All Authors : Picador

Giorgio Faletti

A Pimp's Notes

John Falk

Hello to All That

Susan Faludi

The Terror Dream

Sebastian Faulks

A Possible Life; Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

Andrew Feinstein

The Shadow World

Mark Feldstein

Poisoning the Press

Hali Felt


Joachim Fest

Inside Hitler's Bunker; Plotting Hitler's Death

Orlando Figes

Just Send Me Word; Natasha's Dance; Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991; The Crimean War

David Finkel

Thank You for Your Service; The Good Soldiers

Patricia Finney

Gloriana's Torch; Unicorn's Blood

Tibor Fischer

Under the Frog

Charles Fleming

The Ivory Coast

John-Paul Flintoff

How to Change the World

Jerry Fodor

What Darwin Got Wrong

Byrne Fone


Richard Thompson Ford

Rights Gone Wrong; The Race Card

Michel Foucault

"Society Must Be Defended"; Abnormal; Lectures on the Will to Know; Psychiatric Power

Paula Fox

Borrowed Finery; The Coldest Winter

Margaux Fragoso

Tiger, Tiger

Ronald Frame


Thomas Frank

Pity the Billionaire; The Wrecking Crew; What's the Matter with Kansas?

Jonathan Franzen

Farther Away; Freedom; How to Be Alone; Strong Motion

Caroline Fraser

God's Perfect Child; Rewilding the World

Michael Frayn

A Landing on the Sun; Democracy; Headlong; My Father's Fortune

Ian Frazier

Coyote V. Acme; Dating Your Mom; Family; Gone to New York

Mindy Friddle

Secret Keepers; The Garden Angel

John S. Friedman

The Secret Histories

Thomas L. Friedman

From Beirut to Jerusalem; Hot, Flat, and Crowded; Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0; Longitudes and Attitudes

David Friend

The Flag; Watching the World Change

Pete Fromm

As Cool As I Am; As Cool As I Am (Movie Tie-in Edition); How All This Started; Indian Creek Chronicles

Francis Fukuyama

Global Corruption Report 2005; Our Posthuman Future; The Origins of Political Order

John Fulton

More Than Enough; Retribution