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Adrian Scott

Forensic Psychology

Amy Sodaro

Memory and the Future

Andrew Smith

C.L.R. James and the Study of Culture; The Female Gothic

Anne Stokes

Online Counselling; Setting up in Independent Practice

Ben Shepherd

War in a Twilight World

Ben Simpfendorfer

The New Silk Road; The New Silk Road - Revised and Updated

Charlotte Sleigh

Literature and Science

Heather Savigny

Doing Political Science and International Relations

Helen Stapleton

Surviving Teenage Motherhood

Jacqueline Bloom Stanfield

John Kenneth Galbraith

Jeppe Strandsbjerg

Territory, Globalization and International Relations

Joan Schaffner

An Introduction to Animals and the Law

John Spiers

The Culture of the Publisher's Series, Volume 1; The Culture of the Publisher's Series, Volume 2

Julia Steets

Accountability in Public Policy Partnerships

Knut Samset

Early Project Appraisal; Making Essential Choices with Scant Information

Anand Sethi

Doing Business in India; The Business of Electronics

Lisa Shahriari

Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury (2 Volume Pack); Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury, Volume 1; Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury, Volume 2

Michael Shiner

Drug Use and Social Change; Understanding Suicide

Michael Silk

Qualitative Research for Physical Culture

Michal Skorepa

Decision Making

Norbert Schurer

British Encounters with India, 1750-1830

Peter Stokes

Key Concepts in Business and Management Research Methods

Robert Spencer

Cosmopolitan Criticism and Postcolonial Literature

Rogrio Sobreira

An Assessment of the Global Impact of the Financial Crisis; The Financial Crisis

Kishan S. Rana

The Contemporary Embassy

Trav S.D.

No Applause--Just Throw Money

Ahmad Sa'di

Thorough Surveillance

Alfredo Saad-Filho

'Marx's Capital'; Anti-Capitalism; Neoliberalism; Political Economy of Brazil

Iven Saadi

Children's Rights from Below

Donald Saaf

Skinny Brown Dog

Ilka Saal

New Deal Theater

Jani Saarinen

Changes in Innovation

Günter Saathoff

"A Mutual Responsibility and a Moral Obligation"

Scott Saavedra


Neantro Saavedra-Rivano

Geographical Indications and International Agricultural Trade

Laura Sabani

The Role of Organized Interest Groups in Policy Making

Lakshmanan Sabaratnam

Ethnic Attachments in Sri Lanka

Meera Sabaratnam

A Liberal Peace?

Rachel Sabates-Wheeler

Migration and Social Protection

Bruce Sabath

Digital Fortress; How to Change Anybody

Stefania Sabatinelli

Social Vulnerability in European Cities

Daniel Sabbagh

Equality and Transparency

Karl Sabbagh

The Riemann Hypothesis

Mario Sabbieti


Fred Saberhagen

A Coldness in the Blood; An Old Friend of the Family; Ardneh's Sword; Empire of the East

Minou Saberi

Twelve Photographic Journeys

Amr G.E. Sabet

Islam and the Political

Zlatko Sabic

Regional and International Relations of Central Europe

E. Rose Sabin

A Perilous Power; A School for Sorcery; When the Beast Ravens

Jeremy A. Sabloff

The New Archaeology and the Ancient Maya

Steven Sabol

Russian Colonization of Central Asia and the Genesis of Kazak National Conscious

Somaya Sami Sabry

Arab-American Women's Writing and Performance

Tarik Sabry

Cultural Encounters in the Arab World

Tarik Sabry

Arab Cultural Studies

Joe Sacco

Footnotes in Gaza; Journalism; The Fixer and Other Stories

Lorenzo Sacconi

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance; Social Capital, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economic Behaviour and Performance

Jay Sacher

How to Hang a Picture

Brad Sachs, Ph.D.

Emptying the Nest

Jessica Snyder Sachs

Good Germs, Bad Germs

Sybille Sachs

Sustainable Success with Stakeholders

Wolfgang Sachs

Fair Future; Greening the North; Planet Dialectics; The Development Dictionary

Dominic Sachsenmaier

Competing Visions of World Order

Dominic Sachsenmaier

Competing Visions of World Order

Prof. Daniel Sack

Moral Re-Armament; Whitebread Protestants

David H. Sacko

The Unipolar World

Amanda Sackur

Empire and Culture; Promoting the Colonial Idea

Vita Sackville-West

Passenger to Teheran; Twelve Days in Persia

Anda Sadanatsu

Kokoro Connect Vol. 1

Tracy Wenger Sadd

God and Country?

Erin A. Sadlack

The French Queen's Letters

Alan R. Sadovnik

Founding Mothers and Others

Claudia Sadowski-Smith

Globalization on the Line

Hamid Reza Sadr

Iranian Cinema

Modjtaba Sadria

Homogenisation of Representations; Multiple Modernities in Muslim Societies

Anny Sadrin

Dickens, Europe and the New Worlds

Michael Saenger

Shakespeare and the French Borders of English

Gjermund Saether

Ethnicity Kills?

Lawrence Saez

Banking Reform in India and China

Pedro López Sáez

Technological Innovation

Carl Safina

Eye of the Albatross; Song for the Blue Ocean; The View from Lazy Point; Voyage of the Turtle

Howard Safir


William Safire

Sleeper Spy

Thomas Max Safley

Matheus Miller's Memoir

Sabby Sagall

Final Solutions

Mary Ann Danowitz Sagaria

Women, Universities, and Change

Francisco Sagasti

The Future of Development Financing

Sage, Jesse


Linda Seifer Sage

The Complete Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planner

Nicholas Sage

Development Studies

Nick Sage

Development Studies

Victor Sage

Le Fanu's Gothic; Modern Gothic

Neil Sagebiel

Draw in the Dunes; The Longest Shot

Julia Sagebien

Governance Ecosystems

Abdulaziz Sager

Gulf Yearbook 2004; Gulf Yearbook 2005-2006; Gulf Yearbook 2006-2007

Jenny Sager

The Aesthetics of Spectacle in Early Modern Drama and Modern Cinema

John H. Sagers

Origins of Japanese Wealth and Power

Shamit Saggar

Race and Representation

Abraham Sagie

Misbehaviour and Dysfunctional Attitudes in Organizations

Jonathan Saha

Law, Disorder and the Colonial State

Lou Sahadi


Supriya Sahai

We've Got Your Number

Marlyne Sahakian

Keeping Cool in Southeast Asia

Dr. Ray Sahelian

Kava; Mind Boosters

Eunice N. Sahle

World Orders, Development and Transformation

Anthony Saich

Providing Public Goods in Transitional China

Tony Saich

Governance and Politics of China

Tony Saich

Chinese Village, Global Market

Abdel Monem Said Aly

Arabs and Israelis

Jean Said Makdisi

My Life in the PLO

Yahia Said

Oil Wars

Amin Saikal

Modern Afghanistan

Amin Saikal

Democracy and Reform in the Middle East and Asia; Modern Afghanistan; Zone of Crisis

Caitlin Sainio

100 Lace Flowers to Crochet; 100 Snowflakes to Crochet; 75 Exquisite Trims in Thread Crochet

Susan Saint Sing

The Eight; The Wonder Crew

Nigel Saint

Modern French Visual Theory

Camille Saint-Saens

Carnival of the Animals

Siraj Sait

Land, Law and Islam

Ryouichi Saitaniya

Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1

Ruhi Saith

Defining Poverty in the Developing World

Eugenie Saitta

Mediating Cultural Diversity in a Globalised Public Space

Eugénie Saitta

Mediating Cultural Diversity in a Globalised Public Space

Dana Sajdi

Ottoman Tulips, Ottoman Coffee

Dana Sajdi

Ottoman Tulips, Ottoman Coffee

Amyn B. Sajoo

A Companion to Muslim Cultures; A Companion to Muslim Ethics; A Companion to the Muslim World; Civil Society in the Muslim World

Keisuke Saka


Shozo Sakata

Vietnam's Economic Entities in Transition

Taoufiq Sakhkhane

Spivak and Postcolonialism

Takashi Sakikawa

Transforming Japanese Workplaces

Naomi Sakr

Arab Media and Political Renewal; Arab Television Today; Satellite Realms; Women and Media in the Middle East

Naomi Sakr

Transformations in Egyptian Journalism

Rita Sakr

'Anticipating' the 2011 Arab Uprisings

Ayse Saktanber

Living Islam

Riko Sakura

Alice in the Country of Hearts: Love Labyrinth of Thorns; Alice in the Country of Hearts: The Mad Hatter's Late Night Tea Party Vol 2; Alice in the Country of Hearts: The Mad Hatter's Late Night Tea Party, vol. 1

Richard Sakwa

Putin and the Oligarchs

Richard Sakwa

Communism in Russia; Contemporary Europe

Richard Sala

Cat Burglar Black

Vincent Della Sala

Governance and Civil Society in the European Union, Vol. 1; Governance and Civil Society in the European Union, Vol. 2

Xavier Sala-I-Martin

The Global Competitiveness Report 2004-2005; The Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007; The Global Competitiveness Report 2007-2008

Jeswald W. Salacuse

The Global Negotiator

Jeswald W. Salacuse

Negotiating Life

Steven Salaita

Anti-Arab Racism in the USA; Arab American Literary Fictions, Cultures, and Politics; The Uncultured Wars

Kira Salak

The White Mary

Anbara Salam Khalidi

Memoirs of an Early Arab Feminist

Nawaf A. Salam

Options for Lebanon

Mohammad R. Salama

Islam, Orientalism and Intellectual History

Mohammad R. Salama

Islam, Orientalism and Intellectual History

Ghassan Salame

Democracy Without Democrats?

S. I. Salamensky

The Modern Art of Influence and the Spectacle of Oscar Wilde

Gerardo Rodríguez Salas

Community in Twentieth-Century Fiction

Greg Salata

The Brass Wall

Mohammed Bashir Salau

The West African Slave Plantation

Mark Salber Phillips

Rethinking Historical Distance

Zlatko Salcic

Export Credit Insurance and Guarantees

João M. Saldanha

East Timor

Kirkpatrick Sale

Christopher Columbus and the Conquest of Paradise; The Green Revolution

Hiner Saleem

My Father's Rifle

Alam Saleh

Ethnic Identity and the State in Iran

Mohsen Saleh

The Palestinian Strategic Report 2009/2010

Mohsen Saleh

The Palestinian Strategic Report 2010/11

Nivien Saleh

Third World Citizens and the Information Technology Revolution

Reza Salehnejad

Rationality, Bounded Rationality and Microfoundations

Elie A. Salem

Violence and Diplomacy in Lebanon

J.J. Salem

Tan Lines; The Strip

Oscar Salemink

A World of Insecurity

Jill Salen

Vintage Lingerie

Judith A. Salerno, MD, MS

The Weight of the Nation

Mario Sergio Salerno

Global Strategies and Local Realities

H.E. Sales

Professional Communication in Engineering

Hazel Sales

Professional Communication in Engineering

Leila Sales

This Song Will Save Your Life

Roger Sales

John Clare: A Literary Life

Sally Sales

Adoption, Family and the Paradox of Origins

Chris Salewicz

Bob Marley; Redemption Song

César A. Salgado

TransLatin Joyce

Kamal S. Salibi

The Modern History of Jordan; Who Was Jesus?

M. A. Mohamed Salih

African Parliaments; Interpreting Islamic Political Parties

M.A. Mohamed Salih

African Democracies and African Politics; African Political Parties

M.A. Mohamed Salih

Hermeneutics, Scriptural Politics, and Human Rights

Sara Salih

Discourses of Slavery and Abolition

Sarah Salih

Julian of Norwich's Legacy

Daniel Salisbury

Open Source Intelligence in the Twenty-First Century

Laura Salisbury

Neurology and Modernity

Mark Salisbury

Burton on Burton, 2nd Revised Edition

Jacqueline S. Salit

Independents Rising

Ariel Salleh

Eco-Sufficiency and Global Justice; Ecofeminism As Politics


Sweet Delights from a Thousand and One Nights

Habeeb Salloum

Sweet Delights from a Thousand and One Nights

Muna Salloum

Sweet Delights from a Thousand and One Nights

Frank Salmon

The Persistence of the Classical

Biresh K. Saloo

Efficiency Models in Data Development Analysis

Eleanor Salotto

Gothic Returns in Collins, Dickens, Zola, and Hitchcock

Ihab Saloul

Catastrophe and Exile in the Modern Palestinian Imagination

David Salsburg

The Lady Tasting Tea

Dorte Salskov-Iversen

Critical Perspectives on Private Authority in Global Politics

John Salt

Global Migration, Ethnicity and Britishness

Brian Salter

The Global Politics of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Science

Elisabeth Salter

Popular Reading in English c. 1400-1600

Elizabeth Salter

Cultural Creativity in the Early English Renaissance

James Salter

A Sport and a Pastime; Solo Faces

Mark B. Salter

Barbarians and Civilization in International Relations

Kenneth J. Saltman

The Gift of Education

Roy G. Saltman

The History and Politics of Voting Technology

Roy G. Saltman

Sacred Humanism without Miracles

Sue Saltmarsh

Rethinking School Violence

Barney Saltzberg

Tea with Grandpa

Rachelle H. Saltzman

A Lark for the Sake of their Country

Francisco J. Romero Salvadó

The Spanish Civil War

Francisco Jos Romero Salvadó

The Agony of Spanish Liberalism

Fabrizio Salvador

Product Information Management for Mass Customization

Karin Salvalaggio

Bone Dust White

Paula Martín Salvan

Community in Twentieth-Century Fiction

Carlo Salvato

Strategies for Longevity in Family Firms

Armando Salvatore

Religion, Social Practice, and Contested Hegemonies; The Public Sphere

Armando Salvatore

Rethinking the Public Sphere Through Transnationalizing Processes

R. A. Salvatore

DemonWars: First Heroes; The Ancient; The Bear; The Dame

Tijo Salverda

The Anthropology of Elites

Wiemer Salverda

Job Quality and Employer Behaviour

Dale Salwak

Living with a Writer

Charles Salzberg

The Mad Fisherman

Monika Salzbrunn

The Economies of Urban Diversity

Marian Salzman

Next Now; The Future of Men

Paul Salzman

Literary Culture in Jacobean England

Oliver Salzmann

Sustainability Partnerships; The Insider's View on Corporate Governance

Jean-Loup Samaan

The RAND Corporation (1989-2009)

Chaitanya Sambrani

Edge of Desire

Elizabeth D. Samet

Soldier's Heart

Matt Samet

Death Grip

A. Coskun Samli

Dynamic Markets and Conventional Ignorance; From a Market Economy to a Finance Economy

Neil Sammells

Writing the Environment

Helen Sampson

International Seafarers and Transnationalism in the Twenty-First Century

Jacqui Sampson-Jacent

Women, Public Life And Democracy

Jamie Sams

Medicine Cards

Knut Samset

Project Governance

Anne Samson

Britain, South Africa and the East African Campaign, 1914-1918

Anne Samson

World War I in Africa

David Samson

Useless Knowledge

Jack Samson

A Fine and Pleasant Misery

Virginia Samuda

Tasks in Second Language Learning

Geoffrey Samuel

Buddhism, International Relief Work, and Civil Society

Dr. Larry Samuel

563 Stupid Things Stupid People Do to Mess Up Their Lives

Terence Samuel

The Upper House

Barbara Samuels

Fred's Beds; Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores; The Trucker

Ellen Samuels

Out of the Ordinary

Geoffrey Samuels

Innovating at the Top

Robert Samuels

Teaching the Rhetoric of Resistance

Robert Samuels

New Media, Cultural Studies, and Critical Theory after Postmodernism

Lennart Samuelson

Plans For Stalin's War Machine; Tankograd

E. San Juan

Beyond Postcolonial Theory

E. San Juan, Jr.

U.S. Imperialism and Revolution in the Philippines

Rose Marie San Juan

Vertiginous Mirrors

Sonsoles San Román

Women and Teaching

Robert D. San Souci

Haunted Houses

Amal El’ Sana-Alh’jooj

Palestinian Activism in Israel

Enrique Sanabria

Republicanism and Anticlerical Nationalism in Spain

Geoffrey Sanborn

Melville and Aesthetics

Diego Sánchez Ancochea

Good Jobs and Social Services

Mónica Judith Sánchez-Flores

Cosmopolitan Liberalism; Political Philosophy for the Global Age

José Antonio Sánchez Román

Taxation and Society in Twentieth-Century Argentina

Leslie Sanchez

Los Republicanos; You've Come a Long Way, Maybe

Marco V. Sánchez

Public Policies for Human Development

Maria Bruscino Sanchez

Small, Sweet, and Italian; Sweet Maria's Cake Kitchen; Sweet Maria's Cookie Jar; Sweet Maria's Italian Cookie Tray

Omar Sanchez

Mobilizing Resources in Latin America

Reuben Sánchez

Typology and Iconography in Donne, Herbert, and Milton

Diego Sánchez-Ancochea

The Political Economy of Hemispheric Integration; Transnational Corporations and Development Policy

Amaia Sánchez-Cacicedo

Building States, Building Peace

Susan Sánchez-Casal

Identity in Education; Twenty-First-Century Feminist Classrooms

José Sanchez-Fung

Monetary Economics in Developing Countries

Carlos Sánchez-Runde

Multinationals, Institutions and the Construction of Transnational Practices

Carmen Sancho Guinda

Stance and Voice in Written Academic Genres

Michael SanClements

Plastic Purge

Inger Sand

Hybrid Forms of Governance

Peter H. Sand

United States and Britain in Diego Garcia

Rosemary Sandberg

The Kingfisher Book of Great Girl Stories

Richard Sandbrook

Closing the Circle

Carl Sandburg

My Fellow Worms

Mette Sandbye

Digital Snaps

Michael J. Sandel

Justice; What Money Can't Buy

Chris Sanders

Region-building in Southern Africa

Deborah Sanders

Security Co-Operation Between Russia and Ukraine in the Post-Soviet Era

Gail Sanders

The Professional Doctorate

Jolene M. Sanders

Women in Narcotics Anonymous

Julie Sanders

Ben Jonson's Theatrical Republics; The 1630s; Three Seventeenth-Century Plays on Women and Performance

Julie Sanders

The 1630s

Julie Sanders

Editing, Performance, Texts

Karen Sanders

Communicating Politics in the Twenty-First Century

Robert Sanders

Sibling Relationships

Scott Russell Sanders

A Private History of Awe

Teela Sanders


Valerie Sanders

The Brother-Sister Culture in Nineteenth-Century Literature

Brandon Sanderson

A Memory of Light; By Grace and Banners Fallen: Prologue to A Memory of Light; Distinctions: Prologue to Towers of Midnight; Elantris

Jamie Sanderson

Climate Change and Economic Development

Joe Sanderson

Business Relationships for Competitive Advantage; The Right Tools for the Job

Mark Sanderson

Don't Look Now

Christopher Sandford

Masters of Mystery; Polanski

Kathy Sandford

Lifelong Learning, the Arts and Community Cultural Engagement in the Contemporary University

Mark Sandford

The New Governance of the English Regions; The Northern Veto

Stella Sandford

Further Adventures of The Dialectic of Sex

Angie Sandhu

Intellectuals and the People

Keith A. Sandiford

The Imperial Game

Joan Sandin

Coyote School News

Constantine Sandis

New Essays on the Explanation of Action; The Things We Do and Why We Do Them

Constantine Sandis

Hegel on Action; Reasons and Causes

David Sandison

Che Guevara

M.A. Sandle

Brezhnev Reconsidered

Lori Sandler

Allergy-Free Treats to Make and Share; Nut, Egg, and Dairy-Free Sweets for Birthdays; Nut, Egg, and Dairy-Free Sweets for the Classroom; The Divvies Bakery Cookbook

Martin W. Sandler

America Through the Lens

Ronald L. Sandler

Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Shmuel Sandler

Bringing Religion into International Relations

Joli Sandoz

A Whole Other Ball Game; Whatever It Takes

Ariel Sands

Never the Face

Philippe Sands

Torture Team

Stella Sands

Behind the Mask; Murder at Yale; The Dating Game Killer; The Good Son

Karen Sands-O'Connor

Internationalism in Children's Series

George Sandström

Rocks and Minerals; Seashells of North America; Seashells of the World

Marita Sandstrom

Seashells of the World

Adriana Sandu

Majority-Minority Relations in Contemporary Women's Movements

Marie G. Sandy

Collective Action for Social Change

Robert Sandy

The Economics of Sport

Sir John Edwin Sandys

A History of Classical Scholarship

George Sanford

Democratic Government in Poland

Rhonda Lemke Sanford

Maps and Memory in Early Modern England

Stefanie Sanford

Civic Life in the Information Age

Victoria Sanford

Buried Secrets

Margaret Sanger

When Children Are Wanted

Tam Sanger

Mapping Intimacies; Trans People's Partnerships

Darshak Sanghavi

A Map of the Child

MichFle Sanglier

Modelling the Growth of Corporations

Yoko Sanjo

Sweet & Simple Patchwork Gifts

Mónica Sans

Racial Identities, Genetic Ancestry, and Health in South America

Diane Sansevere-Dreher

Explorers Who Got Lost

Roger Sansi-Roca

Cultures of the Lusophone Black Atlantic

Livio Sansone

Blackness Without Ethnicity

Isabel Santaolalla

Luis Bunuel: New Readings

Isabel Santaolalla

The Cinema of Iciar Bollaín

Luc Sante

Low Life

Esra Santesso

Disorientation: Muslim Identity in Contemporary Anglophone Literature

Enrico Mario Santi

Ciphers of History

Carbó Santiago

Financial Exclusion

Jack Santino

Signs of War and Peace; Spontaneous Shrines and the Public Memorialization of Death

Umberto Santino

Mafia and Antimafia

Javier Santiso

The Political Economy of Emerging Markets

Stephen Santogrossi

A Stranger Lies There

Tom Santopietro

Considering Doris Day; Sinatra in Hollywood; The Godfather Effect; The Importance of Being Barbra

Dina Santorelli

Daft Punk

David Santoro

Treating Weapons Proliferation

Emilio Santoro

Lineages of European Citizenship

Alessandra Santos

The Utopian Impulse in Latin America

Ana Cristina Santos

Social Movements and Sexual Citizenship in Southern Europe

de Sousa Boaventura Santos

The Rise of the Global Left

Cecilia MacDowell Santos

Women's Police Stations

Ferdinand Santos

Personal Identity, the Self and Ethics

Ricardo Ventura Ventura Santos

Racial Identities, Genetic Ancestry, and Health in South America

Mayra Santos-Febres

Sirena Selena

Amelia U. Santos-Paulino

The Rise of China and India

Beatriz Sanz

Nonprofit Organizations

Esteve Sanz

Digital Media Worlds

Bob Sapey

Social Work with Disabled People

Goliarda Sapienza

The Art of Joy

Burton Sapin

Foreign Policy Decision Making (Revisited)

Richard Sapir

The Best of the Destroyer

Robert M. Sapolsky

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

Warren Sapp

Sapp Attack

Mario Saraceni

The Relocation of English

Cenk Saraçoglu

Kurds of Modern Turkey

Sotirios Sarantakos

Tool Kit for Quantitative Data Analysis

Sotirios Sarantakos

Social Research

Jyoti Saraswati

Beyond the Developmental State; Dot.compradors

Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson

The Political and Institutional Effects of Term Limits

Ralph Sarchie

Deliver Us from Evil

Andrew Sardanis

A Venture in Africa; Africa: Another Side of the Coin

Ziauddin Sardar

Aliens R Us; How Do You Know?; Postmodernism and The Other; What Do Muslims Believe?

D. R. SarDesai

Nuclear India in the Twenty-First Century

Amy Sargeant

British Cinema: A Critical History; Storm Over Asia; Vsevolod Pudovkin

Amy Sargeant

The Servant

Pamela Sargent

Earthseed; Earthseed: Chapters 1-4; Farseed; Seed Seeker

Paul Sargent

Wild Arabs and Savages

Lucy Sargisson

Fool's Gold?

Katharine Sarikakis

Globalization and Media Policy

Narendra Singh Sarila

Once a Prince of Sarila

Malabika Sarkar

Cosmos and Character in Paradise Lost

Saral Sarkar

Eco-Socialism or Eco-Capitalism?

Dr. John E. Sarno, M.D.

Healing Back Pain

Clàudia Sarrico

Managing Reform in Universities

Karin Sarsenov

Imagining Mass Dictatorships

Steven Sarson

The Tobacco-Plantation South in the Early American Atlantic World

Marco Sartor

Sourcing in China; Sourcing in India

Jean-Paul Sartre

The Transcendence of the Ego

Peter Sasgen

Stalking the Red Bear

Brent Sasley

Redefining Security in the Middle East

Cynthia Sass

Flat Belly Diet!

Nathan Sassaman

Warrior King

Monica Sassatelli

Becoming Europeans

Roberta Sassatelli

Fitness Culture

Gwendolyn Sasse

Europeanization and Regionalization in the EU's Enlargement

Charles W. Sasser

Arctic Homestead; Back in the Fight; None Left Behind; Raider

Jean Sasson

Growing Up bin Laden

Sarah Juliette Sasson

Longing to Belong

Ralph Sassone

The Intimates

Donald Sassoon

One Hundred Years of Socialism

Joseph Sassoon

The Iraqi Refugees

Siegfried Sassoon

The War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon

Raphael Sassower

Digital Exposure; The Price of Public Intellectuals

Dr. Sally Satel

One Nation Under Therapy

Arvind Sathi

Engaging Customers Using Big Data

Makoto Sato

Protecting Human Security in a Post 9/11 World

Tomoko Sato

The Wilde Years

Tsuneaki Sato

Transition From Socialist to Market Economies

Yoichiro Sato

Norms, Interests, and Power in Japanese Foreign Policy

Yoichiro Sato

The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance

Fumihiko Satofuka

Culture and Technology in Modern Japan

Pamela Redmond Satran

Baby Names Now; Beyond Ava & Aiden; Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana; Cool Irish Names for Babies

Salvatore Satta

The Day of Judgment

Beryl Satter

Family Properties

Anthony Sattin

Lifting the Veil; The Gates of Africa

Tim Sauber

Structured Creativity

Elizabeth Sauer


Michelle M. Sauer

The Lesbian Premodern

Tom Sauer

Nuclear Inertia

Gary Sauer-Thompson

The Bankruptcy of Economics

Uli Sauerland

Presupposition and Implicature in Compositional Semantics

Ulrich Sauerland

Semantics and Pragmatics

John S. Saul

Development After Globalization

John S. Saul

A Flawed Freedom

Richard Saull

The Cold War and After

Rabban Sauma

Monks of Kublai Khan, Emperor of China

Mary Saums

Mighty Old Bones; Thistle and Twigg

Anna Saunders

Honecker's Children

Anna Saunders

Remembering and Rethinking the GDR

Christopher Saunders

South Africa: A Modern History

Clare Broome Saunders

Women Writers and Nineteenth-Century Medievalism

Corinne Saunders

Madness and Creativity in Literature and Culture; The Body and the Arts

Graham Saunders

'Love Me Or Kill Me'; Cool Britannia?; Sarah Kane in Context

Harold H. Saunders

A Public Peace Process; Politics Is about Relationship; Sustained Dialogue in Conflicts

Kate Saunders

Bachelor Boys; The Little Secret; The Marrying Game

Kriemild Saunders

Feminist Post-Development Thought

Rebecca Saunders

Lamentation and Modernity in Literature, Philosophy, and Culture

Pierre-Yves Saunier

Another Global City; The Palgrave Dictionary of Transnational History

Pierre-Yves Saunier

Transnational History

Helen Sauntson

Gender and Language Research Methodologies; Language, Sexualities and Desires; New Perspectives on Language and Sexual Identity

Helen Sauntson

Approaches to Gender and Spoken Classroom Discourse

Emilio Sauri

Literary Materialisms

Sabine Saurugger

Theoretical Approaches to European Integration

Charlotte Sausman

Future Health Organisations

Barry Sautman

Cultural Genocide and Asian State Peripheries

Francesca Canade Sautman

Same Sex Love and Desire Among Women in the Middle Ages

Karl P. Sauvant

Foreign Direct Investments from Emerging Markets; The Rise of Indian Multinationals

Elivia Savadier

When You Meet a Bear on Broadway; Will Sheila Share?

Ann Savage

Bump! Thump! How Do We Jump?; Munch! Crunch! What's for Lunch?

Jon Savage

England's Dreaming, Revised Edition

Michael Savage

A Time for War; Abuse of Power

Mike Savage

Rethinking Class; Urban Sociology, Capitalism and Modernity

Mike Savage

Class Inequality in Austerity Britain; Culture in Manchester

Paul Savage

Crisis in Command

Robert J. Savage Jr.

A Loss of Innocence?

Stephen Savage

Little Tug

Stephen P. Savage

Inside Access: Sharks; Question Time: Sharks

Steven Savage

Explorers: Oceans and Seas; Oceans

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh

Kanzi's Primal Language

David Savat

The Uncoding the Digital

Steven Savile

Elemental: The Tsunami Relief Anthology

Guy Saville

The Afrika Reich

Giovanni Savio

Growth and Cycle in the Euro-zone

Stefania Saviolo

Lifestyle Brands

Pascal Savioz

Technology Intelligence

Joseph Savirimuthu

Online Child Safety

Hank V. Savitch

Globalism and Local Democracy

Ernesto Savona

European Drug Policies and Enforcement

Theophilus Savvas

American Postmodernist Fiction and the Past

Peter Sawchuk

Work and Organizational Behaviour

Deepak Narang Sawhney

Unmasking L.A.

Erlenawati Sawir

Ideas for Intercultural Education

Andy Sawyer

Teaching Science Fiction

Dylan Sawyer

Lyotard, Literature and the Trauma of the differend

Malcolm Sawyer

Alternative Perspectives on Economic Policies in the European Union; Critical Essays on the Privatisation Experience; Current Thinking on Fiscal Policy; Financial Liberalization

Malcolm Sawyer

21st Century Keynesian Economics; Economic and Monetary Union Macroeconomic Policies; Economic Policies, Governance and the New Economics; Fiscal and Debt Policies for the Future

Malcolm C. Sawyer

Macroeconomics, Finance and Money

Robert Sawyer

Harold Bloom's Shakespeare

Robert J. Sawyer

Calculating God; Factoring Humanity; Flashforward; Frameshift

Sarah Sawyer

New Waves in Philosophy of Language

Suzana Sawyer

The Politics of Resource Extraction

Robert Francis Saxe

Settling Down

Steven Saxonberg

Gendering Family Policies in Post-Communist Europe

Martha Saxton

Being Good; Louisa May Alcott

Ruth O. Saxton

The Girl

Cecilia Sayad

Performing Authorship

Liz Sayce

From Psychiatric Patient To Citizen

Asma Sayeed

Law and Tradition in Classical Islamic Thought

Derek Sayer

The Inhabited Ruins of Central Europe

Karen Sayer

Country Cottages; Science Fiction, Critical Frontiers

Tony Sayer

Critical Practice in Working With Children

Dennis Sayers

Brave New Schools

Dorothy L. Sayers

A Presumption of Death; Thrones, Dominations

Sean Sayers

Marx and Alienation

Rosemary Sayigh

The Palestinians

Steven Saylor

A Gladiator Dies Only Once; A Mist of Prophecies; A Murder on the Appian Way; Arms of Nemesis

Joanne Sayner

Reframing Antifascism

April Pulley Sayre

Army Ant Parade; Eat Like a Bear; Honk, Honk, Goose!; Vulture View

Ayman Fu'ad Sayyid

The Fatimids and Their Successors in Yaman

Bobby S. Sayyid

A Fundamental Fear

Angel Saz-Carranza

Nonprofit Organizations

Fatima Sbaity Kassem

Party Politics, Religion, and Women's Leadership

Patrizia Sbriglia

Games, Rationality and Behaviour

Paolo Scabini

International Entrepreneurship

Lawrence Scaff

Weber and the Weberians

Dante J. Scala

Stormy Weather

Elizabeth Scala

Absent Narratives, Manuscript Textuality, and Literary Structure in Late Medieval England; The Post-Historical Middle Ages

Jack Scalia

Lovers & Players

John Scalzi

After the Coup; Agent to the Stars; Fuzzy Nation; Lock In

Graham Scambler

New Directions in the Sociology of Chronic and Disabling Conditions

Graham Scambler

Café Society

Sasha Scambler

New Directions in the Sociology of Chronic and Disabling Conditions

Lawrence Scanlan

The Horse God Built

Mrs. Patricia Scanlan

Francesca's Party; Two For Joy

Bill Scanlon

Bad News for McEnroe

Margaret Scanlon

Youth Policy, Civil Society and the Modern Irish State

Margaret Scanlon

Youth Policy, Civil Society and the Modern Irish State

John Scannell

The Unacceptable

Ron Scapp

Fashion Statements

Ron Scapp

Living with Class

Harry Scarbrough

Managing Knowledge Work and Innovation, 2nd Edition

Jean-Louis Scaringella

Handbook of Top Management Teams

Deryck Scarr

Slaving and Slavery in the Indian Ocean

Elaine Scarratt

Teaching Analysis of Film Language

Geoffrey Scarre

Witchcraft and Magic in 16th and 17th-Century Europe

Simon Scarrow

The Eagle and the Wolves; The Eagle's Conquest; The Eagle's Prey; The Eagle's Prophecy

Susan E. Scarrow

Perspectives on Political Parties

Elaine Scarry

Dreaming by the Book

Frank J. Scaturro

Never Give In

Roberto Scazzieri

Fundamental Uncertainty

Rachael Scdoris

No End in Sight

Andy Scerri

Greening Citizenship

Martha Schabas

Various Positions

Judith Schachter

Outrage: Art, Controversy, and Society

Thomas Schachtman

Whoever Fights Monsters

John Schad

Victorians in Theory

Guido K. Schaefer

Money, Trust and Banking

Lola M. Schaefer

Arrowhawk; Toolbox Twins

Elizabeth Schafer

Ms-Directing Shakespeare

Jessica Schafer

Soldiers at Peace

Mark Schafer

Beliefs and Leadership in World Politics

Gavin Schaffer

Racial Science and British Society, 1930-62; The Lasting War; The Vision of a Nation

Kay Schaffer

Human Rights and Narrated Lives

Michael Schaffer

One Nation Under Dog

Scott Schaffer

Resisting Ethics

Anna Katharina Schaffner

Modernism and Perversion

Anna Katharina Schaffner

Modernist Eroticisms

Martin A. Schain

Shadows Over Europe; The Marshall Plan: Fifty Years After; The Politics of Immigration in France, Britain, and the United States

Kori Schake

The Berlin Wall Crisis

Arjan Schakel

Regional and National Elections in Western Europe

Joel Schalit

Collective Action

Bob Schaller

Michael Phelps

Simon Schama

A History of Britain, Volume 1; A History of Britain, Volume 2; A History of Britain, Volume 3; The Death of the Past

Roger C. Schank

The Future of Decision Making

Robert A. Schanke

Queer Theatre and the Legacy of Cal Yeomans

Veronica Schanoes

Among the Thorns; Burning Girls

Jonathan Schanzer

Hamas vs. Fatah; State of Failure

David Schapira

The Book of Coffee and Tea

Joel Schapira

The Book of Coffee and Tea

Karl Schapira

The Book of Coffee and Tea

Elissa Schappell

What We Talk About When We Talk About Birth

Caleb Scharf

Gravity's Engines

Michael P. Scharf

Enemy of the State

Peter Scharff Smith

When the Innocent are Punished

Christina Scharff

New Femininities

Joachim Scharloth

1968 in Europe; The Establishment Responds

Sarah Schaschek

Pornography and Seriality

Thomas Schatz

The Genius of the System

Melissa Schaub

Middlebrow Feminism in Classic British Detective Fiction

Joy Schaverien

The Dying Patient in Psychotherapy

Dan Schawbel

Promote Yourself

Michael G. Schechter

Future Multilateralism; Innovation in Multilateralism; Rethinking Globalization(S)

Patricia A. Schechter

Exploring the Decolonial Imaginary

Peter Scheckner

American War Cinema and Media since Vietnam

Darrow Schecter

Beyond Hegemony; Sovereign States or Political Communities?

Clemens Schedler

Big Strategies for Small Business; Knowledge Loves Company

Doris Schedlitzki

Worldly Leadership

Edward Scheer

Multimedia Performance

Thomas Scheffer

Criminal Defence and Procedure

Amy Scheibe

What Do You Do All Day?

Carmen Scheide

Soviet Space Culture

Ethan Scheiner

Japan Decides 2012

Danny Scheinmann

Random Acts of Heroic Love

Sibylle Scheipers

Negotiating Sovereignty and Human Rights

Sibylle Scheipers

Heroism and the Changing Character of War

Kirsten Scheiwe

Childcare and Preschool Development in Europe

Christine Schelhas-Miller

Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money

Marc Schelhase

Globalization, Regionalization and Business

Waltraud Schelkle

Paradigms of Social Change

Jonathan Schell

The Seventh Decade; The Unconquerable World

Patience A. Schell

The Sociable Sciences

Pamela Schembri

No More Pumpkins; The Secret Lunch Special; The Veterans Day Visitor

Sean Schemmel

A Child's Book of Prayers; A Child's Book of Prayers - Book & CD set; Snow (Book & CD Set)

Catherine Schenk

Hong Kong SAR's Monetary and Exchange Rate Challenges

Joan Schenkar

The Talented Miss Highsmith

Hazlon Schepmyer

Winning Reviews

Mark J. Scher

Japanese Interfirm Networks and Their Main Banks

Juliet Lilledahl Scherer

Community Colleges and the Access Effect

Tony Scherman

The Rock Musician

Henry Schermer

Form and Dialectic in Georg Simmel's Sociology

Andrea Schertler

The Venture Capital Industry in Europe

Mona Scheuermann

Reading Jane Austen

Phillip F. Schewe

Maverick Genius

R. Schewens

Strategies for Sustainable Development

Alvin J. Schexnider

Saving Black Colleges

Jorge A. Schiavon

North America's Soft Security Threats and Multilateral Governance

Giuseppe Schiavone

International Organizations; International Organizations, 5th Edition; International Organizations, 6th Edition

Irvin Cemil Schick

Women in the Ottoman Balkans

Kate Schick

The Vulnerable Subject

Richard Schickel

Double Indemnity

Edward Schieffelin

The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers

John W. Schiemann

The Politics of Pact-Making

Claire Schiff

Migrant, Roma and Post-Colonial Youth in Education across Europe

Peter Schiff

The Real Crash; The Real Crash (Fully Revised and Updated)

Stacy Schiff

A Great Improvisation; Saint-Exupery

Brenda Deen Schildgen

Heritage or Heresy; Other Renaissances

Theo Schiller

Citizens' Initiatives in Europe

Derek Schilling

Eric Rohmer

Annemarie Schimmel

Make A Shield From Wisdom; Rumi

Kimberly Schimmel

The Political Economy of Sport

Frank Schimmelfennig

International Socialization in Europe

Frank Schimmelfennig

Differentiated Integration; Research Design in Political Science

Frank Schimmelfennig

Civil Society and Democracy Promotion

S. D. Schindler

The Curious Adventures of the Abandoned Toys

S.D. Schindler

A Big Cheese for the White House; Come to the Castle!; Magnus Maximus, A Marvelous Measurer

Cathleen Schine

Alice in Bed; Fin & Lady; The Love Letter; The New Yorkers

Willem Schinkel

Aspects of Violence; Globalization and the State

Fiorella Schioppa

Report on the State of the European Union 2003-2004; The Principle of Mutual Recognition in the European Integration Process

Jeremy Schipper

Disability Studies and Biblical Literature

Lies Schippers

The Search

Asghar Schirazi

The Constitution of Iran

Stefan A. Schirm

New Rules for Global Markets

Wolfgang Schivelbusch

The Culture of Defeat; Three New Deals

Line Schjolden

The Marlowe

Jim Schlagheck

Cash-Rich Retirement

Reinhard Schlagintweit

A Passage to Nuristan

Markus Schlecker

Ethnographies of Social Support

Günther Schlee

Imagined Differences

Bodo B Schlegelmilch

The New Role of Regional Management

Dieter Schlesak

The Druggist of Auschwitz

Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

Abraham Lincoln; Andrew Jackson; Andrew Johnson; Benjamin Harrison

Svenja Schlichting

Internationalising China's Financial Markets

Erik Schlie

Simply Seven

Justin Schlosberg

Power Beyond Scrutiny

Birgit N. Schlyter

Prospects for Democracy in Central Asia

Serge Schmemann

New York Times When the Wall Came Down

Marion Schmid

Chantal Akerman

Peter F. Schmid

The Handbook of Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling

Peter F. Schmid

The Handbook of Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling

Susanne Schmid

British Literary Salons of the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries; Shelley's German Afterlives

Thomas H. Schmid

Romanticism and Pleasure

Gary Schmidgall

Walt Whitman

Christina Schmidhofer

The Relaxed Kitchen

Nicholas Schmidle

To Live or to Perish Forever

René Schmidpeter

Responsibility and Social Capital

Arnold A. Schmidt

Byron and the Rhetoric of Italian Nationalism

Axel Schmidt

Operations Excellence

Christopher Schmidt

The Poetics of Waste

Gary Schmidt

First Boy; Mara's Stories

Gustav Schmidt

A History of NATO--The First Fifty Years

Heidi Jon Schmidt

The Bride of Catastrophe; The Rose Thieves

John R. Schmidt

The Unraveling

Klaus Schmidt

Inclusive Branding

Peter Schmidt

Germans or Foreigners?

Peter G. Schmidt

Color and Money

Rudi Schmidt

Change in SMEs

Ulf Schmidt

Justice at Nuremberg

Volker Schmidt

Global Modernity

Perry Schmidt-Leukel

Religious Diversity in Chinese Thought

Diana Schmidt-Pfister

Transnational Advocacy on the Ground

Oliver Schmidtke

Europe's Last Frontier?; Of States, Rights, and Social Closure

Oliver Schmidtke

Rethinking the Public Sphere Through Transnationalizing Processes

Bernd Schmitt

Happy Customers Everywhere

Eric Schmitt


Norbert Schmitt

Researching Vocabulary

Hans Peter Schmitz

Transnational Mobilization and Domestic Regime Change

Hans-Christian Schmitz

Accentuation and Active Interpretation

Stefan Schmitz

A Stranger to Myself

Günter Schmölders

The Psychology of Money and Public Finance

Gjertrud Schnackenberg

A Gilded Lapse of Time; Heavenly Questions; Supernatural Love; The Throne of Labdacus

Pauline Schnapper

The Politics of Ethnic Diversity in the British Isles

Ulrich Schneckener

Managing and Settling Ethnic Conflicts

Frederick S. Schneid

Fighting Techniques of the Napoleonic Age

Arnd Schneider

Appropriation as Practice

Barry R. Schneider

The World's Most Threatening Terrorist Networks and Criminal Gangs

Benu Schneider

The Road to International Financial Stability

Bonnie Schneider

Extreme Weather

Gerald Schneider

Decision Rules in the European Union

Mark Schneider

Accountability in American Higher Education

Matthew Schneider

The Long and Winding Road from Blake to the Beatles

Paul Schneider

Bonnie and Clyde; Brutal Journey; Old Man River; The Adirondacks

Peter Schneider

German Comedy

Ralf Schneider

The Making of Modern Tourism

Ryan Schneider

The Public Intellectualism of Ralph Waldo Emerson and W.E.B. Du Bois

Steffen Schneider

Democracy's Deep Roots; Legitimacy in an Age of Global Politics

Steven Jay Schneider

100 European Horror Films; New Hollywood Violence

Susan Schneider

The Wedding Writer

Volker Schneider

Organized Business Interests in Changing Environments

David Schneiderman

Resisting Economic Globalization

Davis Schneiderman

Retaking The Universe

Jill Schneiderman

Earth Around Us, The

Matthew A. Schnurr

Natural Resources and Social Conflict

Stephanie Schnurr

Leadership Discourse at Work

Adrian Schober

Possessed Child Narratives in Literature and Film

Richard W. Schoch

Queen Victoria and the Theatre of Her Age

Peter A. Schock

Romantic Satanism

Douglas E. Schoen

The Political Fix

Arnold Schoenberg

Fundamentals of Musical Composition

Jane Schoenberg

Stuey Lewis Against All Odds; The One and Only Stuey Lewis

Beth Schoenfeldt

Ladies Who Launch

Michael Schoenfeldt

Imagining Death in Spenser and Milton

Mark Schoenfield

British Periodicals and Romantic Identity

Michael Schoenhals

Imagining Mass Dictatorships; Mass Dictatorship and Modernity

Julian Schofield

Militarization and War; Pakistan

Julian Schofield

Strategic Nuclear Sharing

Phillipp R. Schofield

Peasant and Community in Medieval England, 1200-1500

Victoria Schofield

Afghan Frontier; Kashmir in Conflict; Kashmir in the Crossfire

Dora Scholarios

The Meaning of Work in the New Economy

Ken Scholes

A Weeping Czar Beholds the Fallen Moon; Antiphon; Canticle; Chapter 15.5: Intersections and Interlopers

Jan Aart Scholte

Globalization, Second Edition

Bruce A. Scholten

India's White Revolution

Leopold Scholtz

Why the Boers Lost the War

Carter Scholz

Radiance; The Amount to Carry

Susanne Scholz

Body Narratives

Mareike Schomerus

The Borderlands of South Sudan

Emmanuelle Schön-Quinlivan

Reforming the European Commission

Karl K. Schonberg

Constructing 21st Century U.S. Foreign Policy

Korinna Schönhär

The Economies of Urban Diversity

Korinna Schönhärl

The Economies of Urban Diversity

Justus Schönlau

Constitutional Politics in the European Union; Drafting the EU Charter

Gerd Schönwälder

Economic Liberalization and Political Violence

Cynthia Schoolar Williams

Hospitality and the Transatlantic Imagination, 1815-1835

Ilya Schor

The Sabbath

Luise Schorn-Schütte

The Protestant Clergy of Early Modern Europe

Katie Schorr

Awake at Dawn; Blue Moon; Born at Midnight; Chosen at Nightfall

Mark Schorr

Borderline; Fixation

C. Heike Schotten

Nietzsche's Revolution

Nicholas Schou

Orange Sunshine

David J. Schow

Internecine; Upgunned

Claudia Schrag Sternberg

The Struggle for EU Legitimacy

Martin Schram

Vets Under Siege

Jan-Melissa Schramm

Fictions of Knowledge

Ben Schrank

Love Is a Canoe

Ernst Schraube

Psychology from the Standpoint of the Subject

Ellen Schrecker

The Age of McCarthyism

Nathan Schreiber

Health Care Reform

Daniel Schreier

Consonant Change in English Worldwide; Isolation and Language Change

Yda Schreuder

The Corporate Greenhouse

Georg Schreyögg

The Hidden Dynamics of Path Dependence

Georg Schreyögg

Self-Reinforcing Processes in and among Organizations

Teresa C. Schrezenmaier

The Behavioural Economics of Brand Choice

Peter Schrijvers

Bloody Pacific; The Margraten Boys

Martin Schröder

Integrating Varieties of Capitalism and Welfare State Research

Miriam Schröder

Local Climate Governance in China

Monika Schroder

My Brother's Shadow; Saraswati's Way

Jonathan Schroeder

From Chinese Brand Culture to Global Brands

Karl Schroeder

Ashes of Candesce; Jubilee; Lady of Mazes; Lockstep

Paul W. Schroeder

Systems, Stability, and Statecraft; The Transformation of European Politics, 1763-1848

Ralph Schroeder

An Age of Limits

Severin Schroeder

Wittgenstein and Contemporary Philosophy of Mind

Kelly Schrum

Some Wore Bobby Sox

Edmund R. Schubert

Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show

Leda Schubert

Ballet of the Elephants; Feeding the Sheep; Monsieur Marceau; The Princess of Borscht

Robert Schuett

Political Realism, Freud, and Human Nature in International Relations

Stacey Schuett

Hanukkah in Alaska

Hans G. Schuetze

University Governance and Reform

Florian Schui

Early Debates about Industry; Global Debates about Taxation

Isabelle Schuiling

Market-Driven Management

Udo Schuklenk

The Power of Pills

Nico Schulenkorf

Global Sport-for-Development

Jay Schulkin

Action, Perception and the Brain; Naturalism and Pragmatism

Dr. Robert H. Schuller

Turning Hurts Into Halos and Scars Into Stars

Bruce J. Schulman

Lyndon B. Johnson and American Liberalism, Second Edition

Jana K. Schulman

Women and Medieval Epic

Jason Schulman

Rosa Luxemburg

Michael Schulman

Great Scenes and Monologues for Actors; Play the Scene

Tanja Schult

A Hero's Many Faces

Brigid Schulte


Rolf Schulte

Man As Witch

Alexandra Schultheis

Regenerative Fictions

Dennis Schulting

Kant's Deduction and Apperception

Dan Schultz

Dead Run

David Schultz

American Politics in the Age of Ignorance

Don Schultz

Raising the Corporate Umbrella

Duane Schultz

Custer; Over The Earth I Come; Quantrill's War

Kathy Lou Schultz

The Afro-Modernist Epic and Literary History

Mark Schultz

The Stuff of Life

Ron Schultz

Coherence in the Midst of Complexity; Creating Good Work

Charles M. Schulz

Always Stick up for the Underbird; And the Beagles and the Bunnies Shall Lie Down Together; Dr. Beagle and Mr. Hyde; I Heard a D Minus Call Me

Helena Lindholm Schulz

The Reconstruction of Palestinian Nationalism

Kirsten Schulze

Nationalism, Minorities and Diasporas

Jim Schumacher

The Virus and the Vaccine

Amy Schuman

Family Business as Paradox

Amy M. Schuman

A Woman's Place; Family Education For Business-Owning Families; Nurturing the Talent to Nurture the Legacy

Dirk Schumann

Engineering Society

William R. Schumann

Toward an Anthropology of Government

William R. Schumann

Governing Cultures

Tanja Schümer

The New Humanitarianism

Darla Schumm

Disability and Religious Diversity; Disability in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Darla Schumm

Chronic Illness, Spirituality, and Healing

Simon Schunz

The European Union and Multilateral Governance

Jonathan Schuppe

A Chance to Win

Richard Schur

African American Culture and Legal Discourse

Fred Schurink

Tudor Translation

Donna Decker Schuster

Women's Literary Creativity and the Female Body

John Schuster

Haunting Museums

Leo Schuster

Shareholder Value Management in Banks

Hellmut Schutte

Strategies for Asia Pacific

Kimberly Schutte

Women, Rank, and Marriage in the British Aristocracy, 1485-2000

Aaron Schutz

Collective Action for Social Change; Social Class, Social Action, and Education

Donna Schuurman

Never the Same

James Schuyler

Collected Poems; Other Flowers; Selected Poems; The Morning of the Poem

Klaus Schwab

The Global Competitiveness Report 2004-2005; The Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007; The Global Competitiveness Report 2007-2008

Prof. Peter Schwab

Africa: A Continent Self-Destructs; Cuba: Confronting the U.S. Embargo; Designing West Africa

V. E. Schwab

Vicious; Warm Up

Christina Schwabenland

Metaphor and Dialectic in Managing Diversity

Elisabeth Schwaiger

Ageing, Gender, Embodiment and Dance

Katharina Schwaiger

Asset and Liability Management Handbook

Anne Schwan

How to Read Foucault's Discipline and Punish

Joe Schwarcz

Radar, Hula Hoops, and Playful Pigs; The Genie in the Bottle

Henning Schwardt

Institutions, Technology, and Circular and Cumulative Causation in Economics

Alvin Schwartz

Gold and Silver, Silver and Gold

Amy Schwartz

A Beautiful Girl; A Teeny Tiny Baby; Lucy Can't Sleep; Tiny and Hercules

Barry Schwartz

Northeast Asia's Difficult Past

Bob Schwartz, Ph.D.

Great Orgasms; The One-Hour Orgasm

Gerd Schwartz

Public Investment and Public-Private Partnerships

Herman M. Schwartz

States Versus Markets, 3rd Edition; The Politics of Housing Booms and Busts

Howard Schwartz

Gathering Sparks

Jenny Schwartz

God's Ear

Joan Schwartz

Picturing Place

John Pedro Schwartz

TransLatin Joyce

Judith D. Schwartz

Tell Me No Lies

Laura Schwartz

Infidel Feminism

Leah Schwartz, Ph.D.

Great Orgasms; The One-Hour Orgasm

Lowell Schwartz

Political Warfare against the Kremlin

Michael Schwartz

Broadway and Corporate Capitalism

Michael Schwartz

Class Divisions on the Broadway Stage

Richard Schwartz

Coming To Terms

Robert Schwartz

Deans of Men and the Shaping of Modern College Culture

Stephen Jay Schwartz

Beat; Boulevard

Stuart B. Schwartz

Victors and Vanquished

Loretta Schwartz-Nobel

Poisoned Nation

Alan Schwarz

The Numbers Game

Bill Schwarz

West Indian Intellectuals in Britain

Bill Schwarz

End of Empire and the English Novel since 1945

Daniel R. Schwarz

Broadway Boogie Woogie; Imagining the Holocaust; Reading Joyce's Ulysses; Reconfiguring Modernism

Norbert E. Schwarz

Family Business by the Numbers

Stefan Schwarzkopf

Ernest Dichter and Motivation Research

Leopold Schwarzschild

Chronicle of a Downfall

Joachim Schwass

Wise Growth Strategies in Leading Family Businesses; Wise Wealth

Hanns-Uve Schwedler

Migration and Cultural Inclusion in the European City; Urban Planning and Cultural Inclusion

Theresa Schwegel

Last Known Address; Officer Down; Person of Interest; Probable Cause

Christian Schweiger

Britain, Germany and the Future of the European Union

Tim Schweisfurth

Managing Innovation Driven Companies

Marlis Schweitzer

Testimonial Advertising in the American Marketplace

Reicke Schweitzer

The Germans in their Century: 1890-1990

Karl W. Schweizer

The International Thought of Herbert Butterfield

Anne Schwenkenbecher

Terrorism: A Philosophical Enquiry

Stephanie Schwerter

Northern Irish Poetry and the Russian Turn

Roland Schwientek

Operations Excellence

Sandra Schwindenhammer

The Role of Business in Global Governance

Paola Schwizer

Cooperative Banking in Europe: Case Studies; Cooperative Banking: Innovations and Developments

Jan Schyma

Live Online Learning

Scientific American

Instant Egghead Guide: Physics; Instant Egghead Guide: The Mind; Instant Egghead Guide: The Universe

Scientific American Editors

A Look Back; A Question of Time; A.I. and Genius Machines; Battling Drought

Casey Scieszka

To Timbuktu

Elaine Sciolino

La Seduction

Katie Sciurba

Oye, Celia!

Ted Scofield

Eat What You Kill

Ian Scoones

Science and Citizens

Jason Scorse

What Environmentalists Need to Know about Economics

Nigel Scotland

Squires in the Slums

A. O. Scott

The Best DVDs You've Never Seen, Just Missed or Almost Forgotten

Andrew Scott

Allies Apart

Ann Scott

Ernest Gowers

Bede Scott

On Lightness in World Literature

Beth Scott

Haunted America; Haunted Heritage; Historic Haunted America

Brett Scott

The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance

Campbell Scott

The Abstinence Teacher

Cathy Scott

The Millionaire's Wife

Chris Scott

Fighting Techniques of the Napoleonic Age

Clive Scott

Street Photography

David Scott

Politics and War in the Three Stuart Kingdoms, 1637-49; The 'Chinese Century'?; Two Sides of the Moon

David Scott

Learning Transitions in Higher Education

Derek Scott

Off Whitehall

Hamish Scott

The European Nobilities Volume 1; The European Nobilities Volume 2

Helen C. Scott

Socialism or Barbarism?

Ian Scott

From Pinewood to Hollywood

Jack D. Scott

Meat and Potatoes Cookbook

Jamie S. Scott

Mixed Messages

Jeremy Scott

The Demotic Voice in Contemporary British Fiction

Jeremy Scott

Creative Writing and Stylistics

Jill Scott

The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours

Jill Scott

A Poetics of Forgiveness

Joanna Scott

Arrogance; The Manikin; Various Antidotes

John Scott

Rethinking Class

John Scott

Bending the Arc of Innovation

John Scott

The Palgrave Handbook of Sociology in Britain

Keith Scott

The Moose That Roared

Kylie Scott

Lick; Play

L. V. Scott

Macmillan, Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Linda M. Scott

Fresh Lipstick

Lynn Orilla Scott

James Baldwin and Toni Morrison

Maria L. Scott

Meat and Potatoes Cookbook

Martin Scott

From Entertainment to Citizenship

Martin Scott

Media and Development

Maryanne Bartoszek Scott, M.D.

The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies

Matthew P. Scott

Wordsworth in American Literary Culture

Michael Scott

Etruscans; The Thirteen Hallows; Vampyres of Hollywood

Michael Scott

Religious Language

Nora Scott

An Indian Journal

Regan Scott

Strategic Unionism and Partnership

Sir Ian Scott

A British Tale of Indian and Foreign Service

Sophfronia Scott

All I Need to Get By

Susie Scott

Shyness and Society

Susie Scott

Total Institutions and Reinvented Identities

Tim Scott

Organization Philosophy

Tom Scott

Society and Economy in Germany, 1300-1600

William B. Scott

Counterspace; Space Wars

Elizabeth Scott-Baumann

The Intellectual Culture of Puritan Women, 1558-1680

Brian Scott-Quinn

Commercial and Investment Banking and the International Credit and Capital Markets

Giles Scott-Smith

Transnational Anti-Communism and the Cold War; Western Anti-Communism and the Interdoc Network

Jason Scott-Warren

Tudor Drama Before Shakespeare, 1485-1590

Marilyn Scott-Waters

Haunted Histories

Lisa Scottoline

Accused: A Rosato & Associates Novel; Best Friends, Occasional Enemies; Come Home; Don't Go

Jonathan Scourfield

Understanding Suicide

D. G. Scragg

A History of English Spelling

Leah Scragg

John Lyly 'Euphues: the Anatomy of Wit' and 'Euphues and His England'; Love's Metamorphosis; Mother Bombie; The Woman in the Moon

Leah Scragg


Philip Scranton

The Rise of Marketing and Market Research

Ivan Scrase

Energy for the Future

Phil Scraton

Beyond September 11

Phil Scraton

The Incarceration of Women

Ernesto Screpanti

Libertarian Communism

Clarice Scriber

On Becoming a Leadership Coach

Clarice L. Scriber

On Becoming a Leadership Coach

R.W. Scribner

The German Reformation, Second Edition

Michael Scriven

Jean-Paul Sartre

Michael Scrivener

Jewish Representation in British Literature 1780-1840

Clive Scruton

I Am Reading: Mrs. Hippo's Pizza Parlor; The Kingfisher Treasury of Dinosaur Stories

Roger Scruton

The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Political Thought

Andrew Scull

Durkheim and the Law

Hugh Scullion

International Human Resource Management

Richard Scullion

The Marketing of Political Parties

Matthew Scully


Richard Scully

British Images of Germany

Roger Scully

Europe, Regions and European Regionalism

Ruth Scurr

Fatal Purity

Martin J. Scurrah

Globalizing Social Justice

Sten Sderman

Sport as a Business

Glenn T. Seaborg

The Atomic Energy Commission Under Nixon

Jeremy Seabrook

Children of Other Worlds; Cities; Notes from Another India; People Without History

Jeremy Seabrook

The Refuge and the Fortress

John Seabrook

Flash of Genius

Leonard Seabrooke

The Politics of Housing Booms and Busts

Nicholas Seager

The Rise of the Novel

Elisabeth Seal

Women, Murder and Femininity

Graham Seal

The Soldiers' Press

Kathy Seal

Motivated Minds

Lizzie Seal

Transgressive Imaginations

Clive Seale

Gender and the Language of Illness

Claire Seaman

The Modern Family Business

John T. Seaman Jr.

A Citizen of the World

Myra J. Seaman

Cultural Studies of the Modern Middle Ages

Erika B. Seamon

Interfaith Marriage in America

Philip Seargeant

English in Japan in the Era of Globalization; The Language of Social Media

Rosalind Searle

Selection and Recruitment

Teresa Searle

Felt Jewelry; Heartfelt: 25 Projects for Stitched and Felted Accessories

Joshua Searle-White

The Psychology of Nationalism

Rachel Searles

The Lost Planet; The Lost Planet, Chapters 1-5

Christine E. Sears

American Slaves and African Masters

Richard Sears

First Born

Douglas R. Sease

Money Wise

Jean Seaton

The Media of Conflict

Jeannette Seaver

The Tender Hour of Twilight

Kristin A. Seaver

The Last Vikings

Richard Seaver

The Tender Hour of Twilight

David Seawright

Cameron and the Conservatives

Davin Seay

With God on Our Side

Sofía Sebastián-Aparicio

Post-War Statebuilding and Constitutional Reform

Silvia Sebastiani

The Scottish Enlightenment

Anne Sebba

That Woman

Mark Sebba

Contact Languages

Berny Sèbe

Heroic Imperialists in Africa

Barbara Sebek

Global Traffic

Karen Sebold

The Invisible Hands of Political Parties in Presidential Elections

Kevin Seccia

Punching Tom Hanks

Papa Seck

Risk, Shocks, and Human Development

Hakan Seckinelgin

Gendering the 'International'; Global Civil Society 2011

Catherine Secretan

The Self-Perception of Early Modern Capitalists

Catherine Secretan

In Praise of Ordinary People

David Seddon

The Congo

John Seddon

Systems Thinking: From Heresy to Practice

Peter Seddon

History Painting Reassessed

Toby Seddon

Understanding Drug Use and Abuse

Ulrich Sedelmeier

Constructing the Path to Eastern Enlargement; Developments in European Politics 2

Carl H. Sederholm

Adapting Poe; Poe, "The House of Usher," and the American Gothic

Douglas Sedge

Thomas of Woodstock; Three Jacobean Witchcraft Plays

Marcus Sedgwick

Marcus Sedgwick Chapter Sampler; Midwinterblood; Midwinterblood, Free Chapter Sampler; Revolver

Peter Sedgwick

Nietzsche's Economy

Guilherme Sedlacek

Child Labor and Education in Latin America

Kate Sedley

The Saint John's Fern; The Weaver's Inheritance

DeNel Rehberg Sedo

Reading Communities from Salons to Cyberspace

Paul Sedra

From Mission to Modernity

Peter Seeberg

Migration, Security, and Citizenship in the Middle East

David Seed

Imagining Apocalypse

Paul Seedhouse

Applying Conversation Analysis; Language Learning and Teaching as Social Interaction

Paul Seedhouse

Conceptualising 'Learning' in Applied Linguistics

Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Bully; Dog and Bear: Three to Get Ready; Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories; Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories (My Readers Level 2)

Annette Seegers

The Military in the Making of Modern South Africa

Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

The Dual Transformation of the German Welfare State

Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

Welfare State Transformations

David Seelow

Radical Modernism and Sexuality

Jennifer C. Seely

The Legacies of Transition Governments in Africa

Aidan Seery

Higher Education in Ireland

Barbara Segaert

Genocide, Risk and Resilience

Jeanne S. Segal

Raising Your Emotional Intelligence

Naomi Segal

Indeterminate Bodies

Naomi Segal

From Literature to Cultural Literacy

Ronald Segal

Islam's Black Slaves; The Black Diaspora

Steven Segal

Business Feel

Jean-Francois Segalotto

Central Bank Independence, Accountability, and Transparency

Michael Segell

The Devil's Horn

Linda Seger

Creating Unforgettable Characters; The Art of Adaptation

Pär Segerdahl

Kanzi's Primal Language

Tom Segev

1949; 1967; Elvis in Jerusalem; One Palestine, Complete

Fatma Nevra Seggie

Religion and the State in Turkish Universities

Jonathan Seglow

Citizenship Acquisition and National Belonging

Marla Segol

Sexuality, Sociality, and Cosmology in Medieval Literary Texts; Word and Image in Medieval Kabbalah

Eve Seguin

Infectious Processes

Kabir Sehgal

Walk in My Shoes

Kirsten Sehnbruch

The Chilean Labor Market

Philip Seib

Al Jazeera English; Beyond the Front Lines; Media and Conflict in the Twenty-First Century; New Media and the New Middle East

Philip Seib

Real-Time Diplomacy; Religion and Public Diplomacy

Frederick Seidel

Life on Earth; My Tokyo; Nice Weather; Ooga-Booga

Kathleen Gilles Seidel

A Most Uncommon Degree of Popularity; Keep Your Mouth Shut and Wear Beige

Katja Seidel

The Process of Politics in Europe

Markus Seidel

Epistemic Relativism

Scott Seider

The Engaged Campus

Tor Seidler

A Rat's Tale; Take a Good Look

Victor J. Seidler

Young Men and Masculinities

Victor Jeleniewski Seidler

Jewish Philosophy and Western Culture

Victor Jeleniewski Seidler

Remembering 9/11; Remembering Diana

Jan Seifert

Investing in Corporate Bonds and Credit Risk

Betsy Seifter

The Inevitable City

John Seigenthaler

James K. Polk

Fraser P. Seitel

Rethinking Reputation

Ai-Gul S. Seitenova

Social Security Reform in Transition Economies

Brian Seitz

Fashion Statements

Brian Seitz

Living with Class

Thomas Seitz

The Evolving Role of Nation Building in US Foreign Policy

Thomas T. Sekine

A Japanese Approach To Political Economy

Khalid Sekkat

Competition and Efficiency in the Arab World; Industrial Policy in Europe, Japan and the USA

Fatma Sel Turhan

The Ottoman Empire and the Bosnian Uprising

Eric Selbin

Decentering International Relations; Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance

Jan Selby

Global Governance, Conflict and Resistance; Water, Power and Politics in the Middle East

Jennifer A. Selby

Questioning French Secularism

Keith Selby

The Classic Serial On Television and Radio

Martin Selby

Understanding Urban Tourism

Nick Selby

The Poetry of Walt Whitman

Sabine Selchow

Global Civil Society 2012

George Selden

Chester Cricket's New Home; Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride; Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Harry to the Rescue! (My Readers Level 2); Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Starring Harry (My Readers Level 2)

Anthony Seldon

Recovering Power

Sarah Selecky

This Cake Is for the Party

Robert Self

British Foreign and Defence Policy Since 1945

Robert O. Self

All in the Family

Cynthia L. Selfe

Gaming Lives in the Twenty-First Century

Mathew S. Seligmann

Germany From Reich To Republic, 1871-1918

Matthew S. Seligmann

Rivalry in Southern Africa, 1893-99

Ofira Seliktar

Navigating Iran; The Politics of Intelligence and American Wars with Iraq

Evan Selinger

New Waves in Philosophy of Technology; Rethinking Theories and Practices of Imaging

Jonathan P.A. Sell

Metaphor and Diaspora in Contemporary Writing

Mike Sell

Avant-Garde Performance and Material Exchange

Jane Sellars

Frank Holl

Nancy Selleck

The Interpersonal Idiom in Shakespeare, Donne and Early Modern Culture

Yoko Sellek

Migrant Labour in Japan

M.N.S. Sellers

Republican Legal Theory; Republican Principles in International Law

Robert Sellers


Susan Sellers

Language and Sexual Difference; Myth and Fairy Tale in Contemporary Women's Fiction

Barbara Sellers-Young

Embodied Consciousness

Derek Sellman

Interprofessional Working in Health and Social Care

Scott P. Sells

Parenting Your Out-of-Control Teenager

Onalenna Selolwane

Poverty Reduction and Changing Policy Regimes in Botswana

Catherine Seltzer

Elizabeth Spencer's Complicated Cartographies

Kjetil Selvik

Stability and Change in the Modern Middle East

Joel Selvin

Peppermint Twist; Wear Your Dreams

Martina Selway

Little Yoga; Sleepy Little Yoga

Ben Selwyn

Workers, state and development in Brazil

Neil Selwyn

The Politics of Education and Technology

Linda F. Selzer

New Essays on the African American Novel

Steve Sem-Sandberg

The Emperor of Lies

Pablo Semán

Youth Identities and Argentine Popular Music

Susan F. Semel

Founding Mothers and Others

Aleksei Semenenko

The Texture of Culture

Gregory M. Colón Semenza

Graduate Study for the Twenty-First Century; Milton in Popular Culture; The English Renaissance in Popular Culture

Georgia Seminet

Representing History, Class, and Gender in Spain and Latin America

L.E. Semler

Teaching Shakespeare Beyond the Centre

Kristin Semmens

Seeing Hitler's Germany

Clovis E. Semmes

The Regal Theater and Black Culture

Christophe Sempels

Sustainable Innovation Strategy

Amartya Sen

Social Choice Re-Examined, Volume 2; Social Choice Re-Examined, Volume I; The Argumentative Indian

Asha Sen

Postcolonial Yearning

Meheli Sen

Figurations in Indian Film

Satadru Sen

Migrant Races

Sunanda Sen

Global Finance at Risk

Banu Senay

Beyond Turkey's Borders

Maurice Sendak

Dear Mili; The Golden Key; The Juniper Tree; The Light Princess

Ramon J. Sender

Requiem Por un Campesino Espanol

Michel Senellart

Security, Territory, Population

Peter Senge

Working with Presence

Amit Sengupta

Global Health Watch 3

Anasuya Sengupta

Defending Our Dreams

Indra Sengupta

Knowledge Production, Pedagogy, and Institutions in Colonial India

Jati K. Sengupta

Competition and Growth; Dynamics of Entry and Market Evolution; Efficiency Models in Data Development Analysis; Efficiency, Market Dynamics and Industry Growth

Jati Sengupta

Technology, Innovations and Growth

Pinar Senisik

The Transformation of Ottoman Crete

Alfred Erich Senn

Gorbachev's Failure in Lithuania

Edvardas Senn

Lithuania in European Politics

Danzy Senna

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Frank Sennett

Groupon's Biggest Deal Ever

Allen Sens

The Changing Politics of European Security

Andrew Sense

Cultivating the Learning within Projects

Joni Sensel

Reality Leak; The Humming of Numbers

Farid Senzai

Political Islam in the Age of Democratization

Nyogen Senzaki

Buddhism and Zen; The Iron Flute

Angelos Sepos

The Europeanization of Cyprus

Angelos Sepos

Which Europe?

Barbara Seranella

An Unacceptable Death; Deadman's Switch

Andres Serbin

Sunset Over the Islands

Steven Serels

Starvation and the State

Andrea Sereni

Plato's Problem


Serenity Through A Course in Miracles

Gitta Sereny

Cries Unheard

Victor M. Sergeev

Central Asia after the Empire

Gianluca Sergi

The Dolby Era

Göran Serin

Contemporary Management of Innovation

Carol Serling

More Stories from the Twilight Zone; Twilight Zone

Pierre Serna

Republics at War, 1776-1840

Gary Sernovitz

The Contrarians

Daniel Serra

Game Theory and Economics

Felipe Serrano

Financial Developments in National and International Markets; Fiscal Policy in the European Union

Monica Serrano

Regionalism and Governance in the Americas

Silvia Serrano

Development in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Francesca Serritella

Best Friends, Occasional Enemies; Happy and Merry; Have a Nice Guilt Trip; Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim

Gaia Servadio

Renaissance Woman

Jan Servaes

Sustainable Development and Green Communication

Lee Server

Ava Gardner; Robert Mitchum

Robert Service

The Russian Revolution, 1900-1927

Tom Service

Thomas Adès: Full of Noises

W. A. Sessions

A Prayer Journal

Kevin Sessums

Mississippi Sissy

Maija Setala

Referendums and Democratic Government

Maija Setälä

Citizens' Initiatives in Europe

Andrew Seth

Supermarket Wars

Anand Kumar Sethi

Doing Business in India

Rumina Sethi

The Politics of Postcolonialism

S. Prakash Sethi

Globalization and Self-Regulation; Group Purchasing Organizations

Amelia R. Seton

How to Start and Operate Your Own Bed-and-Breakfast

Bregtje Seton

Essential Statistics for Applied Linguistics

Vivian Seton

The Autobiography of an African Princess

David P. Setran

The College "Y"

Mark Setterfield

Growth, Employment and Inflation

Mark Setterfield

Macroeconomic Theory and Macroeconomic Pedagogy

Irene Bruna Seu

Passivity Generation

Andreas Seufert

Getting Real about Knowledge Networks

Franck Seuret

Brave New Seeds

Rita C. Severis

Travelling Artists in Cyprus 1700-1960

Kristin Sevick

Tor/Forge Author Voices: Volume 1

Ingrid Seward

Diana--The Last Word

Anna Sewell

Black Beauty; Black Beauty and the Thunderstorm (My Readers Level 3); Black Beauty Stolen! (My Readers Level 3)

Bevan Sewell

Challenging US Foreign Policy

Brian Sewell

Nothing Wasted; South from Ephesus

Keith Sewell

Herbert Butterfield and the Interpretation of History

Jamie Sexton

Experimental British Television

Jamie Sexton

No Known Cure

Jay Sexton

The Monroe Doctrine

Ben Seyd

Has Devolution Worked?

Patrick Seyd

New Labour's Grassroots; Political Participation in Britain

Gill Seyfang

The New Economics of Sustainable Consumption

Gill Seyfang

The New Economics of Sustainable Consumption

Gerald Seymour

A Deniable Death; The Dealer and the Dead

Julie Seymour

Displaying Families

Mark Seymour

Debating Divorce in Italy

Michel Seymour

Multinational Federalism; The Plural States of Recognition

Peter Seymour

What's at the Beach?; What's in the Cave?; What's in the Deep Blue Sea?; What's in the Jungle?

Richard Seymour

Against Austerity

Colin Seymour-Ure

Northcliffe's Legacy

Zeynep Sezgin

Cross Border Migrant Organizations in Comparative Perspective

Joann Sfar

Little Vampire; Sardine in Outer Space; Sardine in Outer Space 2; Sardine in Outer Space 3

Joseph Shaanan

Economic Freedom and the American Dream

Fuad Shaban

For Zion's Sake

Ayman Shabana

Custom in Islamic Law and Legal Theory

Amilcar Shabazz

Women & Others

Hila Shachar

Cultural Afterlives and Screen Adaptations of Classic Literature

Sidney Shachnow

Hope and Honor

Tom Shachtman

Airlift to America; Rumspringa

Geoff Shackelford

Grounds for Golf

Christopher Shackle

'Attar and the Persian Sufi Tradition

Colleen Shaddox

Jazz is the Sound of God Laughing

Anthony Shadid

Night Draws Near

Miriam Shadis

Berenguela of Castile (1180-1246) and Political Women in the High Middle Ages

Kenneth C. Shadlen

The Political Economy of Hemispheric Integration

Mehdi Shafaeddin

Trade Policy at the Crossroads

David Shafer

The Paris Commune

Jeremy Shafer

Origami to Astonish and Amuse

Prof. Yvonne Shafer

Performing O'Neill

Anthony Shaffer

Operation Dark Heart; The Last Line

David Williamson Shaffer

How Computer Games Help Children Learn

Marjorie Shaffer

Pepper: A History of the World's Most Influential Spice

Michael J. Shaffer

Counterfactuals and Scientific Realism

Owen Vernon Shaffer

North American Indian Arts

Paul R. Shaffer

Fossils; Rocks, Gems and Minerals

Nemat Shafik

Prospects For Middle Eastern and North African Economies

Eldar Shafir


Henry Shaftoe

Crime Prevention

Ethan H. Shagan

Catholics and the "Protestant Nation"; Catholics and the 'Protestant Nation'

Amina Shah

Tales from the Bazaars of Arabia

Aniket Shah

Learning from the World

Iqbal Shah

Sex Without Consent

Niaz A. Shah

Self-Defense in Islamic and International Law

Nisha Shah

Metaphors of Globalization

Rebecca Shah

The International Migration of Health Workers

Sonia Shah

The Fever

Reza Shah-Kazemi

Algeria; Justice and Remembrance; The Spirit of Tolerance in Islam

Reze Shah-Kazemi

The Spirit of Tolerance in Islam

Israel Shahak

Jewish Fundamentalism In Israel; Jewish History, Jewish Religion; Jewish History, Jewish Religion - New Edition; Open Secrets

Cyrus M. Shahan

Punk Rock and German Crisis

Mohammad Shaheen

E.M. Forster and The Politics of Imperialism

Mohammed Shaheen

The Modern Arabic Short Story

Jamal Shahin

The Idea of a United Europe

Soli Shahvar

Baha'is of Iran, Transcaspia and the Caucasus, The Volume 1; Baha'is of Iran, Transcaspia and the Caucasus, Two Volume Set; The Baha'is of Iran, Transcaspia and the Caucasus, Volume 2; The Forgotten Schools

Syed Saleem Shahzad

Inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban

Aron Shai

Zhang Xueliang

Andrew Shail

Back to the Future; Menstruation; Neurology and Modernity

Robert Shail

Seventies British Cinema

Robert Shail

Tony Richardson

Kamal Shair

Out of the Middle East

William Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice; The Sonnets; Twelfth Night

Zhand Shakibi

Khatami and Gorbachev; Revolutions and the Collapse of the Monarchy

Michael Shalev

The Privatization of Social Policy

Tony Shalhoub

The Cricket in Times Square

Gene Shalit

Great Hollywood Wit

Lawrence Shames

Mangrove Squeeze; Virgin Heat

Kamila Shamsie

Burnt Shadows

Rodger Shanahan

The Shi'a of Lebanon

Timothy Shanahan

Philosophy and Blade Runner