; Greater Estimations; That's a Possibility!; Great Estimations

Mark Gonyea

A Book About Design; The Spooky Box; A Wish for Elves; A Book About Color

Chuck Gonzales

Doodlemaster: Rock Star!; Doodlemaster: Fashionista!; The Dwarf in the Drawer

Susan E. Goodman

It's a Dog's Life

Norman Gorbaty


David Gordon

Construction Countdown

Gus Gordon

Herman and Rosie

Alexander Gould

The Pout-Pout Fish

Peter Gould

Write Naked

Janet Graber

Muktar and the Camels; The White Witch

Denise Grady

New York Times Deadly Invaders

Stephanie Graegin

Don't Feed the Boy

Keir Graff

The Other Felix

Lisa Graff

Sophie Simon Solves Them All

Bob Graham

Poems for the Very Young

Christine Graham

Peter Peter Picks a Pumpkin House

Holter Graham

One L; Fade; Alibi; The Art of Friendship

Ian Graham

Flight; My Book of Space; The World of Flight; The Best Book of the Moon

Tom Graham

Five Little Firefighters

Kenneth Grahame

The Wind in the Willows; The Reluctant Dragon; Classics Illustrated Deluxe #1: The Wind in the Willows; The Wind in the Willows: A Fine Welcome

Jean Gralley

Yonderfel's Castle

Michael Grant

Eve and Adam; Modified; Eve and Adam: Chapters 1-5; Love Sucks and Then You Die

Alan Gratz

The League of Seven

Elise Gravel

Jessie Elliot Is a Big Chicken

Keith Graves

The Monsterator

Dan Green

Basher Science: Physics; Basher Science: Biology; Basher Science: Astronomy; Basher Science: Rocks and Minerals

Mim Green

Who's Awake in Springtime?

David Greenberg

Don't Forget Your Etiquette!; Calvin Coolidge

Jan Greenberg

Christo and Jeanne-Claude; Action Jackson; Ballet for Martha; The Mad Potter

Rhonda Gowler Greene

Firebears, the Rescue Team

Sheila Greenwald

Watch Out, World--Rosy Cole is Going Green

Tommy Greenwald

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading; Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit; Jack Strong Takes a Stand; Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Making Money

Rosie Greenwood

I Wonder Why Volcanoes Blow Their Tops; I Wonder Why Columbus Crossed the Ocean

Lois H. Gresh

The Ultimate Unauthorized Eragon Guide; Exploring Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials; The Fan's Guide to The Spiderwick Chronicles; The Twilight Companion

Margot C. Griego

Tortillitas Para Mama

Ann Grifalconi

Everett Anderson's Goodbye

Andy Griffiths

The Cat on the Mat Is Flat; The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow; Killer Koalas from Outer Space and Lots of Other Very Bad Stuff that Will Make Your Brain Explode!; What Body Part Is That?

Gris Grimly

The Cockatrice Boys

Jacob Grimm

Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs; The Juniper Tree

Wilhelm K. Grimm

Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs; The Juniper Tree; Dear Mili

Kath Grimshaw

The Book of Why?

Sally Grindley

What Are Friends For?; Will You Forgive Me?; The Kingfisher Book of Magical Tales; What Will I Do Without You?

John Grisewood

The Kingfisher First Dictionary; Fun To Learn Spanish; Kingfisher First Dictionary

Brenda Z. Guiberson

Into the Sea; Cactus Hotel; Rain, Rain, Rain Forest; The Emperor Lays an Egg

Emmanuel Guibert

Alan's War; Sardine in Outer Space; Sardine in Outer Space 2; Sardine in Outer Space 3

Antoine Guillope

The Arrow Finds Its Mark

Christiane Gunzi

The Best Book of Endangered and Extinct Animals; The Best Book of Polar Animals; The Best Book of Wolves and Wild Dogs; The Best Book of Big Cats

Adam Gustavson

Rock and Roll Highway

James Guthrie

Last Song