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Andreas Nikolopoulos

Negotiating Strategically

Ken Nyholm

Central Bank Reserves and Sovereign Wealth Management; Interest Rate Models, Asset Allocation and Quantitative Techniques for Central Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds; Portfolio and Risk Management for Central Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds

Mara Naaman

Urban Space in Contemporary Egyptian Literature

Dabie Nabuzoka

Atypical Child Development in Context; Culture and Psychological Development

Alec Nacamuli

Payment Systems

Amikam Nachmani

Turkey: Facing a New Millennium

Amikam Nachmani

Combining Histories and Presents

David Nachmias

Executive Governance in Israel

Alejandro Nadal

Rethinking Macroeconomics for Sustainability

Péter Nádas

Fire and Knowledge; Parallel Stories; A Book of Memories; Love

Jean-Benoit Nadeau

The Story of French; The Story of Spanish

Richard Nadeau

French Presidential Elections

Barbara Nadel

The Ottoman Cage; Belshazzar's Daughter

Ira Nadel

David Mamet; Ezra Pound

Ira Nadel

David Mamet; Modernism's Second Act

Ira Nadel

Modernism's Second Act

Ms. Reggie Nadelson

Red Hot Blues

Ralph Nader

Crashing the Party

Majia Holmer Nadesan

Governing Childhood into the 21st Century

Majia Holmer Nadesan

Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk

Naklini Nadkarni

Voyages: Rain Forest

Steven Nadler

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Gerhard Naegele

Social Policy in Ageing Societies

Hans Erik Naess

A Sociology of the World Rally Championship

Basheer M. Nafi

Islamic Thought in the Twentieth Century

Azar Nafisi

Mysterious Connections that Link Us Together

Alexandros Nafpliotis

Britain and the Greek Colonels

Joel Naftali

Cooking In Paradise

Lee Naftali

Cooking In Paradise

Orna Naftali

Children, Rights and Modernity in China

Timothy Naftali

George H. W. Bush

E. Wayne Nafziger

The Prevention of Humanitarian Emergencies; Economic Development, Inequality and War

Kaori Nagai

Kipling and Beyond

Pamela Nagami, M.D.

The Woman with a Worm in Her Head; Maneater; Bitten

Dawn Nagar

Region-building in Southern Africa

R Nagaraj

Growth, Inequality and Social Development in India

Rayaprolu Nagaraj

Growth, Inequality and Social Development in India

Shyamala Nagaraj

Globalization Versus Development

Yujin Nagasawa

New Waves in Philosophy of Religion

Yujin Nagasawa

Scientific Approaches to the Philosophy of Religion

Ann Whitehead Nagda

Chimp Math; Tiger Math; Cheetah Math; Polar Bear Math

Alexander-Kenneth Nagel

Transformation of Education Policy

Stuart S. Nagel

Africa, Development and Public Policy; Asian Development and Public Policy

Lucia Nagib

Theorizing World Cinema

Lúcia Nagib

The New Brazilian Cinema; Brazil on Screen

Lúcia Nagib

Realism and the Audiovisual Media; Impure Cinema

Christopher C. Nagle

Sexuality and the Culture of Sensibility in the British Romantic Era

John Nagle

Shared Society or Benign Apartheid?

Robin Nagle

Picking Up: On the Streets and Behind the Trucks with the Sanitation Workers of New York City

Eva Nagorski

The Down and Dirty Dish on Revenge

Silvia Nagy-Zekmi

Global Academe

Zbigniew Nahorski

The Socio-Economic Transformation

Steven Naifeh

The Mormon Murders

Ted Naifeh


Zaharom Nain

Who Owns the Media?

Anita Nair

Ladies Coupe; Mistress; The Lilac House

Gwyneth Nair

Murder and Morality in Victorian Britain

Parvati Nair

Hispanic and Lusophone Women Filmmakers

Rachna Joshi Nair

Real Luxury

Sashi Nair

Secrecy and Sapphic Modernism

Shanta Nair-Venugopal

The Gaze of the West and Framings of the East

Tom Nairn

Global Matrix

Cheryl Najafi

You're So Invited

Adil Najam

Envisioning a Sustainable Development Agenda for Trade and Environment

Adil Najam

The Future of South-South Economic Relations

James Najarian

Victorian Keats

Hironobu Nakagawa

Positive and Normative Analysis in International Economics

David Nakahara

David Carradine's Introduction to Chi Kung

Sachiko Nakajimo

Rising Suns, Rising Daughters

Masao Nakamura

Changing Japanese Business, Economy and Society; Changing Corporate Governance Practices in China and Japan

Ikuko Nakane

Interpreter-mediated Police Interviews

Yoshihiro Nakanishi

Between Dissent and Power

Ryoko Nakano

Beyond the Western Liberal Order

Yoshiko Nakano

Reporting Hong Kong

Mariko Nakano-Okuno

Sidgwick and Contemporary Utilitarianism

Cheryl Nakata

Beyond Hofstede

Hiroe Nakata

Duck Skates; Duck Dunks; Duck Tents; Ducking for Apples

Yoshifumi Nakata

Have Japanese Firms Changed?

Carole Nakhle

Out of the Energy Labyrinth

Lanna Nakone

Organizing for Your Brain Type

Suzanne Nalbantian

Aesthetic Autobiography; Memory in Literature

Claire Nally

Advertising, Literature and Print Culture in Ireland, 1891-1922; Naked Exhibitionism

Andrew Nance

Return to Daemon Hall; Daemon Hall

Dan Nance

If The South Had Won The Civil War

Malcolm Nance

An End to al-Qaeda

Jai Nanda

I Know What You Quoted Last Summer; What's That From?

Miriam Nandi

Idleness, Indolence and Leisure in English Literature

Ashis Nandy

The Secret Politics of our Desires

Alan Nankervis

Asian Management in Transition

Giordano Nanni

The Colonisation of Time

Laetitia Nanquette

Orientalism versus Occidentalism

Patrizia Nanz

Europolis; Civil Society Participation in European and Global Governance

Michio Naoi

Lessons in Sustainable Development from Japan and South Korea

William G. Naphy

Fear in Early Modern Society; Religion and Superstition in Reformation Europe

Bill Napier

Splintered Icon; Nemesis; Revelation; The Furies

Susan J. Napier

From Impressionism to Anime; Anime from Akira to Howl's Moving Castle

William Napier

Attila; Attila The Gathering of the Storm; Attila: The Judgment

Donna Jo Napoli

The Wishing Club; Corkscrew Counts; The Wager

Philip F. Napoli

Bringing It All Back Home

Fernando Napolitano

Megacommunities: How Leaders of Government, Business and Non-Profits Can Tackle Today's Global Challenges Together

Fatima Naqvi

The Literary and Cultural Rhetoric of Victimhood

Tomiko Narahara

The Japanese Copula

Terry Nardin

Theories of International Relations

Vin Nardizzi

The Indistinct Human in Renaissance Literature

H. T. Narea

The Fund

James Naremore

On Kubrick; Sweet Smell of Success

Eva Näripea

Postcolonial Approaches to Eastern European Cinema

Nancy Priscilla Naro

Cultures of the Lusophone Black Atlantic

Susana Narotzky

New Directions in Economic Anthropology

Rajneesh Narula

Multinationals on the Periphery

Amos Nascimento

Building Cosmopolitan Communities

M. Ayaz Naseem

Education and Gendered Citizenship in Pakistan

Andrew Nash

The Culture of Collected Editions

Andrew Nash

New Directions in the History of the Novel

David Nash

Histories of Crime

David Nash

Cultures of Shame; Christian Ideals in British Culture

Geoffrey P. Nash

From Empire to Orient

Geoffrey P. Nash

From Empire to Orient

Jennie Nash

Raising a Reader

Kate Nash

New Documentary Ecologies

Margaret A. Nash

Women's Education in the United States, 1780-1840

Mark Nash

Screen Theory Culture

Meredith Nash

Making 'Postmodern' Mothers; Reframing Reproduction

Omar Nasim

Bertrand Russell and the Edwardian Philosophers

Jamil Nasir

Tunnel Out of Death; The Houses of Time

Gorel Kristina Naslund

Our Apple Tree

Elisabet Näsman

Domestic Violence, Family Law and School

Peter Nasmyth

Georgia; Walking in the Caucasus - Georgia

Seyyed Hossein Nasr

An Anthology of Philosophy in Persia, Volume 1; An Anthology of Philosophy in Persia, Volume 2; An Anthology of Philosophy in Persia, Volume 3; An Anthology of Philosophy in Persia, Vol IV

Michelle Rocio Nasser

The Famous 41

Guido Nassimbeni

Sourcing in China; Sourcing in India

Joseph Nassise

Eyes to See; King of the Dead; Watcher of the Dark

Sofia Nasstrom

Political Equality in Transnational Democracy

Susheila Nasta

Home Truths

Susheila Nasta

India in Britain

Arthur A. Natella Jr.

International Relations in the Post-Industrial Era

Aman Nath


Pradosh Nath

Organisation of R + D

Amy Nathan

Meet the Musicians; Meet the Dancers

Amy Sue Nathan

The Glass Wives

Ganesh Nathan

Social Freedom in a Multicultural State

James A. Nathan

The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited

Jean Nathan

The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll

Stephanie Nathanson

Atkins for Life Low-Carb Cookbook

David Nather

Getting It Done; The New Health Care System: Everything You Need to Know

Ayesha Nathoo

Hearts Exposed

Craig Nation

Reflections on the Balkan Wars

R. Craig Nation

Shaping South East Europe's Security Community for the Twenty-First Century

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Watcher's Handbook

Wim Naudé

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

George Naufal

Expats and the Labor Force

Michael Naughton

Rethinking Miscarriages of Justice; The Criminal Cases Review Commission

Michael Naughton

The Criminal Cases Review Commission; Rethinking Miscarriages of Justice; The Innocent and the Criminal Justice System

Derrick M. Nault

Globalization and Human Rights in the Developing World

Lawrence Naumoff

Rootie Kazootie

John Nauright

The Political Economy of Sport

Daniel Naurin

Unveiling the Council of the European Union

Elin Naurin

Election Promises, Party Behaviour and Voter Perceptions

Michael Nava

Created Equal

Fernando Navajas

Latin American Economic Crises

Concepción Naval

Citizenship, Democracy and Higher Education in Europe, Canada and the USA; Civic Pedagogies in Higher Education

Cornelia Navari

Theorising International Society; Ethical Reasoning in International Affairs

Sylvia Navarrete

Diego Rivera

Vinicius Navarro

New Documentaries in Latin America

José Emilio Navas López

Knowledge Creation Processes

José Emilio Navas López

Environmental Innovation and Firm Performance

Victor S. Navasky

Naming Names; A Matter of Opinion

Louis Navellier

The Little Book That Makes You Rich

Martin S. Navias

Tanker Wars


Voiceful Vol 1

Amar Nayak

Multinationals in India

Amar Nayak

Indian Multinationals

Anoop Nayak

Gender, Youth and Culture

Anoop Nayak

Gender, Youth and Culture

Meghana Nayak

Decentering International Relations

Meghana Nayak

Occupying Political Science

Simon Naylor

New Spaces of Exploration

Sohela Nazneen

Voicing Demands

Joma Nazpary

Post-Soviet Chaos

Mthuli Ncube

Monetary Policy and the Economy in South Africa

George O. Ndege

Cross-Cultural History and the Domestication of Otherness

Finex Ndhlovu

Becoming an African Diaspora in Australia

Léonce Ndikumana

Africa's Odious Debts

Eliphas Ndou

Monetary Policy and the Economy in South Africa

Benno Ndulu

Regional Integration and Trade Liberalization in Subsaharan Africa, Volume 4

Mihaela Neacsu

Hans J. Morgenthau's Theory of International Relations

Maria-Ionela Neagu

Decoding Political Discourse

Andrew W. Neal

Foucault on Politics, Security and War

Bethany Neal

My Last Kiss; Friends 'Til the End

Catherine S. Neal

Taking Down the Lion

Derrick Neal

From From Battlefield to Boardroom

Frank Neal

Black '47; Irish Protestant Identities

Frank Neal

Irish Protestant Identities

Judi Neal

Creating Enlightened Organizations

Joanne Neale

Drug Users in Society

Ph.D. Jonathan Neale

Tigers of the Snow

Steve Neale

Genre and Contemporary Hollywood

Peter Nealen

Operation Red Wings

Francis Neary

Surgeons, Manufacturers and Patients

Guy Neave

The European Research University

Guy Neave

The Evaluative State, Institutional Autonomy and Re-engineering Higher Education in Western Europe

Catalina Neculai

Urban Space and Late Twentieth-Century New York Literature

Maria Nedeva

Scrutinising Science

Lida V. Nedilsky

Marginalization in China

Lida V. Nedilsky

China's Rise to Power

Christoph Nedopil

Managing Complexity in Organizations

Al Needham

The Going Down Guide

Anuradha Dingwaney Needham

Using the Master's Tools

Catherine Needham

The Reform of Public Services Under New Labour

Duncan Needham

UK Monetary Policy from Devaluation to Thatcher, 1967-82

Gary Needham

Warhol in Ten Takes


Mayo Chiki! Vol. 1; Mayo Chiki! Vol. 2; Mayo Chiki! Vol. 3; Mayo Chiki! Vol. 4

Jorge Nef

Managing Development in a Global Context; The Democratic Challenge

Jürgen Neffe


David S. Neft

The Boston Red Sox Fan Book

Michael L. Neft

The Boston Red Sox Fan Book

Diane Negra

Old and New Media after Katrina

Howard E. Negrin

The Theory and Practice of Islamic Terrorism

Llewellyn Negrin

Appearance and Identity

Ralph Negrine

The Transformation of Political Communication

Frances Negrón-Muntaner

None of the Above

Diana Villiers Negroponte

Seeking Peace in El Salvador

Holger Nehring

Global Debates about Taxation

Motti Neiger

On Media Memory; Communicating Awe

Paul Neilan

Apathy and Other Small Victories

A. S. Neill

Summerhill School

Calum Neill

Without Ground: Lacanian Ethics and the Assumption of Subjectivity

Edward Neill

The Politics of Jane Austen

William J.V. Neill

Migration and Cultural Inclusion in the European City

William V. J. Neill

Urban Planning and Cultural Inclusion

Keith Neilson

Britain and the Origins of the First World War

Melany Neilson

The Persia Cafe

Patricia Neilson

Next Generation Leadership

David Neiwert

Strawberry Days; Death on the Fourth of July

Melani Nekic

Tourist Activities in Multimodal Texts

Philip Nel

The Politics of Inequity in Developing Countries

Dorothy Nelkin

Selling Science

Guinevere Liberty Nell

Basic Income and the Free Market; Austrian Theory and Economic Organization; Spontaneous Order and the Utopian Collective

Wayne Nelles

Comparative Education, Terrorism and Human Security

Tobin Nellhaus

Theatre, Communication, Critical Realism

Jill Nelmes

The Screenwriter in British Cinema

Adam R. Nelson

The Global University

Anitra Nelson

Life Without Money

Blake Nelson

They Came From Below

Brian Nelson

The Making of the Modern State

Claudia Nelson

Sexual Pedagogies

Claudia Nelson

The Story of the Treasure Seekers AND The Wouldbegoods

Davia Nelson

Hidden Kitchens

Dylan Nelson

Birds in the Hand

Eric Nelson

Politics and Religion in Early Bourbon France

Garrison Nelson

Pathways to the US Supreme Court

Geoffrey Nelson

Doing Psychology Critically; Community Psychology

James Carl Nelson

The Remains of Company D; Five Lieutenants

James L. Nelson

With Fire and Sword

Janet L. Nelson

Law, Laity and Solidarities

John S. S. Nelson

Popular Cinema as Political Theory

Kenneth Nelson

Minimum Income Protection in Flux

Kent Nelson

Birds in the Hand

Michael Nelson

Queen Victoria and the Discovery of the Riviera

Paul Nelson

The World Bank and Non-Governmental Organizations

Rae Nelson

The Gap-Year Advantage

Richard Nelson

Conversations in Tusculum

Richard Nelson

Learning, Capability Building and Innovation for Development

Rick Nelson

Bound by Blood

Robert L. Nelson

Germans, Poland, and Colonial Expansion to the East

Robin Nelson

State of Play

Robin Nelson

Practice as Research in the Arts

Jewellord Nem Singh

Resource Governance and Developmental States in the Global South

Richard Nemesvari

Thomas Hardy, Sensationalism, and the Melodramatic Mode

Ruth Nemzoff

Don't Bite Your Tongue; Don't Roll Your Eyes

Lorraine Nencel

Ethnography and Prostitution In Peru

Mark Neocleous

The Fabrication of Social Order

Peter Neofotis

Concord, Virginia

Chiranjib Neogi

India's New Economy

Liz Neporent

The Migraine Solution

Brigitte Nerlich

The Social and Cultural Impact of Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK in 2001

Matilde Neruda

Passions and Impressions

Pablo Neruda

Extravagaria; Memoirs; Fully Empowered; Isla Negra

Ryan Nerz

Eat This Book

Anne Nesbet

Savage Junctures

E Nesbit

The Story of the Treasure Seekers AND The Wouldbegoods

Paul Nesbitt-Larking

The Palgrave Handbook of Global Political Psychology

Tom Nesi

Poison Pills

Arthur Neslen

Occupied Minds

Michael Nesmith

The Long, Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora

Evaline Ness

Sam, Bangs & Moonshine

Mari Ness

In the Greenwood

Flavia Nessi

Rituals of Hospitality

William R. Nester

American Industrial Policy

William R. Nester

Globalization; Globalization, War, and Peace in the Twenty-first Century; Globalization, Wealth, and Power in the Twenty-first Century

Marion Nestle

What to Eat; Eat Drink Vote

Pauline Nestor

George Eliot

Anastasia Nesvetailova

Global Finance in the New Century; Fragile Finance; Financial Alchemy in Crisis

Benjamin Netanyahu

Fighting Terrorism

Michael Nethercott

The Seance Society; The Haunting Ballad; O'Nelligan and the Perfect Game

Martin Nettesheim

Authority in the Global Political Economy

Ronald Nettler

Islam and Modernity

Andrei Netto

Bringing Down Gaddafi

Lydia Netzer

Shine Shine Shine; How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky; Everybody's Baby

Mark Netzloff

England's Internal Colonies

Dean Neu

Accounting for Genocide

Deane Neubauer

The Dynamics of Higher Education Development in East Asia

Deane E. Neubauer

Higher Education in Asia/Pacific; Access, Equity, and Capacity in Asia-Pacific Higher Education; Mobility and Migration in Asian Pacific Higher Education

Deane E. Neubauer

Higher Education Regionalization in Asia Pacific

Joan Neuberger

Ivan the Terrible

Luisella de Cataldo Neuberger

Women and Terrorism

Stefan Neubert

Pragmatism and Diversity

Stefan Neubert

John Dewey’s Philosophy of Education

Elizabeth Neuffer

The Key to My Neighbor's House

Felix Neugart

A Window of Opportunity

Dan Neuharth

Secrets You Keep from Yourself

Jessamyn Neuhaus

Housework and Housewives in American Advertising

Nele Neuhaus

Snow White Must Die; Bad Wolf

Thomas Neuhaus

Tibet in the Western Imagination

Karyn Neuhauser

Mergers and Acquisitions

Christine Neuhold

Civil Servants and Politics

Andrés Neuman

Traveler of the Century; Talking to Ourselves

Stephanie Neuman

International Relations Theory and the Third World

Stephanie G. Neuman

Warfare and the Third World

Iver B. Neumann

Classical Theories of International Relations

Iver B. Neumann

The Diffusion of Power in Global Governance

Peter R. Neumann

Britain's Long War

Laure Neumayer

History, Memory and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe

Beate Neumeier

Gothic Renaissance

Jeremy Neuner

The Rise of the Naked Economy

Cindy Neuschwander

Pastry School in Paris; Mummy Math

Brian Neve

Elia Kazan

Miguel Santos Neves

Europe, China and the Two Sars

Adam Nevill

The Ritual; Last Days; The House of Small Shadows

Graham Neville

Coleridge and Liberal Religious Thought

David Nevin

1812; Dream West; Eagle's Cry; Treason

Linda Nevins

Commonwealth Avenue

Linda M. Nevins

Renaissance Moon

Lucy Nevitt

Theatre and Violence

New Scientist

Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?

New York Bar Association

The Elsinore Appeal

New York City Ballet

The Dancer's Way

Mitya New

Switzerland Unwrapped

Helen Newall

The Road to Somewhere

Michael Newall

What is a Picture?

Tim Newark

Boardwalk Gangster; The Fighting Irish

Michael Newbill

Global Confidence Building

Kenneth F. Newbold Jr.

Understanding Homeland Security

Tim Newburn

Criminology, Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice

William Newburry

Internationalization, Innovation and Sustainability of MNCs in Latin America

Kerry Newcomb

Mad Morgan; Creed's Law; The Red Ripper; Rogue River

Edmund Newell

Ethics in Investment Banking

James Newell

The Italian General Election of 2001; The Italian General Election of 2008

James L. Newell

Corruption in Contemporary Politics; Scandals in Past and Contemporary Politics; The Italian General Election of 2006

Peter Newell

The Effectiveness of European Union Environmental Policy; Rights, Resources and the Politics of Accountability

Sue Newell

Managing Knowledge Work and Innovation, 2nd Edition

Terry Newell

Statesmanship, Character, and Leadership in America

Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi

Effective People Management in Africa

Katherine Newey

Women's Theatre Writing in Victorian Britain; Ruskin, the Theatre and Victorian Visual Culture; John Ruskin and the Victorian Theatre

Mark Newgarden

Bow-Wow's Nightmare Neighbors

Ingrid Newkirk

Making Kind Choices; The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights

Pamela Newkirk

Letters from Black America

Paul Newland

British Films of the 1970s

Emma Newlands

Civilians into Soldiers

Evelyn S. Newlyn

Woman and the Feminine in Medieval and Early Modern Scottish Writing

Andrew J. Newman

Safavid Iran

Edward Newman

The UN Secretary-General From the Cold War To the New Era; The United Nations and Human Security

Gerald Newman

The Rise of English Nationalism

James Newman

100 Videogames; Teaching Video Games

Janis Cooke Newman

The Russian Word for Snow

John Paul Newman

The Great War and Veterans' Internationalism

Joshua I. Newman

Sport, Spectacle, and NASCAR Nation

Judith Lynn Newman

Against Their Will

Kim Newman

Doctor Who; Science Fiction / Horror: A Sight and Sound Reader; Science Fiction/Horror: A Sight and Sound Reader

Kim Newman

Cat People

Lance Newman

Our Common Dwelling

Lesléa Newman

Runaway Dreidel!; Hachiko Waits

Mark Newman

Polar Bears

Michael Newman

Democratizing the European Union

Otto Newman

The American Dream in the Information Age

P. R. Newman

The Old Service

Peter Newman

The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law; The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics

Richard S. Newman

The Palgrave Environmental Reader

Saul Newman

Unstable Universalities; Politics Most Unusual

Saul Newman

Max Stirner

Saul Newman

Unstable Universalities

Sharan Newman

The Wandering Arm; Death Comes As Epiphany; Heresy; The Outcast Dove

Sheila Newman

The Final Energy Crisis

Simon P. Newman

Europe's American Revolution

Dr. Stephanie Newman

Mad Men on the Couch

H. P. Newquist

For Boys Only; This Will Kill You

Ian Newsham

The Kingfisher Treasury of Irish Stories

John Newsinger

British Counterinsurgency; Orwell's Politics; Dangerous Men

Scott L. Newstok

Quoting Death in Early Modern England; Weyward Macbeth

Darrell M. Newton

Paving the Empire Road

Julie M. Newton

Institutions, Ideas and Leadership in Russian Politics

K. M. Newton

George Eliot, Judaism And The Novels; Twentieth-Century Literary Theory

Kate Newton

I Spy; Shifting Horizons

Michael Newton

Savage Girls and Wild Boys; Kind Hearts and Coronets

Prof. Michael A. Newton

Enemy of the State

Richard Newton

Project Management

Verne W. Newton

FDR and the Holocaust

Daniel Neyland

Privacy, Surveillance and Public Trust

Daniel Neyland

Managing Privacy through Accountability

Handan Nezir-Akmese

The Birth of Modern Turkey

Adolf K Y Ng

Port-Focal Logistics and Global Supply Chains

Andrew Hock-soon Ng

Dimensions of Monstrosity in Contemporary Narratives

Cecilia Ng

Positioning Women in Malaysia

Yew-Kwang Ng

Increasing Returns and Economic Analysis; Efficiency, Equality and Public Policy; Welfare Economics; The Economics of E-Commerce and Networking Decisions

Nicholas Ng-A-Fook

Reconsidering Canadian Curriculum Studies

François Ngolet

Crisis in the Congo

Duc Khuong Nguyen

Board Directors and Corporate Social Responsibility

Hanh thi Nguyen

Developing Interactional Competence

Huong Nguyen

Higher Education in Vietnam

Nam Nguyen

Kingdom: Extreme Rainforest; Kingdom: Undersea Creatures; Kingdom: Micro Monsters; Kingdom: Savage Safari

Nhai Nguyen

Higher Education in Vietnam

Quang Van Nguyen

Fourth Uncle in the Mountain

Vincent Nguyen

Creature Count

Georgios Niarchos

The Last Ottomans

Ladan Niayesh

A Knight's Legacy

Sarah Niblock

Media Professionalism and Training

Máiréad Nic Craith

Cultural Heritages as Reflexive Traditions; Language, Power and Identity Politics

Máiréad Nic Craith

Narratives of Place, Belonging and Language

Sorche Nic Leodhas

Always Room for One More

Nicholas Nicastro


David A. Nichol

The One Minute Meditator

John Nichol

Tail-End Charlies

David Nicholas

Urban Europe, 1100-1700

Howard Nicholas

Marx's Theory of Price and its Modern Rivals

Kristin Nicholas

50 Sunflowers to Knit, Crochet & Felt

Lucy Nicholas

Queer Post-Gender Ethics

Malcolm Nicholl

The Late Talker

A. J. Nicholls

Weimar and the Rise of Hitler

Alex Nicholls

Social Innovation

David Nicholls

Gender, Civic Culture and Consumerism

Henry Nicholls

Lonesome George

James Nicholls

The Politics of Alcohol

Kate Nicholls

Labour Politics in Small Open Democracies

Peter Nicholls


Peter Nicholls

A Business and Labour History of Britain

Ashton Nichols

Beyond Romantic Ecocriticism

Ashton Nichols

Beyond Romantic Ecocriticism

David Nichols

Brands and Gaming

Greg Nichols

Striking Gridiron

John Nichols

The Milagro Beanfield War; The Magic Journey; The Nirvana Blues

Peter M. Nichols

The Best DVDs You've Never Seen, Just Missed or Almost Forgotten; New York Times Essential Library: Children's Movies

Randy Nichols

The Video Game Business

Sharon Eliza Nichols

I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar; More Badder Grammar!

Theo Nichols

Labour in a Global World; The Other Car Workers; Worker Representation and Workplace Health and Safety; Workplace Health and Safety

Thomas M. Nichols

The Russian Presidency

Tom Nichols

The Art of Poverty

Travis Nichols

Punk Rock Etiquette; Matthew Meets the Man

Brian Nicholson

Sustainable Global Outsourcing

Colin Nicholson

Edwin Morgan

Geoff Nicholson

The City Under the Skin

Heather Nicholson

Amateur Film

Helen Nicholson

Applied Drama; Theatre and Education

Helen Nicholson

Theatre, Education and Performance; Applied Drama

Helen J. Nicholson

Medieval Warfare; Palgrave Advances in the Crusades

Jovan Nicholson

Ben Nicholson and Winifred Nicholson

Joy Nicholson

The Tribes of Palos Verdes; The Road to Esmeralda

Melanie Nicholson

Surrealism in Latin American Literature

Sue Nicholson

Animal Babies in Deserts

Patricia Mooney Nickel

North American Critical Theory After Postmodernism

Henri Nickels

Islam, Security and Television News

Catherine Nickerson

Business Discourse

Jack Nicklaus

Golf & Life

Liz Nickles

Work Quake; The Change Agents

Liz Nickles

Brandstorm: Surviving and Thriving in the New Consumer-Led Marketplace

Peter Nickowitz

Rhetoric and Sexuality

Andrew Nickson

Tapping the Market

Chris Nickson

Ewan McGregor; David Boreanaz; Denzel Washington; Lauryn Hill

Bran Nicol

Iris Murdoch; Iris Murdoch, Seccond Edition

Valérie de Courville Nicol

Social Economies of Fear and Desire

Kalypso Nicolaidis

Mediterranean Frontiers

Miguel Nicolelis

Beyond Boundaries

Bernardo Nicoletti

Cloud Computing in Financial Services; Mobile Banking

Alastair Vere Nicoll

Riding the Ice Wind

Adam Nicolson

Why Homer Matters

Paula Nicolson

Applied Psychology for Social Workers

Paula Nicolson

A Critical Approach to Human Growth and Development; Psychology for Social Work Theory and Practice

James F. Nicosia

Reading Mark Strand

Arndt Niebisch

Media Parasites in the Early Avant-Garde

Galt Niederhoffer

A Taxonomy of Barnacles; Love and Happiness; The Romantics

Silvan Niedermeier

Violence and Visibility in Modern History

Tim Nieguth

Investigating Shrek

Isak Niehaus

Witchcraft, Power and Politics

Patrick Nielsen Hayden

New Magics; The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens; New Skies; Starlight 3

Cynthia R. Nielsen

Foucault, Douglass, Fanon, and Scotus in Dialogue

Ellie Nielsen

Buying a Piece of Paris

Erik Nielsen

Sport and the British World, 1900-1930

Finn Sivert Nielsen

A History of Anthropology

Greg M. Nielsen

Acts of Citizenship

Helle Nielsen

Bounded Rationality in Decision-making

Jorgen Nielsen

Christian-Muslim Frontier

Jorgen S. Nielsen

Towards A European Islam

Lara D. Nielsen

Neoliberalism and Global Theatres

Laura F. Nielsen

Mrs. Muddle's Holidays

Mike Nielsen

Hollywood's Other Blacklist: Union Struggles in the Studio System

Rasmus Nielsen

Political Journalism in Transition

Ron Nielsen, D.Sc.

The Little Green Handbook

Stina Nielsen

Secrets from the Past

Arne Niemann

The Transformation of European Football

Katharina Niemeyer

Media and Nostalgia

Shane Niemeyer

The Hurt Artist

Henk Nies

Long-Term Care in Europe

Olwen Claire Niessen

Aristocracy, Temperance and Social Reform

Michael L. Nieto

An Introduction to Human Resource Management

Michael L. Nieto

Human Resource Management

Aditya Nigam

Power and Contestation

Bruce Nightingale

Seven Rivers To Cross

Steven Nightingale

The Lost Coast

Chrysanthi Nigianni

Undutiful Daughters

Michael Nijhawan

Suffering, Art, and Aesthetics

Luc Nijs

The Handbook of Global Agricultural Markets

Lia Nijzink

Electoral Politics in South Africa

Derek Nikitas

Pyres; The Long Division

John Nikkah

Our Boys Speak

Alexander G. Nikolaev

Leading to the 2003 Iraq War

Alexander G. Nikolaev

Ethical Issues in International Communication

Milan Nikolic

Monetary Policy in Transition

Linda Nikora

Social Psychology and Everyday Life

Dmitri Nikulin

Comedy, Seriously

Douglas Niles

MacArthur's War; War of the Worlds; Fox at the Front

Mathias Nilges

Literary Materialisms

Alf Nilsen

Social Movements in the Global South

Anna Nilsen

Art Fraud Detective; The Great Art Scandal; Art Auction Mystery

Micheline Nilsen

Railways and the Western European Capitals

Annika E. Nilsson

Media and the Politics of Arctic Climate Change

Johan Nilsson

American Film Satire in the 1990s

Kwame Nimako

The Dutch Atlantic

Neil B. Niman

The Gamification of Higher Education

Sara Nimis

The Road To Al-Qaeda

David Nimmons

The Soul Beneath the Skin

Ephraim Nimni

The Challenge of Post-Zionism

August H. Nimtz

Lenin's Electoral Strategy from Marx and Engels through the Revolution of 1905; Lenin's Electoral Strategy from 1907 to the October Revolution of 1917


Strike Witches: 1937 Fuso Sea Incident Vol 1; Strike Witches: 1937 Fuso Sea Incident Vol. 2

David Niose

Nonbeliever Nation

Omri Nir

Nabih Berri and Lebanese Politics

Lisa Nirell

The Mindful Marketer

Libby Di Niro

The Rainbow and Women in Love

Reingard M. Nischik

The Palgrave Handbook of Comparative North American Literature

Eric Nisenson

The Making of Kind of Blue

Toshihiro Nishiguchi

Knowledge Creation

Jun Nishikawa

Economic and Policy Lessons from Japan to Developing Countries

Misa Nishikawa

Mixed Electoral Systems

Akira Nishimura

Management Accounting

Kastumi Nishino

Kanokon Omnibus 3-4; Kanokon Omnibus 1-2; Kanokon Omnibus 5-6; Kanokon Omnibus 7-9

Tetsuo Nishio

The Arabian Nights and Orientalism

Tamotsu Nishizawa

Austrian Economics in Transition

Laurie Nisonoff

The Women, Gender and Development Reader

Machiko Nissanke

The Impact of Globalization on the World's Poor; Globalization and the Poor in Asia; Commodities, Governance and Economic Development under Globalization

Machiko Nissanke

Aid as Handmaiden for the Development of Institutions

Morten Nissen

The Subjectivity Of Participation

Marilyn Nissenson

The Lady Upstairs

Jonathan Nitzan

The Global Political Economy of Israel

Anne Nivat

The View from the Vysotka

Bill Niven

Germans as Victims; Memorialization in Germany since 1945

David Niven, PhD

It's Not About the Shark

Larry Niven

Destiny's Road; Playgrounds of the Mind; Ringworld's Children; The Draco Tavern

Claire A. Nivola

Planting the Trees of Kenya; Orani; Life in the Ocean; Star Child

Elizabeth Nix

What to Do If a Bird Flies in the House

Garth Nix

Fire Above, Fire Below

Petra Nix

The Role of Institutional Investors in Corporate Governance

Kathryn Nixdorff

Controlling Biochemical Weapons

Cynthia Nixon

Baby Proof; Save Me; Heart of the Matter; The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days

Jude V. Nixon

Victorian Religious Discourse

Sean Nixon

Hard Sell

Sean James Nixon

Hard Looks

Talal Nizameddin

Russia and the Middle East

Michael Nizri

Ottoman High Politics and the Ulema Household

Joanna Nizynska

Germany, Poland and Postmemorial Relations

Mary Njeri Kinyanjui

Women and the Informal Economy in Urban Africa

Obioma Nnaemeka

Engendering Human Rights

Patrick Noack

Rwanda Fast Forward

Robert Noah

The Man Who Stole the Mona Lisa

Lucy Noakes

War and the British

Polly Noakes

The Kingfisher Treasury of Stories for Five Year Olds

Philip Nobel

Sixteen Acres

Allen G. Noble

Traditional Buildings

Allen G. Noble

Vernacular Buildings

Andrea Noble

Photography and Memory in Mexico

Christian Noble

Jupiter; The Silent War

Louise Noble

Medicinal Cannibalism in Early Modern English Literature and Culture

Mike Noble

Centered Riding

Trevor Noble

Social Theory and Social Change

Gregory H. Nobles

American Frontiers

Anthony J. Nocella II

Hollywood's Exploited

Alva Noë

Out of Our Heads

Alyson Noël

Art Geeks and Prom Queens; Laguna Cove; Fly Me to the Moon; Kiss & Blog

Dirk Noel

Contrastive Analysis in Language

James A. Noel

Black Religion and the Imagination of Matter in the Atlantic World

Albert A. Nofi

Dirty Little Secrets of the Vietnam War

John B. Noftsinger Jr.

Understanding Homeland Security

Nitin Nohria

Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Leaders

Florence Noiville

Isaac B. Singer

Neamatollah Nojumi

The Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan

David Nokes

Samuel Johnson

Jacqui Nokes

Theories of Syntax

Christopher Nolan

Memento & Following; Batman Begins

Dennis Nolan

Sea of Dreams

Kathleen Nolan

Capetian Women; Queens in Stone and Silver

Peter Nolan

China and the Global Economy; The Global Business Revolution and the Cascade Effect

Steve Nolan

A-Z of Spirituality

Victoria Nolan

Military Leadership and Counterinsurgency

Carrie Noland

Diasporic Avant-Gardes

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

Women Who Think Too Much; Eating, Drinking, Overthinking; Women Conquering Depression; The Power of Women

Andreas Nölke

Multinational Corporations from Emerging Markets

Claire E. Nolte

The Sokol in the Czech Lands to 1914

Farhad Nomani

Islamic Economic Systems

Nikos Nomikos

Shipping Derivatives and Risk Management

Ikujiro Nonaka

Knowledge Creation; Managing Flow

Mike Noon

Equality, Inequalities and Diversity; The Realities of Work

Caitriona Noonan

Cultural Work and Higher Education

John Noone

Man Behind the Iron Mask

Hana S. Noor Al-Deen

Social Media and Strategic Communications

Yaseen Noorani

Counterhegemony in the Colony and Postcolony

Yaseen Noorani

Culture and Hegemony in the Colonial Middle East

Mirko Noordegraaf

Observing Government Elites

George Noory

Worker in the Light; George Noory's Late-Night Snacks; Journey to the Light; Talking to the Dead

Bart Nooteboom

Beyond Humanism

Monica Cousins Noraian

Women's Rights, Racial Integration, and Education from 1850-1920

Cynthia La Brie Norall, Ph.D.

Quirky, Yes---Hopeless, No

Roger Norburn

A James Joyce Chronology; A Katherine Mansfield Chronology

Bryan Norcross

Hurricane Almanac; Hurricane Almanac 2006

Götz Nordbruch

Transnational Islam in Interwar Europe

Kristen Nordhaug

Public Policy in the Age of Globalization

Petra Nordqvist

Relative Strangers: Family Life, Genes and Donor Conception

Oystein Noreng

Crude Power

Elizabeth M. Norman

Tears in the Darkness

Howard Norman

The Bird Artist; In Fond Remembrance of Me

Julie M. Norman

Nonviolent Resistance in the Second Intifada

Lissette Norman

My Feet Are Laughing

Marsha Norman

'night, Mother

Michael Norman

Historic Haunted America; Haunted Homeland; Haunted Heritage; Haunted America

Michael Norman

Tears in the Darkness

Wayne Norman

Theories of Federalism: A Reader

Jo Anne Normile

Saving Baby

Anthony H. Normore

Educational Leadership Preparation

Arto Noro

A Social and Economic Theory of Consumption

Carlos Noronha

Asian Business and Management

Carlos Noronha

Asian Business and Management

Glenda Norquay

Robert Louis Stevenson and Theories of Reading

Zoe Norridge

Perceiving Pain in African Literature

Bruce Norris

Clybourne Park

Christopher Norris

Language, Logic and Epistemology

Harry Norris

Religious Quest and National Identity in the Balkans; Islam in the Baltic

Margot Norris

Virgin and Veteran Readings of Ulysses

Van Norris

British Television Animation 1997-2010

Michael North

The Expansion of Europe, 1250-1500

Pearl North

The Boy from Ilysies; The Book of the Night; Libyrinth

Michael Northcott

An Angel Directs the Storm

Gregory B. Northcraft

Get Paid What You're Worth

Sara Northey

What Works in Therapeutic Prisons

Georg Northoff

Minding the Brain

David Northrup

How English Became the Global Language

Andre Norton

Elvenblood; The Elvenbane; Elvenborn; The Gates to Witch World

Carla Norton

The Edge of Normal

Christopher Norton

The Politics of Constitutional Nationalism in Northern Ireland, 1932–70

Dewey Norton

The Executive's Guide to Financial Management

Doug Norton

Just the Facts Ma'am

Lisa Dale Norton

Shimmering Images

Matthew Norton

Interpreting Clifford Geertz

Philip Norton

Parliament in British Politics

Philip Norton

Parliament in British Politics

Aletta J. Norval

Discourse Theory and Political Analysis

Mandi Norwood

The Hitched Chick's Guide to Modern Marriage; Sex & the Married Girl

Jonathan Nossiter

Liquid Memory

Amelie Nothomb

Fear and Trembling; The Character of Rain

Nikolaj Nottelmann

New Essays on Belief

Stephen Nottingham

Genescapes; Eat Your Genes

Aurora Nou

Secularism on the Edge

Gergana Noutcheva

The EU and its Neighbours

Michael Novacek

Time Traveler; Terra

Andrew Novak

The Death Penalty in Africa

Barbara Novak

Nineteenth-Century American Painting

Donna Novak

Breaking the Headache Cycle

Kim Novak

Knitting Board Basics

Pat Novak

Knitting Board Basics

Ira A. Noveck

Experimental Pragmatics

Bill Novelli

Fifty Plus; 50+

Danica Novgorodoff

Refresh, Refresh; The Undertaking of Lily Chen

Julius Novick

Beyond the Golden Door

Irina Novikova

Women's Social Rights and Entitlements

Sonja Novkovic

Co-operative Innovations in China and the West

Peter Novobatzky

Insulting English; Depraved English

Tony Novosel

Northern Ireland's Lost Opportunity

Daniel Novotny

EU-ASEAN Relations in the 21st Century

Eva Novrup Redvall

Writing and Producing Television Drama in Denmark

Leonard Novy

Britain and Germany Imagining the Future of Europe

Marianne Novy

Transforming Shakespeare

Geoffrey Nowell-Smith

Roberto Rossellini: Magician of the Real; Luchino Visconti; L'avventura

Geoffrey Nowell-Smith

The British Film Institute, The Government and Film Culture, 1933-2000; The British Film Institute, the Government and Film Culture, 1933–2000

Joseph Nowinski

The Divorced Child

Michael Nowlin

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Racial Angles and the Business of Literary Greatness

Patricia Noxolo

Community, Citizenship and the 'War on Terror'

James Noyes

The Politics of Iconoclasm

Bejamin Noys

Georges Bataille


Happiness: Ten Years of n+1

Kofi Nsia-Pepra

UN Robust Peacekeeping

Mwenda Ntarangwi

African Anthropologies

Andrew Nugent

Second Burial for a Black Prince; Soul Murder; The Four Courts Murder

Charles Nugent

British Watercolours

Neill Nugent

At the Heart of the Union; At the Heart of the Union, Second Edition; European Union Enlargement; The European Parliament, Second Edition

Neill Nugent

Policies and Policy Processes of the European Union

Paul Nugent

Ethnicity in Ghana

Paul Nugent

Africa since Independence

Stephen Nugent

Anthropology and Cultural Studies

Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud

Slavery in the Sudan

Francis Nuguit

The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Three; The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Five

Monique Nuijten

Power, Community And The State

Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D.

Ultimate Training; The Vegetarian Handbook; Good Food, Good Mood

Shelly Null

Healthy Cooking for Kids

Frank Nullmeier

Democracy's Deep Roots

Neil Numberman

Big Hairy Drama (Joey Fly, Private Eye, Book 2); Creepy Crawly Crime

David Nunan

What Is This Thing Called Language?

Ana Nunes

African American Women Writers' Historical Fiction

Orlando Nunez

Globalization and Its Discontents

Sigrid Nunez

For Rouenna; A Feather on the Breath of God; The Last of Her Kind

Chris Nunn

De La Mettrie's Ghost

Heather Nunn

Class and Contemporary British Culture

Pamela Gerrish Nunn

From Victorian to Modern

Saleel Nurbhai

George Eliot, Judaism And The Novels

Franz Nuscheler

Global Trends and Global Governance

Melynda Nuss

Distance, Theatre, and the Public Voice, 1750-1850

Sari Nusseibeh

Once Upon a Country

Susan Nusser

Kentucky Derby Dreams

Knut G. Nustad

State Formation

Joe Nutt

John Donne

Joe Nutt

A Guidebook to Paradise Lost

Thomas Nutt

Illegitimacy in Britain, 1700-1920

Jeremy Nuttall

Psychological Socialism

Alexander Nützenadel

Industrial Policy in Europe after 1945

Eric Nuzum

The Dead Travel Fast

Angelica Nuzzo

Memory, History, Justice in Hegel

Sonny Nwankwo

Principles of Marketing

Francis B. Nyamnjoh

Rights and the Politics of Recognition in Africa; Africa's Media; Insiders and Outsiders

Bjorn Nyberg

Sagas of Conan; Conan The Swordsman

Thorsten Nybom

The European Research University

Jeanette Nyden

Getting to We

Jody Lynn Nye

A Forthcoming Wizard; An Unexpected Apprentice

William R. Nylen

Participatory Democracy Versus Elitist Democracy

Eric Nylund

Halo: Ghosts of Onyx; Halo: Evolutions; Mortal Coils; All That Lives Must Die

Anette Nyqvist

Organisational Anthropology

Peter Newman

Planning World Cities

Ralph Negrine

Communications Policy

Samantha Novello

Albert Camus as Political Thinker