All Authors : Picador

Fiona Maazel

Last Last Chance

Julia MacDonnell

Mimi Malloy, At Last!

Stephen L. Macknik

Sleights of Mind

Deirdre Madden

Molly Fox's Birthday

Bryan Magee

The Tristan Chord

Mike Magner

Poisoned Legacy

Jonathan Mahler

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx Is Burning; The Challenge

Norman Mailer

The Naked and the Dead; Why Are We in Vietnam?

Sara Maitland

How to Be Alone

Amit Majmudar

Partitions; The Abundance

Nelson Mandela

Conversations with Myself

Michael Mandelbaum

That Used to Be Us

Sarah Manguso

The Two Kinds of Decay; The Guardians

Hilary Mantel

Fludd; A Change of Climate; Eight Months on Ghazzah Street; Giving Up the Ghost

Greil Marcus

Double Trouble; The Shape of Things to Come; The Old, Weird America

Doug Marlette

Magic Time

Clancy Martin

How to Sell

Rubén Martínez

Desert America; Crossing Over

Susana Martinez-Conde

Sleights of Mind

Zachary Mason

The Lost Books of the Odyssey

Joyce Maynard

At Home in the World; The Usual Rules

Barry Mazur

Imagining Numbers

Kathe Mazur

The Affairs of Others

Colum McCann

Everything in This Country Must; Songdogs; This Side of Brightness; Fishing the Sloe-Black River

Grace McCleen

The Land of Decoration

Alice McDermott

Child of My Heart; After This; Someone; Charming Billy

Dennis McFarland

Letter from Point Clear

Alison McGhee

Shadow Baby; Only a Witch Can Fly

Karen McKinnon

Narcissus Ascending

James McManus

Positively Fifth Street; Going to the Sun; Physical; Cowboys Full

John McManus

Stop Breakin Down; Born on a Train; Bitter Milk

Margaret McMullan

In My Mother's House

Zakes Mda

Ways of Dying; The Heart of Redness; She Plays with the Darkness; The Madonna of Excelsior

James Meek

The Heart Broke In

Edie Meidav

Crawl Space; Lola, California

Nicco Mele

The End of Big

Jeremy Mercer

Time Was Soft There; When the Guillotine Fell

Catherine Merridale

Ivan's War; Red Fortress

Nega Mezlekia

Notes from the Hyena's Belly

Ib Michael


Adrienne Miller

The Coast of Akron

James Miller

Examined Lives

Joe Miller


Rebecca Miller

The Ballad of Jack and Rose; The Private Lives of Pippa Lee; Jacob's Folly

Magnus Mills

The Scheme for Full Employment; Three to See the King

Giles Milton

The Riddle and the Knight; Big Chief Elizabeth; Samurai William; Edward Trencom's Nose

Pankaj Mishra

An End to Suffering; Temptations of the West; From the Ruins of Empire

Wendy Moffat

A Great Unrecorded History

Nadifa Mohamed

Black Mamba Boy; The Orchard of Lost Souls

Bathsheba Monk

Now You See It . . .; Nude Walker

Mayra Montero

Captain of the Sleepers; Dancing to "Almendra"

Caroline Moorehead

Gellhorn; Selected Letters of Martha Gellhorn; Human Cargo

C. E. Morgan

All the Living

Isla Morley

Come Sunday

Ian Morris

Why the West Rules--for Now; War! What Is It Good For?

Mary Morris

Acts of God; The Night Sky; The Lifeguard; House Arrest

Blake Morrison

When Did You Last See Your Father?

Oliver Morton

Mapping Mars

Charlotte Mosley

Wait for Me!

Herta Müller

The Land of Green Plums; The Appointment; The Hunger Angel

Melissa Müller

Anne Frank; Alice's Piano

Sarah Murray

Moveable Feasts; Making an Exit