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David Rabe

Mr. Wellington

Bob Raczka

Lemonade: and Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word

Vladimir Radunsky

The Maestro Plays

Trisha Rafferty

I Wouldn't Thank You for a Valentine; Stopping for Death

Ashley Ramsden

Seven Fathers

Gloria Rand

Salty Dog; Prince William

Ted Rand

Country Kid, City Kid; Barn Dance!; The Ghost-Eye Tree; White Dynamite & Curly Kidd

Sandy Ransford

Horses and Ponies; Otter; First Riding Lessons; Horse and Pony Care

Arthur Ransome

The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship

James Ransome

A Joyful Christmas

Adam Rapp

Nocturne; Stone Cold Dead Serious; The Year of Endless Sorrows; Red Light Winter

Chris Raschka

Simple Gifts; If You Were a Dog

Erik Raschke

The Book of Samuel

Paul Rátz de Tagyos

Maybelle in the Soup; Maybelle Goes to Tea; Maybelle in the Soup / Maybelle Goes to Tea; Maybelle and the Haunted Cupcake

Margot Theis Raven

Circle Unbroken; Night Boat to Freedom

Anushka Ravishankar

Tiger on a Tree

Deborah Kogan Ray

Down the Colorado; Dinosaur Mountain; Paiute Princess

Catherine Rayner

Ernest, the Moose Who Doesn't Fit; Solomon Crocodile

Kate Reading

Crossroads of Twilight; Emma's Secret; New Spring; The Eye of the World

Helen Recorvits

Where Heroes Hide; Yoon and the Jade Bracelet; Goodbye, Walter Malinski; My Name Is Yoon

Martin Redfern

The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Space; The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Planet Earth

Kit Reed

Thinner Than Thou; Dogs of Truth; Enclave; The Night Children

Maggi-Meg Reed

One False Move; The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette; Dark Side of the Moon; The Ice Dragon

MK Reed

Americus; The Cute Girl Network

Nathan Reed

The Pet Sitter: Dixie In Danger; The Pet Sitter: Tiger Taming; The Pet Sitter: Beware the Were-puppy; The Pet Sitter: Parrot Pandemonium

James Reese

The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll & Mademoiselle Odile

Camilla Reid

Aztecs and Incas

Michael Reid

The Kingfisher Treasury of Pet Stories

Mick Reid

The Kingfisher Treasury of Stories for Eight Year Olds

John Rendall

Christian the Lion

Aaron Renier

The Unsinkable Walker Bean

Andrew C. Revkin

New York Times The North Pole Was Here; The New York Times North Pole Was Here

Antoine Revoy

Haunted Houses

Adam Rex

The Dirty Cowboy

Michael Rex

Brooms Are for Flying

Aaron Reynolds

Big Hairy Drama (Joey Fly, Private Eye, Book 2); Creepy Crawly Crime

Kate Rhodes

A Killing of Angels; Crossbones Yard

Sue Riddle

Gotta Go! Gotta Go!

Sally Ride

Mission: Planet Earth; Mission: Save the Planet; Voyages: Space

Louis Rigaud

Popville; Wake Up, Sloth!

Nigel Rigby

Modernism and Empire; Epic Adventure: Epic Voyages

Mike Right

Kid Pickers

Jeni Riley

First Word Book; The Kingfisher Word Box; Mi Primer Libro de Palabras; First Word Fun

James Riordan

The Kingfisher Treasury of Irish Stories; Escape From War

Mike Ritland

Trident K9 Warriors; Navy SEAL Dogs; Navy SEALs BUD/S Preparation Guide

Ken Robbins

Pumpkins; Food For Thought; For Good Measure

Hannah Roberts McKinnon

Franny Parker; The Properties of Water

Bethany Roberts

Double Trouble Groundhog Day

Brenda C. Roberts

Jazzy Miz Mozetta

David Roberts

Jean Stafford; Tyrannosaurus Drip; Human Insecurity

David Roberts

Operation Bunny; Three Pickled Herrings

Kristi Roberts

My Thirteenth Season

Matthew Roberts

My First Horse and Pony Book; My First Horse and Pony Care Book; Political Movements in Urban England, 1832-1914

Rachel Roberts

Avalon: Web of Magic Book 1; Avalon: Web of Magic Book 2; Avalon: Web of Magic Book 3; Avalon: Web of Magic Book 4

Richard Samuel Roberts

All Around Town

Lauren Robertson

The Best Book of Martial Arts

Linda Robertson

Kwanzaa Fun

Mark Robertson

The Kingfisher Treasury of Dragon Stories

Deri Robins

The Great Pirate Activity Book; Christmas Fun

James Robinson

Inventions; Kingfisher Knowledge: Inventions

Joan Robinson

Teddy Robinson Storybook, The

Michelle Robinson

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth

Rebecca Robinson

Hide and Seek: In the Jungle; Hide and Seek: Pets

Tim Robinson

King George: What Was His Problem?; Two Miserable Presidents; Which Way to the Wild West?

Tony Robinson


François Roca

Soar, Elinor!

Denis Roche

A Truck Goes Rattley-Bumpa; A Plane Goes Ka-Zoom!

Misako Rocks!

Detective Jermain Volume 1

Anne Rockwell

My Preschool; At the Supermarket

Thomas Rockwell

Emily Stew

Joyce Rockwood

To Spoil the Sun; Groundhog's Horse

Mary Ann Rodman

Jimmy's Stars; Yankee Girl

Colby Rodowsky

Not My Dog; Ben and the Sudden Too-Big Family

Edel Rodriguez

Oye, Celia!

Rachel Victoria Rodriguez

Through Georgia's Eyes; Building on Nature

Gregory Rogers

The Hero of Little Street

Jacqueline Rogers

Perfectly Chelsea

Eric Rohmann

Clara and Asha; Bone Dog; My Friend Rabbit; Last Song

Sophie Rohrbach

I Am Reading: Alien Alby

Dave Roman

Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity; Astronaut Academy: Re-entry

Barry Root

The Araboolies of Liberty Street

Kimberly Bulcken Root

The Doll with the Yellow Star

Phyllis Root

The Name Quilt; Paula Bunyan

Dominique Roques

Sleep Tight, Anna Banana!

Ginny Rorby

Hurt Go Happy

Rafael Rosado

Giants Beware!; Dragons Beware!

Gina Rosati

The Cairn in Slater Woods; Auracle

Madeleine Rosca

Hollow Fields Vol 2; Hollow Fields Vol 3; Hollow Fields Vol 1; Hollow Fields Omnibus

Malcolm Rose

Lost Bullet; Roll Call; Double Check; Traces: Lost Bullet

Michael Rosen

101 Damnations; The Kingfisher Book of Children's Poetry; Poems for the Very Young; Funny Stories

Liz Rosenberg

Tyrannosaurus Dad

Vera Rosenberry

Vera Runs Away; Vera Goes to the Dentist; Vera's First Day of School; Vera Rides a Bike

Meg Rosoff

Jumpy Jack & Googily; Meet Wild Boars; Wild Boars Cook

Heather Ross

Teacher's Pets; No Dogs Allowed

Tony Ross

Susan Laughs; Centipede's One Hundred Shoes; The Kingfisher Treasury of Pirate Stories; Three Little Kittens and Other Favorite Nursery Rhymes

Susan L. Roth

Leon's Story

Shelley Rotner

Every Season

Mike Rowe

The Best Book of Wolves and Wild Dogs

Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park; Fangirl; Landline

Laura Joh Rowland

The Concubine's Tattoo; The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria; The Dragon King's Palace; The Assassin's Touch

Katherine Roy

Buried Beneath Us; Neighborhood Sharks

Nicole Rubel

Rotten Ralph Feels Rotten; Best in Show for Rotten Ralph; Three Strikes for Rotten Ralph; Rotten Ralph's Rotten Family

David Rubín

The Rise of Aurora West

Lois Ruby

The Secret of Laurel Oaks; Journey to Jamestown

Stefan Rudnicki

First Meetings; Speaker for the Dead; Xenocide; Shadow Puppets

Reynold Ruffins

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Trout!

Adi Rule

Strange Sweet Song

James Rumford

Silent Music; Tiger and Turtle; From the Good Mountain

Sean Runnette

Washington Rules; EVE: Templar One; The Hunt; Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different

Allison Rushby

The Heiresses #1; The Heiresses #2; The Heiresses #3; The Heiresses #4

Barbara Timberlake Russell

Maggie's Amerikay

Harriet Russell

Is It Still Cheating If I Don't Get Caught?

Marisabina Russo

Sophie Sleeps Over

Greg Ruth

A Pirate's Guide to First Grade; The Haunting of Charles Dickens; A Pirate's Guide to Recess

Marie Rutkoski

The Cabinet of Wonders; The Jewel of the Kalderash; The Winner's Curse; The Celestial Globe

J. Rutland

Alligator Wedding

Sergio Ruzzier

Love You When You Whine; Amandina; Hey, Rabbit!; Monsters and Water Beasts

Amy Kathleen Ryan

Glow; Spark; Flame

Joanne Ryder

Earthdance; Toad by the Road