All Authors : Reading Group Gold

Fiona Maazel

Last Last Chance

Julia MacDonnell

Mimi Malloy, At Last!

Deirdre Madden

Molly Fox's Birthday

Dennis Mahoney

Fellow Mortals

David Maine

Fallen; The Preservationist; The Book of Samson; Monster, 1959

Bernard Malamud

The Complete Stories; The Magic Barrel; The Natural; The Assistant

Brian Malloy

The Year of Ice; Brendan Wolf

Nelson Mandela

Conversations with Myself

Michael Mandelbaum

That Used to Be Us

Sarah Manguso

The Two Kinds of Decay; The Guardians

Irshad Manji

The Trouble with Islam Today; The Trouble with Islam

Hilary Mantel

Fludd; A Change of Climate; Eight Months on Ghazzah Street; Giving Up the Ghost

Doug Marlette

Magic Time

Christopher Marquis

A Hole in the Heart

Amanda Marquit

Shut the Door

J. D. Mason

One Day I Saw a Black King; And on the Eighth Day She Rested; Don't Want No Sugar; Somebody Pick Up My Pieces

Zachary Mason

The Lost Books of the Odyssey

Carole Matthews

The Chocolate Lovers' Club

Joyce Maynard

The Usual Rules; At Home in the World

Michael Mazur

The Inferno of Dante

Donald McCaig

Jacob's Ladder; Rhett Butler's People

Grace McCleen

The Land of Decoration

Sandy McClure

The Soprano State

Sharyn McCrumb

Transgressions: Death's Betrayal; Transgressions Vol. 4; The Rosewood Casket; The Ballad of Frankie Silver

Alice McDermott

Child of My Heart; After This; Someone; Charming Billy

Dennis McFarland

Letter from Point Clear

Fiona McFarlane

The Night Guest

Brian McGreevy

Hemlock Grove [movie tie-in edition]

Kaya McLaren

How I Came to Sparkle Again; The Firelight Girls

Zakes Mda

Ways of Dying; The Heart of Redness; She Plays with the Darkness; The Madonna of Excelsior

Rae Meadows

Mothers and Daughters; Mercy Train

John J. Mearsheimer

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Joan A. Medlicott

From the Heart of Covington; The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love; The Gardens of Covington

James Meek

The Heart Broke In

Diane Meier

The Season of Second Chances

Holly Menino

Murder, She Rode; Calls Beyond Our Hearing; A Distance to Death

Jaclyn Meridy

And on the Eighth Day She Rested

Randy Susan Meyers

The Murderer's Daughters

Alec Michod

The White City

Rebecca Miller

The Ballad of Jack and Rose; The Private Lives of Pippa Lee; Jacob's Folly

Mary E. Mitchell

Americans in Space; Love in Complete Sentences; Starting Out Sideways

Christian Moerk

Darling Jim

Nadifa Mohamed

Black Mamba Boy; The Orchard of Lost Souls

Bathsheba Monk

Now You See It . . .; Nude Walker

Mayra Montero

Captain of the Sleepers; Dancing to "Almendra"

Jeffrey Moore

The Memory Artists

C. E. Morgan

All the Living

Jude Morgan

Passion; Indiscretion; Symphony; Charlotte and Emily

Jaclyn Moriarty

Feeling Sorry for Celia

Isla Morley

Come Sunday

Mary Morris

Acts of God; The Night Sky; The Lifeguard; House Arrest

Emily Murdoch

If You Find Me

Paul Murray

Skippy Dies [3-Volume Boxed Set]; Skippy Dies

Sarah Murray

Moveable Feasts; Making an Exit