All Authors : Picador

Tyler Cabot

The Book of Men

Mark Caldwell

A Short History of Rudeness

Simon Callow

Being an Actor, Revised and Expanded Edition; The Night of the Hunter

Peter Cameron

Andorra; Coral Glynn; Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You; The City of Your Final Destination

Aifric Campbell

On the Floor

Philip Caputo

A Rumor of War; Means of Escape; The Longest Road

Ron Carlson

At the Jim Bridger; Ron Carlson Writes a Story

Emmanuel Carrère

Class Trip & The Mustache; I Am Alive and You Are Dead; Lives Other Than My Own; My Life as a Russian Novel

Tom Carson

Gilligan's Wake

Emily Carter

Glory Goes and Gets Some

Jimmy Carter

White House Diary

John Cassidy

How Markets Fail

Michael Chabon

Werewolves in Their Youth

Lesley Chamberlain

Lenin's Private War

Jeff Chang

Can't Stop Won't Stop; Who We Be

Matthew Chapman

Trials of the Monkey

Fred Chappell

A Way of Happening; Ancestors and Others; Brighten the Corner Where You Are; Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You

Alexander Chee


Catherine Chidgey

The Strength of the Sun; The Transformation

Sarah Churchwell

The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe

Robert Clark

In the Deep Midwinter; Mr. White's Confession; My Grandfather's House

Carin Clevidence

The House on Salt Hay Road

David Cohen

Chasing the Red, White, and Blue

Matt Cohen

Elizabeth and After

Rich Cohen

Alex and the Amazing Time Machine; Israel Is Real; Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football; Sweet and Low

Stephen P. Cohen

Beyond America's Grasp

Stuart Archer Cohen

The Army of the Republic

Susan Coll

Acceptance; Beach Week; The Stager

Paul Collins

Banvard's Folly; Not Even Wrong; The Book of William

André Comte-Sponville

A Small Treatise on the Great Virtues

Lisa Consiglio

The Book of Men

Elizabeth Cook


Jim Crace

Being Dead; Genesis; Quarantine; Signals of Distress

Ann Crittenden

The Price of Motherhood

Richard Crompton

Hour of the Red God

Andrew Crumey

Mr. Mee; Pfitz

David Crystal

Spell It Out; The Story of English in 100 Words

Michael Cunningham

A Home at the End of the World; British Government Policy in Northern Ireland, 1969-2000; By Nightfall; Flesh and Blood

Elliott Currie

Crime and Punishment in America; Reckoning; The Road to Whatever

Rachel Cusk

A Life's Work; Aftermath; Arlington Park; Saving Agnes