All Authors : Metropolitan Books

Andrew J. Bacevich

Breach of Trust; The Limits of Power; Washington Rules

Amy Bach

Ordinary Injustice

Elisabeth Badinter

The Conflict

David Barsamian

Imperial Ambitions; Power Systems; What We Say Goes

Walden Bello

De-Globalization; Deglobalization; Dilemmas of Domination; Empire and the Bomb

John Bemrose

The Island Walkers

Rotraut Susanne Berner

The Number Devil

Hannah Berry

Britten and Brülightly

Mark Binelli

Detroit City Is the Place to Be

Ruth Bettina Birn

A Nation on Trial

Peter Biskind

My Lunches with Orson; Seeing Is Believing

Juan Bonilla

The Nubian Prince

Breaking the Silence

Our Harsh Logic

Jeremy Brecher

In the Name of Democracy

Richard Brody

Everything Is Cinema

Paul Buhle

A People's History of American Empire; Hide in Plain Sight; Students for a Democratic Society; The Beats

David Burke

The Copenhagen Papers