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Susan Waggoner

Neptune's Tears; Starlight's Edge

Joe Wahman

Snowboy 1, 2, 3

Wendy Wahman

Snowboy 1, 2, 3; Don't Lick the Dog; A Cat Like That

David Walker

Baby, Come Away; Boom! Boom! Boom!; If Animals Kissed Good Night

Paul Robert Walker

All About America: Gold Rush and Riches; All About America: American Indians; All About America: A Nation of Immigrants

Richard Walker

The New Managerialism and Public Service Professions; The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia; The Little Encyclopedia of the Human Body; Kingfisher Knowledge: Genes and DNA

Sally M Walker

Blizzard of Glass

Chad Wallace

Earth; Seahorses

Karen Wallace

I am Reading: Albert's Raccoon; I Am Reading: Ooh La La, Lottie!; Flip The Flaps: Farm Animals; Flip The Flaps: Creepy-Crawlies

Brenda Walpole

I Wonder Why the Sun Rises

Jill Paton Walsh

A Parcel of Patterns; A Piece of Justice; The Green Book; The Attenbury Emeralds

Eric Walters

The Rule of Three; Nothing to Fear; The Rule of Three, Chapters 1-5

Rick Walton

Frankenstein; Frankenstein's Fright Before Christmas

Jen Wang

Koko Be Good; In Real Life

Sarah Warburton

I Am Reading Creepy Customers

Lee Wardlaw

Won Ton; Red, White, and Boom!

Andrea Warren

Under Siege!; Escape from Saigon

Howard E. Wasdin

I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior; SEAL Team Six

Linda Washington

Inside "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"; Secrets of The Wee Free Men and Discworld

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

For the Next Generation

Erica-Jane Waters

The I Am Reading: Perfect Monster

Andi Watson

Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula

Tom Wayland

Deadtime Stories: The Beast of Baskerville

Carole Boston Weatherford

Before John Was a Jazz Giant

Will Weaver

Checkered Flag Cheater; Saturday Night Dirt; Super Stock Rookie; Full Service

Belinda Weber

The Kingfisher Children's Atlas; Kingfisher Young Knowledge:Reptiles; Kingfisher Young Knowledge: Animal Disguises; The Best Book of Ancient Greece

Jill Weber

The Twenty-four Days Before Christmas

Annie Wedekind

A Horse of Her Own; Wild Blue; Little Prince; Samirah's Ride: The Story of an Arabian Filly

Jason Week

The Barftastic Life of Louie Burger; Class B.U.R.P.

Kent Weeks

Voyages: Ancient Egypt

Steven Weinberg

To Timbuktu

Bruce Weinstein

Is It Still Cheating If I Don't Get Caught?

Christina Weir

Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus 1; Amazing Agent Luna Vol 5; Amazing Agent Luna Vol 1; Amazing Agent Luna Vol 2

Patty Weise

Ellie Ever

Greg Weisman

Rain of the Ghosts; Spirits of Ash and Foam

David Weitzman


Fay Weldon

Long Live the King; The New Countess; Habits of the House

H. G. Wells

The Invisible Man; The Time Machine; The War of the Worlds; Classics Illustrated #12: The Island of Dr. Moreau

Rosemary Wells

Lassie Come-Home; The Christmas Mystery

Colin West

I Am Reading: Moose and Mouse; I Am Reading: Sniffer's Golden Nose

Robert Westall

Ghost Stories; Spinetinglers

Nadine Bernard Westcott

Don't Forget Your Etiquette!

Steve Weston

Dinosaur Park; Robots

Daniel Weyman

Death Cloud; Rebel Fire; Dead Man's Time

Ellen Emerson White

Long May She Reign; The President's Daughter; White House Autumn; Long Live the Queen

Linda Arms White

I Could Do That!

Mike White

The Best Book of Early People

Ruth White

Buttermilk Hill; The Treasure of Way Down Deep; Way Down Deep; Tadpole

Tracy White

How I Made It to Eighteen

Jenny Whitehead

Holiday Stew; Lunch Box Mail and Other Poems; Punctuation Celebration

Prof. Phil Whitfield

Weird and Wonderful: Show-Offs; Weird and Wonderful: Attack and Defense; My Life in the Wild: Penguin; My Life in the Wild: Cheetah

Rebecca Whitford

Little Yoga; Sleepy Little Yoga

David Whitley

The Midnight Charter; The Canticle of Whispers; The Children of the Lost

Ian Whybrow

Little Farmer Joe; The Kingfisher Book of Classic Christmas Stories; Miss Wire's Christmas Surprise

Maris Wicks


Edward Widmer

Basher History: US Presidents; Basher History: States and Capitals

Eric Wight

The Vanishing Coin; The Incredible Twisting Arm; The Great Escape

Emma Wild


Margaret Wild

Puffling; Harry & Hopper

Oscar Wilde

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Doug Wilhelm

Falling; The Revealers

Angela Wilkes

Your World; Explore and Discover: Seashore; Explore and Discover: Human Body; My World

Kerry Wilkinson


Philip Wilkinson

Ships; The Kingfisher Student Atlas; The World of Ships; The World of Exploration

Carol Lynch Williams

The Chosen One; The Haven; Miles from Ordinary

Garth Williams

Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride; Un Grillo En Time Square; The Cricket in Times Square; Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse / Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride

Julie Williams

Drama Queens in the House

Kathryn Williams

Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous

Laura E. Williams

The Executioner's Daughter

Lori Aurelia Williams

Maxine Banks is Getting Married

Margery Williams

The Velveteen Rabbit

Sue Williams

Carnival of the Animals

Vanessa Williams

A Bad Kitty Christmas

Bill Willingham

Down the Mysterly River

Abigail Willis

Halloween Fun

Jeanne Willis

Susan Laughs

Christina Wilsdon

For Horse-Crazy Girls Only

Anne Wilsdorf

Thelonious Mouse; Clarence Cochran, A Human Boy

Anthony Wilson


Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson's Creative Creatures

F. Paul Wilson

Legacies; The Barrens and Others; The Tomb; All the Rage

Gahan Wilson

Classics Illustrated #4: The Raven & Other Poems; Brains For Lunch; Classics Illustrated #11: The Devil's Dictionary; Still Weird

Hannah Wilson

Planet Earth; Flip The Flaps: Jungle Animals; Flip The Flaps: Baby Animals; Flip The Flaps: Pets

Jacqueline Wilson

Kiss; I Am Reading: Mr. Cool; Candyfloss; Best Friends

Natasha Wing

An Eye for Color

Judd Winick

Pedro and Me

Elizabeth Winthrop

Dumpy La Rue; The Red-Hot Rattoons

Frieda Wishinsky

Just Mabel

Bret Witter

Tuesday Tucks Me In

Brad Wolfe

Breakfast on Mars and 37 Other Delectable Essays

Mike Wolfe

Kid Pickers

Ashley Wolff

When Lucy Goes Out Walking

Virginia Euwer Wolff

Make Lemonade; The Mozart Season

Jill Wolfson

Cold Hands, Warm Heart; Furious; What I Call Life; Home, and Other Big, Fat Lies

Janet S. Wong

Minn and Jake's Almost Terrible Summer; Minn and Jake

Jenny Wood

I Wonder Why Kangaroos Have Pouches

Philip Wooderson

Trouble at the Mill; The Plague

Anne Love Woodhull

Every Season

Sharon Wooding

Molly's Family

John Woodward

Wow! Surprising Facts About Animals

Chris Woodworth

Ivy in the Shadows

Valerie Worth

All the Small Poems and Fourteen More; Animal Poems; Pug

Patricia Wrede

A Matter of Magic; Mairelon the Magician; The Magician's Ward

Johanna Wright

The Secret Circus; Bunnies on Ice; Bandits; Clover Twig and the Magical Cottage

Kent Wright

Rolling Thunder Stock Car Racing: Young Guns; Rolling Thunder Stock Car Racing: First To The Flag; Rolling Thunder Stock Car Racing: Inside Pass; Rolling Thunder Stock Car Racing: On The Throttle

Michael Wright

Jake Stays Awake; Jake Starts School; Jake Goes Peanuts

Norbert Wu

Fish Faces

Stephen Wunderli

The Heartbeat of Halftime; Little Boo

Melissa Wyatt

Funny How Things Change

Sarah Wylie

All These Lives

Oliver Wyman

The Christmas Blessing; The Priestly Sins; The Christmas Hope; Our Iceberg Is Melting

Tim Wynne-Jones

The Boy in the Burning House; Rex Zero and the End of the World; Rex Zero, King of Nothing; Rex Zero, The Great Pretender